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EuroManx - by Angus Gilmore
26 February 2007

Happy to report that I use EuroManx regularly now for all business trips to and from London and have found them to be punctual and reliable. They now serve refreshments on board and in general the service on board is excellent - in particular I witnessed a great display of kindmess and consideration from the flight attendant towards an elderly passenger on a recent flight. Add in the flexibility that Euromanx offer (like the old Manx Airlines in being able to catch earlier flights for minimal penalty) and you have a winner in my opinion. Such a difference to the airline that was when I posted my first comment!

EuroManx - by John Seymour (EuroManx CEO)
1 July 2006

EuroManx (Isle of Man) continues to enjoy outstanding schedule punctuality stats and was recently recongised by Manchester airport to hold the number 1 position in May 2006 beating airlines such as BA, Virgin, Emirates, Jet2, BMI, FlyBe and Etihad to name but a few. In addition, EuroManx at London City held the top position for the period Jan, Feb & Mar 2006. We are certainly focused on our customer and recognise the importance of schedule punctuality. In addition the introduction of complimentary refreshments on our Manchester and London City flights and the launch of our Frequent Flyer Programme shows that we really do care and listen to what our customers want.

EuroManx - by Angus Gilmore
26 April 2006

After many different experiences (see below) I decided to try Euromanx again and I am delighted to say that I found the LCY service excellent. Flight more or less on time both ways. Connections into London now much easier with the new DLR link. And all at a price substantially less than the ridiculous (on the IOM - London routes at least) BA Connect concept.

EuroManx - by Mark Lewis
16 February 2006

BHD-IOM-MAN. BHD-IOM on a subleased Emerald BAe ATP, which was showing its age. Flight on time, and totally nondescript. IOM-MAN was on a new Dornier 328 -only 10 of us on it, and the single crew member did a fantastic job doing the safety demo all on her own, and particularly comforting an elderly passenger who was distressed by the turbulence. As with the previous flight no service apart from an offer of a glass of water, and a boiled sweet for landing. You don't need much more for less than 25 minutes in the air though!

EuroManx - by Jon Whiting
13 January 2006

I take it all back. Having travelled weekly with them to Dublin for nearly three months, they have now 'pulled' the flights on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings with less than a week's notice. That means another overnight in the hotel - 150 if I want to meet my commitments!

EuroManx - by Robin Davidson
30 December 2005

I must speak in praise of the excellent flights my wife and I had from Stansted to Ronaldsway, IOM and return - slight delay outward but on time returning. Booking on-line was easy and painless. Keep up the good work.

EuroManx - by Jon Whiting
21 December 2005

I have been working in Dublin for 2 months and have made 7 return trips IOM-DUB. It may be tempting fate but the longest delay has been 30 minutes, and they have been polite and courteous on every flight. Load factors may be an issue - haven't seen a Dornier over 75% full yet, and when the Dash 8 is used there are rows of empty seats.

EuroManx - by Martin Potts
2 October 2005

Out from STN to IOM on 26 September, return IOM STN on 29 September. Planes were ATR42 chartered from Air Atlantique. Plane half full going out, virtually empty coming back. Both more or less on time so no complaints there. No onboard service to speak of, but then it was only 107 return with taxes etc. A question: why is Euromanx chartereing planes when it has four or five in its colours sat doing nothing at IOM? Or are these ex lease?? I also noticed that the cafe in Ronaldsway airport departures will not accept Euromanx food/drink vouchers (handwritten notice stuck above till) - so clearly either bad at paying its debts or about to collapse.

EuroManx - by Keith Angus
24 August 2005

Flew Euromanx LCY to IOM return for the first time. I frequently travel to the Isle of Man but have always used BA from LGW. I will revert to BA for my next trip! I don't understand why I'm paying a full-service fare for no-service service, where for some reason boiled sweets are passed around before take-off, in a pointless nod to 1970's air travel, but all drinks and snacks have to be paid for - 1.50 for a small water! The cabin crew are just not up to what really is a simple job:- as I travel frequently I don't really watch the safety demo any more, but I looked up at the demo on the outbound flight to see the stewardess stifling laughter throughout. What sort of image does that convey? I found it amusing on the flight on the way back - I bought a soft drink at IOM airport and took it on board with me, to save paying on- board prices. When I'd finished it the crew refused to clear the empty bottle away! Anyway, at least I know why on both legs the flight was relatively empty - I had a row of seats to myself both ways. Compare it to the full BA service from LGW and I now know why. I can't profess to really suffering with delays/etc like others who have posted comments, but it's these little things that matter when you travel so often, so back to BA for me.

EuroManx - by Rana Chatterjee
20 August 2005

I agree with these previous comments. My 30 minute flight from Liverpool to Isle Of Man was delayed for 2hrs 45 minutes so I decided not to travel and asked for a refund. After nearly 3 months I have finally got my refund. They have been polite at all times and offered me a travel voucher for a free return domestic flight.

EuroManx - by Gordon Drake
8 August 2005

I too have had bad experiences of Euromanx. However, coming back from a continental holiday on Saturday 6th August, we arrived at Liverpool earlier than planned. We asked the desk at Liverpool of the possibilities to transfer to an earlier flight. It was done with a smile and no extra charge. It's not all bad news! 

EuroManx - by James Smith
4 August 2005

I travel from the Isle of man to Dublin quite often as I have family over there and like others I have flown Euromanx on a few occasions and found them to be very expensive and quite often not on time. I now fly Aer Arann to Dublin, and find them to be much cheaper and flight times are pretty much the same as Euromanx. For the family being quoted 600+ I would recommend you try AerArann's website and I'm sure you'll find a cheaper flight - and the site is much easier to use than Euromanx. I for one will always choose Aer Arann over Euromanx as the fare is cheaper and I hope other carriers begin to compete with euromanx on other routes.

EuroManx - by Angus Gilmore
28 July 2005

As in the other comments, Euromanx pricing is fast becoming a joke. Must be nice to be the only airline on many of their routes hence the following quote for a weekend away from IOM in Ireland (out Thurs 15 Sep back Sun 18 Sep) for myself, wife and two year old daughter which is just plain silly - Dublin (flight time 30 mins) 603 rtn. Just what the island needs, a company adding to the cost of doing business here!!

EuroManx - by Philippa Coates
28 July 2005

I concur with the general criticisms and experiences. As it stands this airline will never support a thriving financial community on the island. Note comments on return prices to London City. However, our thoughts must be lodged with the Office of Fair Trading apparently for them to be taken as having any relevence. Never mind customer services. Let's hope this is truly an island airline, let's hope it proves to be in the near future before its supporters run out of patience and the Isle of Man significantly loses out. Is there room for a true local entrepreneur here? Euromanx we are hoping you make it, let's sort it out.

EuroManx - by Mathilda May

22 July 2005

The island's favourite airline? Someone is having a joke. Anyone who has logged on to book flights recently won't be seeing the funny side though. 150.00 return to Liverpool. 320.00 return to London city. Meanwhile they're advertising 'autumn farecrackers'. We're an island. The airline needs to be our access to the UK on a regular basis, not a twice yearly holiday trip. We need an airline that understands this and instead of promoting off peak flights and advance bookings provides reasonably priced seats all the time.

EuroManx - by David Taylor

19 July 2005

I recently experienced EuroManx at it's most inept. We had a 16 hour delay for our flight back to Liverpool from the IOM although it transpired that our flight did in fact leave with a hold full of everyone's baggage but with a compliment of 2 passengers ! No explanation was forthcoming from the comedy team that doubled as the EuroManx ground staff. They did put us up in a hotel for the night and requested we return the next morning for our flights. Next morning was just as chaotic with people being shunted from one flight to the next. Even when we were boarding, a very embarrassed EuroManx rep' had to ask a couple to vacate the flight as it was full and an elderly couple needed seats for a hospital appointment. I have also written a very strong letter of complaint to EuroManx and have tried to contact the Customer Service Contact - all to no avail. EuroManx make EasyJet seem like a by-word for 'professional efficiency'. I have never witnessed such chaotic scenes with an airline. A complete joke.

EuroManx - by A F Brown

19 July 2005

Euromanx took over Emerald Airways IOM schedules recently. We are still waiting to be informed by Euromanx that they have done so, although we have been booked for 3 months to fly by Emerald in August to IOM. Euromanx have a terrible reputation for punctuality and sudden cancellations of flights at minimum notice - eg when one has actually arrived at the airport to take a flight

EuroManx - by Ken Laval

29 June 2005

Euromanx normally charters other airlines to fly the Dublin route. So on Mondays, don't be surprised that the 9:15am to Isle of Man is delayed for anything from 1 to 5 hours. How this affects the rest of the day's schedule is anyone's guess. And flying back to Dublin on a Friday evening can be equally frustrating. One Monday we flew on FarnAir (common charter used) to Isle of Man via Belfast. The airline crew had no idea that we were not getting off in Belfast. Only when we had landed and no passenger got off, did they radio for further instructions. Going to Dublin on a Friday evening, a lady was asked if her 7 year old son could sit on her lap as the airplane was short one seat (because Euromanx decided to change airplane from ATR42 to Jetstream when they calculated that there weren't that many passengers anyway). A kind gentleman decided to take an alternative flight to Dublin via Liverpool to save Euromanx blushes.

EuroManx - by Oliver Pearce

25 June 2005

EuroManx's reputation slips further each day with cancelled and delayed flights. Recently my girlfriend's flight from GLA to IOM was cancelled after she was kept waiting at the airport for several hours. To EuroManx's credit, she was booked into an airport hotel and asked to return for the morning flight. However, the morning flight was also delayed by almost two hours. I have written to EuroManx's customer service contact (Melanie Gribbin) but to date have received no response and leaves me wondering if I ever will. Other experiences of EuroManx are that of an airline of almost comedy-making; pilots doubling as cabin staff, lack of cabin staff entirely, a different chartered aircraft every time and, of course, all too common-place delays and cancellations. I am fortunate in that BA also operate services to the destinations I travel frequently to. I'll not be using EuroManx again until they can convince their customers of greatly improved reliability.

EuroManx - by Angus Gilmore

3 March 2005

Booked to fly to LCY on EuroManx from IOM, following their takeover of the route from FlyBe. Booked with some trepidation as there had been a lot of bad publicity over cancelled and delayed flights on this route. Arrived at IOM airport for last evening flight out to be told there was a minimum 2 hour delay. When asked was the service definitely going to operate they would not give a definite answer. In fairness they transferred us to the Stansted service with no quibbles or extra charges. Flight to Stansted operated by another airline called Denim Air with a Dutch (I think) registered aircraft and crew. Complimentary drinks etc. On return from LCY the flight left on time, but was operated by yet another airline (Flighline) in a non descript UK registered BAE 146. This time all drinks and snacks had to be paid for. This airline appears to have absolutely no consistency of service whatsoever, be it onboard service, or the actual operator of the flight. Although LCY is more convenient for business, I will use the BA LGW service until EuroManx can convince me that their service is reliable, consistent, and being operated by the carrier it is advertised to be.



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