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DAALLO AIRLINES customer review : 26 December 2009 by Jonathan Purvis

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Dubai-Djibouti-Dubai. T the flight was delayed on the way out for 3 hours, no reason given, plane was not up to standard, not much in the way of refreshment during the flight, plus all the passengers carry all there luggage so very unsafe. People were allowed to use mobile phones during take off until the signal was lost in the air! Exits blocked with luggage. On the return from Djibouti was held prisoner in the airport by the army and police for 11 hours until the flight was cancelled without food or drink. Told to come back the next day at 0700 then told 1300 - booked a different flight with Ethiopian to make sure I left the place the next day. Never going to use the airline again.

DAALLO AIRLINES customer review : 2 February 2009 : by C Gustafsen

Customer Rating : 0/5

0 Star Rating

The worst airline I've ever tried. The plane was an old Ilushin IL-18 - didn't look like it had been cleaned in the last 25 years, inside or out. The food smelled Ok, but I didn't dare taste it, and as it was only a two hour flight I could do without it. The seat was an assembly of different types, sizes and styles, looked like they went to the dump whenever they needed new seats. Most seats could keep the backrest upright. My seat and one next to me had seatbelts, but the had been sewn in a fixed "One size fits all". Toilet missed the seat. Only good thing is that it left just after boarding without wasting time on security briefing!

DAALLO AIRLINES customer review : 22 December 2008 : by Steven Heather

Customer Rating : 0/5

0 Star Rating

Our return flight from Djibouti to London Gatwick was cancelled and re-scheduled for the following day. We had to pay for overnight hotel rooms ourselves as the local rep of the airline refused to meet these expenses. We were advised to go to the airport for 07.00 hours for the flight departure at 10.00hrs. Eventually the flight left at 16.00hrs. No food or drink was provided by the airline, we were locked in the departure lounge by the local police for four hours without access to food or drink. The food on the flight back to the UK was not fit to be served to animal - we had one hot drink in the eight hour flight and two cold drinks. The airline did not provide any evidence of the time of arrival for insurance purposes. Overall an experience I would not wish upon anyone else.

DAALLO AIRLINES customer review : 18 November 2008 : by J Rollason

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

London Gatwick - Djibouti City. Plane provide by Air Slovakia Boeing 757. Overnight flight via Paris, no pillows or blankets, no inflight entertainment, air conditioning faulty. 2 hours spent on tarmac at Paris in very hot cabin not allowed off plane. I went to loo 30 mins into flight, the smell of urine was overpowering! Food was inedible, cabin crew made you feel you were getting in the way of their rest. Return flight - 4+ hours delay had to go and find a plane from somewhere for us!

DAALLO AIRLINES customer review : 4 August 2008 : by Michiel Wolthuis

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

Worst trip ever from Nairobi to Hargeisa with stops at Mogadishu and Gaalkaayo. Felt very unsecure, stewards were sleeping. Pilots were Russian. We left a steward behind in Gaalkaayo, which resulted in a dispute between Somalian stewards and Russian pilots. Passengers needed to come between so flight was able to continue. The real Africa.

Daallo Airlines review by F Houssein

12 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

The flight and service was ok. However, it is an expensive flight as it cost around 700 from London to Hargeisa. The flight is changed in Djibouti and there, you have be prepared to wait longer than stated in the ticket.

Daallo Airlines review by J Wertenbroek

19 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

From Djibouti to Nairobi. The plane was an Illyushin-II-18. Plane was full of dirt outside and inside. Airconditioning not working properly. No lifejackets, no airmasks. Seats were in very bad condition. Not able to strap the seatbelts. Intercom badly. Toilets were not able to close properly. The "snack" which has been 'served' was not at temperature. Drinks were not bottled and sealed. There was trash all over the place. Boarding cards haven't been checked at the entrance of the plane.

Daallo Airlines review by Takaya Ikezawa

7 December 2006

Dubai – Djibouti – Djibouti frequently. The plane is a classic Boeing 737-200. I guess it is wet leased flight from Russian company, as you will see Russian FAs plus a few African FAs, wearing different uniform from Russian FAs, and they only serve vodka for in-flight alcohol. Most of African passengers try to carry in their huge luggage, as a result of their wholesale shopping in Dubai. Their luggage never ever fit in the overhead compartments but they try to keep it beside, even in the isles and exit rows. Hence, the flight departure delays in most of the time. I think the ground handling by Dnata in Dubai also has to be improved. They should encourage passengers to check in their oversized luggage and they also have to keep checking the status of preparation for departure at the gate. It is not once or twice that they announced final call but actual boarding started 30 minutes or 1 hour later. It is about 3 hour flight and neither good nor bad, even the seat pitch is cramped and the sat back cannot be reclined properly and Russian FAs always with an air of displeasure and there is no IFE and reading material except safety leaflet in front of you. The food is not more than just edible and you can skip it by eating before you board. However, FAs and also passenger next to you always shake you up at meal service even you are trying to nap. Djibouti – Dubai is not that hustle for luggage space because most of the African passengers are going to Dubai for shopping. But, free seating in most of the case and you might have no choice to sit in the middle if you board late.

Daallo Airlines review by Giles Ellis

28 February 2006

Djibouti to LGW on 2nd Feb 2006 also on 757-200 chartered from Astraeus. Food just about edible. Drinks free. Service basic but adequate. My suitcase and those of 34 other pax were unloaded before takeoff from JIB as aircraft too heavy. Took 5 days to be delivered (Contact Bill at Daallo in London who is helpful/sympathetic when tracing lost bags). Takeoff and landing (at both CDG and LGW) absolutely on time. Row 26 is situated at emergency exit level and has plenty of legroom. Best to use toilets asap after takeoff and then keep well away for the rest of the flight.

Daallo Airlines review by Karen Glynn

29 November 2005

Gatwick to Djibouti. The plane was a Boeing 757-200 run by Astraeus. Nothing wrong with the plane at all. The food was atrocious and we were incorrectly charged for alcoholic drinks on the outbound flight (they should have been complimentary). Main point to note was the other passengers. If you're using this flight, get to the head of the queues - as there will be no overhead luggage space left if you're a tail end charlie. Plus when checking in, ask for rows 1 - 7. These are spaced for business class use (although this fight has no business class) but you get a couple of extra inches of leg room, and you'll be away from the passenger contingent who don't seem to have clue about air-travel.


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