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ExpressJet review - by P Linehan

3 June 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

I flew XJet roundtrip from Raleigh NC to San Antonio TX. Check-in fast and easy, boarding was prompt, seats were comfortable, and getting my bags has never been so fast and easy. I was very impressed with the FA and pilot. We use XJet exclusively for my 12-yr-old step-daughter's travel; having a non-stop flight from New Orleans to Raleigh is a real perk. The FA and counter attendants delivered her straight to us. Getting into the passenger area to pick her up, even after counter hours (9pm) was quick and easy with the help of the XJet staff.

ExpressJet review - by Susan Dutcher

25 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Meals were served at no additional charge, FA was friendly and attentive, seats were reasonably comfortable. The plane was small, but I did not feel any more crowded than on any other airline. The only glitch was the XM Radio reception was unavailable on the trip from Tulsa to Sacramento, and my radio stopped working less than halfway back on the return trip to Tulsa (even though my seatmate's continued to work the entire trip). Having a non-stop flight was a real plus. There was a 45 minute delay in being able to board on the return flight due to the plane being late coming in from OKC, but that was due to weather conditions.

ExpressJet review - by B Christensen

20 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

So far I have been extremely pleased with the service and on time performance of ExpressJet (I fly them every week). Once in 6 weeks I have had a flight delayed due to mechanical conditions, and they issued everyone $50 flight vouchers without even a prompt. (nice surprise). My only complaint is that for some reason I have been selected for "extra screening" 6 out of the last 7 flights and approximately 85% of the total flights I have taken with them! I am booking regular round trip tickets, using a regular travel agent, etc. It has gotten to be a joke with the TSA crew at SBA (who recognize me as a frequent traveler). They know I'm not a terrorist, but when the boarding pass has those evil four S's, they don't have a choice. I complained to the 800 number and they told me to call my travel agent. My travel agent says the airline is at fault. I talked to the person at the counter, she told me to talk to the TSA (clearly she is misinformed). I would rate 5 stars except for this problem with security screening.

ExpressJet review - by Frank Lauterbur

2 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Sacramento to Albuquerque. Excellent service for a "budget" airline - good snacks, comfortable seats (for a regional jet-ERJ) and XM radio. Flight was on time, and crew was very professional.

ExpressJet review - by A Carroll

2 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

SAN-BOI-SAN. This was my first experience with Xjet and was pleasantly surprised. It was a refreshing experience to have eager flight attendant making frequent and regular rounds through the cabin serving refreshments and a tasty complementary meal. Additionally, free wine was offered to passengers for the Christmas holidays. The XM radio was a good way to pass the time and the leather seats were very comfortable and as others have mentioned, the 1 x 2 seating arrangement is a big positive.

ExpressJet review - by Bernard Stuart

4 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

ABQ-LA(Ont) return. I do business in the LA area and until now Southwest was the only direct flight from Albuquerque to LA. Express Jet do a great job. The planes are clean although a bit cramped, the Embraer 145 is okay, but I wouldn't want to be in it for longer than 2 hours. The service onboard was very good, you get food! XM satellite radio helps the journey go by. LA-Ontario airport is excellent, not crowded, modern and good places to eat! All in all, very good.

ExpressJet review - by Greg Nishihira

28 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

There is a lot to like about this niche carrier - 2x1 seating on ERJ equipment, flights that arrived early, complementary snacks, convenient non-stop service and XM radio. But for me, all of this was over-shadowed by being targeted for additional security screening on both inbound and outbound flights. Why? Perhaps it’s because of the letter I wrote to them sharing how difficult it was to book a reservation on their web site. The booking engine kept freezing, and my letter was sent only because I was trying to help them by sharing candid feedback. If this is happening to me, how many others is it happening to? So it’s unlikely I’ll fly them again soon. I’d rather fly with someone who treats me as a friend and not a foe.

ExpressJet review - by J Danan

31 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

We have had great experiences with Express Jet. Check in was slow and curbside not offered, also you must walk out to the plane which is OK unless it is raining. But the seats were comfortable (no middle seats!) and lots of food and drinks. Having a direct flight was a delight in these days of missed connections and lost luggage. It was kind of like a low-budget executive jet experience.

ExpressJet review - by Kenneth Borkert

8 May 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

ONT-ABQ return. These aircraft have the most comfortable airline seats I have sat in! They serve food that rivals AS First Class offering, and assigned seats and nonstop service to ABQ unlike Southwest! And probably best of all - $1 for beer! The crews were excellent in both directions, flights departing and arriving on time. Having to travel from the LA area to ABQ frequently for business, I am trading in my Southwest Rapid Rewards plan for their "JetSet" frequent flyer program. This is how flying used to be, and should be!

ExpressJet review - by Aaron Blinka

20 April 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

ONT-AUS. Given a large breakfast cookie, raisins, cereal, plus fruit and several drink runs - exemplary for a 2.5 hour flight!! No AVOD on this Regional Jet, but they have 100 channels of XM Radio! FA helpful, nice, and professional, pilots kept pax updated frequently and pointed out landmarks along the way. I hope the word gets around about this airline - hands down the best North American carrier I have ever flown on!



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