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We apply strict Privacy conditions for users. E-mail addresses are collected only for the purpose of  verification of User comment submissions. We never pass on, use or sell any e-mail or contact information from users, and e-mail information is deleted after 24 hours.


SKYTRAX  |  Editorial Policy

It is accepted that a dissatisfied customer is more likely to submit feedback about their travel experiences than a satisfied customer. Skytrax do not want to run forums that portray a prejudiced level of comment for airlines or airports, and our Web Editors apply a judicious and careful policy to publication of comments. We stress that all reviews we feature are users' opinions, and should be considered as just that - the user opinion and not a declared fact.

  • We will not publish comments that contain any form of prejudice, be it racial, religious or otherwise, and we will not publish comments that our Editors believe could be construed as being litigious.

  • Where the content or accuracy of any comments are known to be factually inappropriate, we will not publish the comments.

  • Where the user does not supply their name to accompany the review, we will not publish the comments.

  • We will not publish any comments or reviews that are considered to be defamatory.

  • Where there is a conflict of locations between the user's stated location and the IP location used to submit the review, we will not publish.

  • We do not (and never have) accepted any financial payment or monies from any airline or airport operator for any feature or promotion on the Skytrax web site. All costs of operating this web site are met directly by Skytrax and supported by related advertising revenue, over which Skytrax have no advertiser selection options.

  • With a tendency for manipulation of some Online Forums by some unscrupulous users to post false comments, as part of making potentially fraudulent insurance claims, Skytrax reserve the right to reject any reviews which in our opinion could be perceived to be part of such a potential misuse.

  • We are unable to publish comments or feedback where a respondent is in the process of, or intending to seek any form of financial, or other type of recompense from an airline or associated party.

  • We are unable to publish comments about lost or damaged baggage, which may be a pre-cursor to a compensation claim against an airline by a user.

  • We reserve the right to publish user submitted comments and feedback at other web sites and publications operated by Skytrax.

  • Skytrax do not offer any payment or recompense for use of Passenger comments, whether they are published on a Skytrax web site or used in any publications offered by Skytrax.

  • User IP Tracking patterns are applied to all comments received. This may reveal a number of similar (negative or positive) comments being submitted for the same company, and going against the submission pattern for such company. In such instances, Skytrax will not publish comments, to maintain highest levels of authenticity.

  • We appreciate that we will never please all of our readers all of the time, and if for any reason your comments are not published, we are not always able to enter into subsequent communication with the respondent. The cost of the web site operations are met directly by Skytrax, and we do not allocate additional time for such exchange of correspondence.

  • We respectfully suggest to site users that do not agree with our Editorial Policy, you should discontinue visiting our web site.

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