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Flyjet review by D Cope

5 February 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Manchester to Daleman scheduled to leave at 0600, so went to check in at 0330. Told departure would be at 1400 that day. Given 12 each for meals. Enquired around 1200 what we happening, staff ushered us (and a few other stragglers) airside with the comment that there wasn't room for us otherwise. Aircraft arrived and told to expect boarding at 1730. At 1900 told departure would be later that night. Had to re-claim baggage. Taken for 2 hour queue at Radisson to check in and then meal. No room at Radisson for us. Told departure at 0200 next day. Offered Bus to other hotel (about 21:45) and asked to be ready for pick up at 23:30. A bit tired by then, so declined and grabbed a bit of sleep in Radisson foyer. Returned to check-in at around midnight. Some pax having trouble checking-in with goods purchased in duty-free first time round. Eventually boarded a flight (Turkish Charter) which departed around 03:15, nearly a day after we arrived in the Airport. Turkish crew OK, but we arrived very, very tired. Lost one day of holiday at Manchester, and about another catching up with sleep. Communications very poor throughout the day at the airport. Return Journey on time. Very difficult to complain to airline, many excuses. Very poor.

Flyjet review by L McFadyen

31 May 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Our return flight from Arrecife airport to Newcastle was scheduled to leave at 3.15 pm on 24th May, 2007. After arriving at the airport at 12.10, as we were told to check in three hours before departure, the information desk told us that Flyjet had changed the flight to 20.10 the night before and neglected to tell anyone including their own reps. After being fobbed off with all sorts of excuses ie. there was a mistake in the tickets etc. it turned out that they just don't have enough planes to cope if anything goes wrong. The result of all this was that a few hundred people turned up at 12.10 as shown on their ticket and the actual flight did not take off for Newcastle until 10.00 pm that night, almost 10 hours hanging around the airport. Other people on our flight said the same thing had happened on the way out. Do not use this airline they are very unreliable as you will find out if you check other web sites.

Flyjet review by Jason Brown

17 May 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Newcastle to Arrecife. Flight going out was no more than 65% full so myself and my wife could stretch out and nobody was ahead of us for about 4 or 5 rows. A meal is provided free unlike over charters I've experienced. Flight back full which did make things a lot more cramped. Would reckon the seat pitch is no more than 29 inches which for myself at 6ft 2in was a bit uncomfortable. Both flights departed on time. The only downside was that the plane was an old 757-200 and you could tell when onboard. However, it was clean, staff were professional and it got me there and back safely which is really all I could ask for given the price I paid.

Flyjet review by C McCulloch

22 January 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Highly recommended, just returned from Gran Canaria, flew from Newcastle to Las Palmas. Departed on time going, 30 minutes late coming back but that was due to adverse weather. Excellent service, staff, inflight entertainment not what you would class as up to date, but staff and the overall flight experience more than made up for it. Was a little worried before we travelled, as had read adverse comments on other websites - but all I can say is trust them, one of the best flights we've had and having two small children that's no small comment.

Flyjet review by Neil Harvey

2 November 2006

Manchester to Arricife in Economy. Cheap and cheerful airline using an elderly 757 with very cramped seats. Food OK, staff friendly. Flight delayed due to plane breaking down. Would not use again if I had a choice as the seats were too cramped for a 4 hour journey. Return flight with Monarch using another 757 - a few more inches of legroom made the flight far more pleasant.



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