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Flyair - by Steven Keisman
30 August 2005

I too had a "round trip flight experience from hell" on Flyair. To celebrate our honeymoon, my wife and I booked a package trip from Tel Aviv to Istanbul. We left Monday, August 7, 2005 (Flight 778). We returned on August 11, 2005 (Flight 777). Both trips were nightmarish. Going there was absolute chaos at the check in. No one seemed to be in charge. No orderly lines were set up which caused people to push and shove and change cues out of order. Every step of the way the experience just worsened. There was a near riot at the departure gate as more and more inaccurate information was given in a very non-professional and surly way, after lots of passengers at their wit's end hit the panic button. It was infuriating and disconcerting to hear Fly Air staff openly badmouth the ompany they worked for saying things like: "If you want a company you can trust, you should have paid more money and fly another real airline!" We couldn't believe it. When we checked in we told the Fly Air representative that we wanted seats that reclined. Without telling us, she assigned us to emergency row seats that did not go back!! Since the plane was full we were unable to change our seats once we realized the situation. The biggest problem for us was the unprofessional and hostile approach of anyone associated with Fly Air and the lack of passenger communication. Incredibly, this flight was delayed almost 4 hours. Never were drinks, apologies or help offered to the full plane of stranded passengers. The return trip Fly Air flight was nearly as bad as the one going to Istanbul. Delays, chaos, surly Fly Air employees, horrible passenger communication, same seat assignment, etc. I like to save a buck as much as the next guy, however, anyone even considering this airline should run the other way and save up a little more $ for one that is real, reliable, responsible and most of all safe.


Flyair - by Stefano Scarpetta

24 August 2005

FlyAir from Zurich to Antalya direct flight July 2005, 6 hours delay at the departure due to technical problems, no information given to the passenger, very hold ex-chinese A300, extremely dirty, food horrible, crew average. A week later returned flight from Antalya to Zurich direct flight, 4h30min delay at the departure due to technical problems, no information given to the passenger, no coupon given for drinks or meal at the airport because of the delay, still the same very hold dirty ex-chinese A300, after 45 minutes flight we have been requested by the crew to have all family menbers to be seat together (it let your imagination work) and to attach the safety belt because of turbulence which in fact where again technical problems (of course not announced), we lost altitude and where forced to land in Istanbul where they requested us to wait another hour inside the plane with 40 degrees. Travelling with my full family (3 kids) I requested the pilot to leave the plane, which they accepted after some long negotiation. After 3 hours negotiation with the Istanbul customs we managed to fIy back with Swiss to Zurich (Of course at my own cost). We lost our Zurich-Geneva connection which they never reimbursed me. We made Antalya-Geneva in 18 hours. Avoid this airline.


Flyair - by Andrei Lumi

29 December 2004

FlyAir from Amsterdam to Antalya with a stop in Eindhoven. AMS-ALY on an very old ex-chinese A300,it was so dirty inside, IFE non existent, food was horrible, but the crew were friendly. A week later ALY-AMS a new B737 again no IFE, same food as we got on the outbound flight, FA average. Overall I would choose another airline than this one.



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