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  a World 3-Star Airline


a World 3-Star Airline



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Air Finland customer review :  20 February 2012 by Jesperi Lauhio (Finland)


Trip Rating :  9/10

Score 9 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


Helsinki-Tenerife south. Flight departed from Helsinki a few minutes early, and arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Flight was a very pleasant experience. Cabin crew was friendly and helpful, pilots kept us very well informed. Food was tasty. Plane a bit old but clean and well maintained.

AIR FINLAND customer review : 2 June 2010 by G Chew

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Due to the BA strike the LHR-HEL sector was flown by Air Finland for BA. Much larger aircraft used, so everyone had 3 seats or more to themselves. Crew friendly and spoke perfect English. Standard BA catering. Legroom was fine, but the seat back were a nit short. The B757 was pretty old, but clean. Extra leg room in row 1 and 10 (exit rows, also row 30ish) + row 11 (normal row with extra space).

AIR FINLAND customer review : 14 June 2009 : by R Brighton

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Faro - Gatwick. Booked to travel with Monarch but when arrived at the airport told we were flying Air Finland. A bit concerned at first but what a surprise. a very well kept aircraft if a little old. Fantastic, very helpful crew and a pilot who kept you fully informed during the flight.

Air Finland - by John Cutter

25 July 2005  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

We flew from East Midlands UK to Rhodes on 25/06/05. The flight was booked with Air Scandic, but we were delayed by four hours and eventually found we were flying Air Finland. The cabin crew were excellent - very friendly and helpful and the captain kept us all amused with his jokes. Thank you for making an initially unhappy situation pleasant.

Air Finland - by Massimo Zanasi

12 October 2004

Helsinki - Venice, summer 2004. The flight was on time, smiling crew, clean cabin and excellent food. Actually, many of the big airlines such as KLM etc., should reconsider their "customer starvation policies! The B757 I flew with was not new but very well kept. On the way to Venice I asked for a seat with extra legroom (I'm over 6 foot tall) but I found myself in one of the last rows with my knees firmly against the front seat. After a while I was finally able to move to a better seat. Prices are not cheap. 229 EURO R/T + drinks on board, including water!! but landing in Venice, compared to Milan, or Verona, is big plus.




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