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DOMODEDOVO AIRLINES review :  25 November  2008 : by B Pascal

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Dushanbe to Moscow - this airline is bearable only if compared with Tajik airlines. The plane was 6 hours late - supposedly because of fog in Moscow. The aircraft was an aged Tupolev. The heating system seemed to be optional and reserved to first class passengers. It has the smallest space for legs I have ever witnessed. When laying back, I apparently crushed the legs of the passenger behind me which almost ended in a fight. Very rude service despite the relatively high cost, disgusting food and no drinks offered after the meal was served, or should I say, thrown at me. Typical Soviet service: the on board crew sure makes you understand very clearly that smiling is not part of their terms of reference. Avoid if you can (which is not really an option from Dushanbe).

Domodedovo Airlines review - by J Huang

5 May 2008  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Moscow to Sakhalin - fly this airline and you will think flying economy class on another airline is like first class. The plane was 5 hours late due to mechanical problems, then we stayed onboard for about an hour on the tarmac, no drinks offered during this time.It was an 8 hour flight and the temperature on the plane was roasting. Smallest legroom I have ever seen. When reclined the seats in front crushed my leg, I had to recline my seat the couple of degrees that was available to be able to have some angle to slide my legs under the seat in front. You would have thought the water was the price of gold as they were reluctant to give any water out and was only offered half a glass of water in 8 hours. Toilets like a pig trough and were not cleaned in the 8 hours. Staff unfriendly not a smile amongst them.

Domodedovo Airlines - by O Delobbe

24 March 2007

DME -Duchanbe and back. Old Tupolev, nearly no english spoken on board , passengers undisciplined, food poor, no alcohol on board which is a good thing due to the number of potential strong alcohol drinkers onboard. But plane on schedule and smooth flight.



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