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Air Deccan - by D Gadhi

25 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

BOM-DEL. Quite good after the affiliation with Kingfisher, flight on time and crew seemed better, even though I know they haven't really changed. I just wish the seats reclined - I was told that they were going to soon (lets see). Food had to be bought, but was reasonable. Worth the throw-away price I paid though.

Air Deccan - by Fritz Höller

11 February 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

While earlier you never knew when you would arrive (or be cancelled), and the ground staff was pathetic, things are now obviously improving since their rebranding with Kingfisher. Suddenly, a few of my flights were actually on time, even a few of them in a row! Ground staff seems more motivated and competent since they hired their own workforce/share with Kingfisher. To me, the new red colors stand for a change towards the better. And the tiny water bottle is also much appreciated. A very good effort and it has momentum. Lets hope Air Deccan consolidates on such new better level of delivery.

Air Deccan - by Kurt Müller

5 February 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

CJB-BOM on A320. I thought I would give the revamped DN product a try. Check-in more organised than prior to takeover by Kingfisher. Plane looked new inside and outside. Cabin with burgundy leather seats looks spacious, but the perceived legroom turns out to be achieved by providing seat cushions that are extremely short. In combination with the very upright (and non-reclinable!!!) seat backs, this gives you the feeling you might fall forward and off your seat at any time. Flight on time and crew pleasant, but unable to control unruly pax who insisted on standing up and crowding the aisle despite multiple announcements that the parking bay had not yet been reached. Baggage delivery at Santa Cruz extremely slow.

Air Deccan - by S Srinivasan

21 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

DEL-HYD. Check-in at DEL was reasonably fast and handled by a friendly agent. The plane was furnished in new, red leather seat scheme, which gave a pleasant feeling to the cabin - aircraft clean and well-maintained. The flight took off and arrived spot on time - a first for any flight I've taken out of DEL for at least a year. The cabin service was warm and efficient. The one item that marred the experience was poor ground handling at DEL. They called the flight for boarding, and then crammed - literally - everyone on to the bus to get to the plane - only to find out that the plane wasn't ready for boarding when we got there. Although the wait was only a few minutes, it was not a comfortable experience, as Air Deccan tries to cram as many people as humanly possible into their shuttle busses. Then, they let us off - but then we had to stand in the cold for another few minutes because they still weren't ready!

Air Deccan - by Kaushal Goshalia

25 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

BOM-RAJ an early morning departure Reached airport almost hour and half earlier. Nice empty new domestic terminal with no issues. Given seats together and then security was pretty quick. There are very few seats available in the departure lounge. After a bus ride to the aircraft , the only female cabin crew said that it was free seating inspite of having seat numbers - a little strange! This was an ATR42 and half empty. Clean aircraft but shaky during departure. The only crew did a safety demo without any PA so latter half of the aircraft we didnt hear anything. After take off she did her quick round of service with tea / coffee / sandwiches for sale which were not very expensive. After the service she sat on the last seat opened the tray table and went to sleep! I have never seen like this before with the only cabin crew sleeping. Arrived on time at Rajkot and bags arrived in few minutes. Was on the way to hotel in less than 15 minutes after landing. I would never travel again, if Air Deccan doesn't pull up its socks by not hiring such cabin crew!

Air Deccan - by Abhiram Prasad

23 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

GOI - BLR sector. Booked two months in advance and got a great fare of Rs.24 per ticket w/o tax. Expected the worst as none of us had ever flown this airline and had not heard anything encouraging either. However was pleasantly surprised with the overall experience. The flight was on time and even arrived 5 mins early. The staff were pleasant and seemed to be getting a lot of work done. Baggage too arrived within a couple of minutes of arrival. Good to see Air Deccan getting their act together. Hope to fly them again.

Air Deccan - by Sheen Brisals

12 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Trivandrum - Bangalore return. The onward flight was delayed by an hour and the return was delayed by couple of hours. On return we were about to leave for the airport and got the dreaded mobile message from Air Deccan about the flight delay. The checkin and was generally ok. It is true they don't print seat numbers on the boarding card, strange! It was a small propeller model aircraft. Inside the plane was dirty, leftovers of food and rubbish from the previous journey. Air Deccan may be cheap when compared to other carriers but at what cost?

Air Deccan - by Himmat Rathore

3 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

BLR-IXM. The check in was quick. Most of the items mentioned in the menu card were available. DN should really add tea/coffee to it's inflight menu. Overall a good flight.

Air Deccan - by Kurt Müller

20 May 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Massive delays and even cancellations in the past have taught me to steer clear of Air Deccan when punctuality is a must. I have avoided them, for instance, when commuting to any international flights. However, my experience today will mean the end of any flights at all with this airline. Arriving BLR from overseas, I had booked myself on the only existing evening flight from Bangalore to Coimbatore, i.e. DN741 departing 1800. As I did not have access to a printer during the preceding 24 hours, I had to obtain a printout of the ticket from the Air Deccan ticketing office located outside of the Bangalore domestic terminal, to satisfy the truly ingenious security situation in India, whereby you cannot enter the terminal lobby and check-in area without a printed ticket. When I reached the Air Deccan ticket counter about 40 minutes prior to departure, there were four agents available for around 100 people, some of them inquiring about such absurd matters as flight timings 3 months from now. I finally managed to catch the attention of one trainee agent who tried to print out my ticket, but the printer would not work, despite the divided attention of all sorts of people who kept appearing from a door at the back of the ticket office. Being aware of the delicate issue of time (or lack thereof), I pressed for some other solution. This was presented as a paper slip with my flight details filled in by hand. However, the combined staff then spent the next five minutes looking for their (only?) rubber stamp, apparently oblivious to the rapidly approaching departure time of my flight. I finally got to the check-in desk 18 minutes prior to departure. Of course, this DN flight happened to be on time, and I was refused boarding, refused rebooking onto their next flight (which was the next morning), and refused a refund. I have read many stories about DN, but I had never believed that they could actively contribute towards missing a flight and then try to squeeze another fare out of the hapless passenger they had just turned over.

Air Deccan - by Devesh Tewari

9 May 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

DEL to LKO on an ATR. The seats were comfortable and the seat pitch was also like any other LCC. The staff was polite and helpful. The only problem with this airline is its delays. Nearly every flight gets delayed. Probably they get clearance after other priority airlines. It is therefore good for people not having tight schedules.

Air Deccan - by Jaswant Anna

7 February 2007

BOM to GOA on time. GOA to HYDERABAD was 1.5 hrs late. The final from HYD to BOM was actually half an hour early arriving. I also noted that on the day we were going from BOM to GOA, the Jet Airways flight was delayed by 2 hours. Through it all, I found the Air Deccan staff extremely polite and efficient. Two out of three planes were nice and new - the first one seemed to have seen better days. But hey, it got us there. My advice: Don't listen to all the naysayers - your flights will probably be no more late or on time than any other airline. But you'll save a bundle, especially if you're a non-resident.

Air Deccan - by Marina Pinto

26 January 2007

Air Deccan from Goa to Mumbai - flight was on time no delays and the staff were courteous. The only drawback was we had excess luggage and had to pay INR2000 as we were only allowed 15 kg per person and we were 2 passengers. We were carrying parcels for my in-laws and if we knew about the weight restriction we would have thought twice. It should be mentioned on the e-tickets. From Mumbai we flew to Kolkatta on the same day by Indigo and had to pay another INR1700 for excess luggage. So whatever we saved on tickets we paid for excess luggage.

Air Deccan - by Ajay Agarwal

26 January 2007

Comfortable seats, low cost airline but Boarding services are not up to the mark. Seats not allotted causes mismanagement. You may charge extra money from passengers who want food (dinner/lunch) by taking option at the time of booking/boarding.

Air Deccan - by Santosh Nair

3 January 2007

Booked a flight from Bangalore to Mumbai on Air Deccan. Was supposed to take off at 5:55 am. Got to the airport at 4:30 am, only to receive an SMS at 04:45 am stating that the flight had been delayed. The lack of professionalism demonstrated by the Air Deccan staff only added to the passenger's woes. An airline for the "common man" truly unconcerned about the plight of the common man. The airline staff refused to give a clear picture, and there was a lack of communication. When requested to make alternate arrangements, the prompt answer was "We are a low cost airline". With such a fantastic start to the New Year, and eyes bloodshot due to lack of sleep, headed back home. Called up the airline again at about 2:30 pm, and was assured that the flight would now take off at the rescheduled time ie. 4:15 pm. So, crusaded again through Bangalore traffic and got to the airport at 000 pm. However, the flight had been rescheduled again to 5:15 pm. This time there was some progress though. The display panels said "Security Check". Got my boarding pass with the new time 5:15 pm, and went through security check. 10 minutes in the waiting lounge and we were informed that the flight was rescheduled to 6:45 pm; and then again at about 6:00 pm, it was rescheduled to 7:10 pm. After such a long haul, we finally bid adieu to Bangalore. The most harrowing experience ever. The most traumatising part was the complete lack of courtesy by the airline staff who took the passenger's time for granted. A staff that had perfected the art of pantomime. So, next time you look for a cheap ticket, be aware. Be very aware that it is a "low cost airline" after all; and they owe you absolutely nothing; not even an iota of professional courtesy.

Air Deccan - by Michel Sauzier

3 December 2006

Coimbatore to Bombay. Flight initially scheduled for 17:10. At 08:00 am, I got 1st text message advising that the flight was delayed until 18:20. Upon reaching Coimbatore airport at 16:00, I got 2nd message advising a further delay until 19:50. The airport staff could not provide any explanation as to the reason of the delay. There were about 8 of them in a tiny cubicle, none of them seemed really concerned by the questions of upset passengers. As I had to catch an international flight later that night in Bombay, I purchased a ticket with Go Air who had a flight leaving 45 minutes later. I applied for a refund of my Air Deccan ticket and I am still waiting for it. Will definitely stay away from Air Air Deccan after that experience !

Air Deccan - by Alexander Urban

27 November 2006

Chennai to Mumbai. My impression of Air Deccan was not a good one. Upon checkin we were informed that our flight would be on time, also the monitors in the departure hall showed no delay. At the end we departed 90 minutes behind schedule and nobody at the airport or from the crew apologized or even informed us about the reason of delay. The aircraft was an A320, modern looking from the outside, but shabby on the inside. Seat pockets were dirty and filled with trash, safety instructions torn and filthy, with chewing gum sticking to them. Seating space is very packed, the aircraft is filled with the maximum number of seat rows possible. My knees were touching the seat in front of me and I could barely move. On the bright side there was a free passenger magazine in each seat pocket. Snacks and water were sold at reasonable prices. About an hour after departure cabin lights started flickering and continued to do so for about 5 minutes. The crew did not even react, probably they are used to it. Altogether I would not recommend this airline and not fly it again. On the return flight we flew with Spicejet. They offered a lot better service (free cookies and water), clean aircraft and comfortable seats at the same price we paid for the Air Deccan tickets.

Air Deccan - by Peter Haliburn

10 October 2006

Trichy in Tamil Nadu to Madras (Chennai) and I wish to aptes (running on time flights out of Bombay airport is virtually impossible with the current level of traffic), the A320 aircraft was ok. The sale of snacks and beverages was carried out by 2 smiling FAs. I expected my id to be checked with my internet booking at check-in, but it wasn't (surprising such a short time after the Bombay blasts). If you want a good bargain on fares (regular domestic Indian carriers charge a lot for last minute tickets) and you do not have a tight schedule, you can give Air Deccan a try. Their safety procedures are adequate. Applaud the staff at Trichy airport for their very good customer service. They were courteous and did their tasks very efficiently. We boarded the flight on time and arrived at our destination on time as well. Well done Air Deccan.

Air Deccan - by Michel Sauzier

3 August 2006

Bombay to Coimbatore. The flight was late by only 45 minu

Air Deccan - by S Reddy

26 June 2006

My experience of Air Deccan has been very poor. I booked my flight several months in advance to be on the safe side On the day of travel things started to go seriously wrong. First of all my flight from Goa to Bangalore was announced as being delayed by over three hours then again by a further hour. Finally I discovered that the flight had been cancelled. The customer service staff told us they couldn’t transport us to Bangalore for 2 days and that “the flight was grounded until the following Monday.” They then announced they could actually get me there via Mumbai, but for a considerably higher charge . Air Deccan‘s organisation seemed chaotic with poor communication, and the whole experiece left me feeling stressed and ripped off.

Air Deccan - by Ernesto Rodriguez

21 June 2006

I took Air Deccan from Kolkata to Delhi and Delhi to Bhopal. Flights were on time, planes well maintained, service reasonable. An excellent value for money, especially if you compare discriminating ripp offs of other indian domestic airlines, where foreigners have to pay up to three times as much as locals.

Air Deccan - by Kurt Mueller

10 May 2006

Air Deccan have gone rapidly from being the smart choice to being the worst. Over the last few days, my experience was as follows. CJB-BLR: delayed by over an hour. BOM-DEL: cancelled one day before I was scheduled to fly. DEL-BOM: delayed by over an hour. In contrast, my flights on Air Sahara, GoAir, Jet Airways were all on time.

Air Deccan - by Keith Humphrey

9 May 2006

My experience of Air Deccan is entirely negative. They are the worst airline I have ever encountered - anywhere. The level of incompetence and indifference displayed by their staff towards fare paying customers has to experienced to be believed. It is truly astonishing. I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.

Air Deccan - by Mike Scott

30 April 2006

They should be known as Air Dec can't. Flew Bangalore to Dehli on delayed flight. Then did not fly Dahli to Bangalore as they cancelled the flight. I had given my mobile number when reconfirming. The staff at the airport told me they did not phone mobiles but had not bothered to tell me when I reconfirmed. The airline offered no help and were not interested in helping me to book me another flight. Theier attitude was offhand and offensive. I was forced book a flight with Jet Airlines at my own expense. They were quick and efficient and polite. However, because I was booking last minute had to pay a very high fare. Air Deccan offered me no compensation, and no refund so have effectively taken (there is another word for this) my money. I unreservedly recommend never to fly with Air Deccan as they are the worst airline I have ever experienced.

Air Deccan - by Stuart McSkimming

5 March 2006

Maybe I've been unlucky - no-one else seems to have had such bad experiences with Air Deccan. I fly quite regularly with them and normally get delayed by an hour or two. Which I can live with. Their prices are generally pretty cheap. However just recently I flew with them Cochin-Bangalore and Bangalore-Delhi. Or rather didn't. The flight Cochin-Bangalore was delayed from 19:15 until just gone midnight when they finally admitted they had cancelled it. The airline offered no help and were not even able to book me another flight. I was forced to stay at the airport hotel at my own expense and book a new flight the following day at my own expense. Two days later I was due to fly on to Delhi. 12 hours before I was due to fly they contacted me to tell me that this fly was also cancelled. I was given a refund and told I should try other airlines. I switched to Jet Airways who got me to Delhi on time and in comfort. However because I was booking last minute had to pay a very high fare. Air Deccan offered me no compensation, were unable even to provide me with any documentary evidence of the delays (for an insurance claim), handled the problems appaling (5 hours wait in Cochin with no information!). Air Deccan have now made it to the top of my list of attrocious airlines in the world. I can whole-heartedly recommend never to fly with Air Deccan unless you are backpacking around India and have no schedule to keep to.

Air Deccan - by Ajay Nair

5 March 2006

Flew them DEL-PNQ. Outbound flight was delayed and the seats and the aircraft on the outbound was old with less leg space. Having paid $70 for a return I was not complaining. On the way back, flight was good, seats and A-320 were newer. Of course you have to buy your snacks on board (prices are reasonable). For the fare I will travel with them again.

Air Deccan - by Kurt Mueller

16 November 2005

DN 664 from Bombay to Bangalore on 11/11/05. Flight delayed by nearly one hour. Despite being quite new, the Airbus interior was already a little tired - in particular, the seat covers were less than clean. Above all, however, I was amazed to discover that Air Deccan have achieved the almost impossible feat of selecting what must be the most uncomfortable economy class seat in the world. A very steep upright position of the backrest and an extremely short seat cushion have you feeling you might fall forwards off the seat at any moment. Apart from that, flight was ok and - at around Rs 2,400.--, good value for money.

Air Deccan - by K Ojha

6 September 2005

Air Deccan is going to be one of the biggest revolutions to Indian air travel. I flew with them recently (July 2005) from Bhopal (BHO) to Delhi (DEL). The flight costs about Rs. 2400 (approx. £30) which is much cheaper than Jet Airways (same route - £80). The flight was delayed by one hour since the aircraft had left late from Delhi. However, to my surprise the captain came to the departure lounge and apologised to all the passengers about the flight being late. This is a wonderful gesture and many other carriers could learn from this. The flight departed fine and being a LCC the don't offer free food and drinks. However, you can buy sandwiches, potato chips, water, coffee, tea etc. Prices are very reasonable by Western standards (you can have a small snack for about £1). The ATR- 42 is comfortable and not too noisy. Flight arrived into Delhi and ground staff assisted all passengers in the baggage handling area. I highly recommend Air Deccan as I found the crew and ground staff to be more courteous than Indian Airlines + they don't charge different fares for foreigners from Indians which is great for the consumer. If you want a cheap option to fly domestically within India, choose Air Deccan.

Air Deccan - by Kurt Müller

6 September 2005

BLR-CJB on ATR commuter a/c on 1/9/05. Flight uneventful, but I was indeed surprised to see that - despite great efforts even in Air Deccan's own in-flight magazine to reassure passengers that low cost was achieved without sacrifice of safety - no safety demonstration was held prior to take off.

Air Deccan - by David Meyer

27 February 2005

Comfortable seats, brand new Airbus A320s, friendly professional service, low low fares. Flying BOM-DEL the check-in was easy and flight extremely comfortable and punctual. And the fare was less than half that on Jet / Sahara / IA. Food and drink affordable and edible. Air Deccan is the only Indian airline allowing foreign nationals to avail of discounted fares. While the others charge inflated rates in USD, Air Deccan fares go as low as Rs500 plus tax.

Air Deccan - by Kurt Müller

21 February 2005

"You get what you pay for" is perhaps the best way to describe my experience with Air Deccan on 19th February. Arriving at 5.00 a.m. at BLR for DN107, ETD 06.05, I was informed by the check-in staff that the flight would be delayed by about one hour. In fact, the plane left at 08.30 - no refreshments offered. My associate, who had been unable to purchase a ticket for this flight through his travel agent overseas, tried to buy a ticket from the Air Deccan counter at Banglalore for this flight, but was informed that the flight was full, and thus returned to his hotel to wait for an afternoon flight with Jet Airways. Nevertheless, the supposedly "full" flight left BLR with at least the seat next to me empty.



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