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East African Safari Air - by J Yasser

20 August 2008

Nairobi-Juba return in Y class. First time to use this airline having switched from its competitor on the route. Their online booking facility didn't seem to be working, so used a travel agent to book. Both trips on an elderly DC9 with very tatty cabin interior that showed its age. Both flights pretty full and departed on time. Meal service comprised of a snack-box containing a sandwich, slice of cake and an apple, accompanied by hot & cold beverages. Cabin staff were friendly and attentive, and also passed out complimentary Sudanese newspapers before takeoff from Nairobi, appropriate for our destination. Acceptable value and would use them again, but the old untidy airplanes let them down a bit.

East African Safari Air - by Sibiry Traore

28 July 2005

Nairobi-Kisumu R/T. Apparently domestic flights much better than international. Only current jet service to KIS from NBO. Left on time, arrived on time. Aircraft was DC9-10, half full. Uneventful flight.

East African Safari Air - by Stephanie Dinning

15 September 2004

What a shambles, a 12 hour delay then a 3hr wait to check-in luggage as there was only 1 person working. No inflight entertainment because the airline didn't have enough earphones to go around. The return flight was worse. 24hr delay, sat in the airport for 5hrs unable to get food or drinks. On landing at Heathrow we sat on the runway for an hour, as the airline was in debt they were not priority for a gate. Now they have ceased trading, good job as they would be bankrupt by now due to paying compensation to very disappointed passengers.

East African Safari Air - by Simon Fox

27 August 2004

I returned to Heathrow from Mombasa 24.8.04 - a day late having been 14 hours late going out. They couldn't  by all accounts, pay for fuel at Mombasa and all kinds of rumours are floating about. The cabin crew spoke as if the airline was about to go into liquidation. Book at your peril.

East African Safari Air - by Alastair Somerville

26 August 2004

We also had a bad experience taking off 12 hours late on the way over and some 24 hours late on the way back. Considering we had been made to leave our hotel at 3am for at 7am we were not amused to be left on the ground for a further 3 hours for "operational reasons to do with refuelling". Rumour had it that there was a problem with paying for flights. Rumours abounded about the financial stability of this airline and we were also told they were not allowed for fly back to Italy as they have problems there and the plane was going to Paris that evening to collect their Italian passengers. This really is a nightmare and travel companies should really make efforts to improve matters.

East African Safari Air - by A Shah

19 August 2004

A real disaster. Travel at your own risk. I was on a flight from London Heathrow to Nairobi on 5th Aug, 2004. Initially, the flight was delayed by about an hour. However, the plane was actually on the take - off ramp at 23.32 (over 2 hrs late) and were stopped from taking off by the BAA because the cut-off time to control noise pollution is 23.29. The pilot blamed the problem on BAA! We got to our hotel at 03.00 and had to go to sleep without any dinner. It took EASA 3 1/2 hrs to get us to our hotels. Next morning, the coach picked us up from our hotels at 07.00 in time to check in for the flight which was now due to depart at 09.00. All passengers boarded the plane by 09.00. The flight took off 3hr 45 min later!! This time, they blamed it on the catering company saying the meals hadn't arrived. Can you believe this? I wonder what sort of management team runs this airline. Total delay: 15.5 hrs!

East African Safari Air - by Jane Heritage

2 August 2004

East Africa Safari Air are appalling. They have now cancelled two scheduled flights from London to Nairobi and show no signs whatever of intending to honour their tickets or assisting passengers to make other arrangements. Avoid this airline at all costs.

East African Safari Air - by Nishal Shah

18 July 2004

Absolute shambles of an airline. They charged me excess baggage, understandable as my suitcase was 5kg over the limit!! 25 per kg which amounted to 125!! Then, my suitcase did not arrive at the destination which was Mombasa. Upon my return to Heathrow I found my suitcase. This all happened in May 2004 and I am still waiting for my refund of 125 from East African and we are now in July 2004!! What a joke. If their customer service carries like this for much longer then it I doubt this airline will survive much longer!!



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