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Cyprus Turkish Airlines Passenger Reviews and Customer Trip Reports


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CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review : 29 September 2008 : by C Chadwick

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Birmingham to Ercan. There was an 8 hour delay at Birmingham and we did get vouchers but no apology or explanation on plane which was annoying. Boeing we flew out on was comfortable with plenty of leg room and food was ok. Only annoyance was the drinks service. Only one drink on the UK-Turkey leg and they took their time about it! Never seen so much messing about with a drinks trolley without actually serving any drinks. We came to the conclusion that they do it just to taunt you! Return leg was on an A320 which was far more cramped but on time at least! Same palaver with the drinks trolley on the way back. All in all an ok experience but wouldn’t be in a hurry to fly with them again, next time will look at using another airline and fly into the South as the wait at Dalaman on a full, cramped plane was not pleasant!

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review : 25 September 2008 : by C Azim

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

London Stansted to Ercan. The flight was on time, cabin crew could do with trying a little harder with their customer service. Food and drinks given, no IFE as usual. Flight was full, only a 40 minute stop at Dalaman as only 5 people got off and 1 on! Overall an uneventful flight, which is what we all like!

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review : 18 September 2008 : by Gerry Cocks

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

We have just returned from Ercan (Northern Cyprus) using this carrier, and I can only concur that all that has been previously reported is absolutely true. I could go on and on about their failings, but will add only one thing to their already dreadful KTHY record. My wife returned from using the toilets stating that there was a strong smell of cigarette smoke, I suggested that she must be a mistaken, as smoking is prohibited. When I visited the same toilet some 15 minutes later, one of the cabin staff exited the toilet with a plume of smoke in her trail which left me in no doubt that the crew where using this toilet (directly behind the cockpit door) as a smoking room!

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review : 3 July 2008 : by Alan Keen

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

LHR to ECN June 2008. Quite the worst run airline it has been our misfortune to travel with. The only thing that was efficient was check in, although finding the desk at Heathrow was a test in itself. Flight late, disorganised, uncomfortable with broken seats and surly cabin staff bordering on rude. In future we will fly to Larnaca with another airline

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review : 3 June 2008 : by J Thackery

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

We fly regularly with Cyprus Turkish Airlines Stansted-Ercan and have tried the alternative to Larnaca. What you gain in not sitting an hour in Turkey you lose on the road from Larnaca to the North, and on balance we prefer Ercan airport - cleaner, calmer. We have not experienced the poor service complained of by others. Yes, planes are older, but therefore have more legroom! Food is acceptable. It is a long journey door to door, but North Cyprus and its people are worth it.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review : 30 May 2008 : by Martin Bruton

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

We have flown CTA several times to Ercan over the last 3 years for convenience. The last time from Stansted. Usually fly from Gatwick or Heathrow depending on the time of year. Check in is usually straightforward (we get there 3 hours before flight) although baggage weight limits including hand luggage strictly adhered to. Aircraft are tired, seats poor and very cramped. Quite why so many seats squeezed in when the planes are rarely if ever full is disappointing. Woe betide if the person in front wants to have seat reclined. Legroom poor. Crew are ok if not exactly BA standards. Do what they have to, then disappear. Not keen on passengers using toilet at front of plane. No inflight entertainment. Food poor with litlle or no choice. Flights have taken off and landed on time however. Ercan airport pleasant enough and efficient. When flying out have coffee etc before you go through security where food and drink becomes exhorbitant.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by David Oliver

14 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

London-Ercan return. We have flown on CTA before and thought we would give them another go and wish we had not. The crew do not care about the passengers at all. We had been in the air for about an hour and a half before they came round with a drink - when I asked for another drink I was told no we will be landing in an hour. My partner is a diabetic and they had nothing on board for such people. On the aircraft you have all the equipment to show movies and music but they don't use it! The cost of a flight on CTA is expensive - it is in fact a lot cheaper to fly on BA to Larnaca and go to Northern Cyprus by ground transport.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by M Gill

9 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Second time we have used CTA - last year not too bad, except cabin crew very miserable and very few comments from pilot. This year flight out was awful, plane could have been much cleaner and again the cabin crew very sullen, everything seems to be too much trouble for them even when dishing out drinks/food hardly a smile or an acknowledgement. Flight home was better, ie more leg room but the queue for tickets at Ercan was appalling, only two check ins open, also cabin crew were better some actually smiled. As an aside food not good, they only seem to serve chicken or pasta. Can do without the touch down in Turkey, wouldn't be so bad it you were offered a cold drinkg as it can get hot and uncomfortable sitting down in the heat. Why are the crew generally so miserable, the Turkish Cypriot people are amongst the nicest people on earth. Northern Cyprus is beautiful and long may it stay that way.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by David Randall

27 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Stansted to Antalya. Plenty of leg room. Return flight no leg room - everything seemed very cramped. 3 star rating only because of outward flight.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Sarah Bishop

27 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Stansted to Ercan via Izmir. The check-in at Stansted was ok, but our flight was delayed by 45 mins. The aircraft was clean and staff did try to smile as we boarded. The food was ok. The return flight was from Ercan via Antalya to Stansted. The staff were a little less friendly. We landed at Antalya and had to wait for about 45 mins in approx 90 degree heat. Obviously they could not put on the air conditioning but it was very uncomfortable. We were not offered any water and I would suggest anyone in the same position to bring their own on board. Our passports were also checked whilst we were waiting on the plane. Once we took off though the air con was good. Food back was ok. Plane was quite dirty going back including what seemed like loads of chewing gum in the front pocket. However legroom is excellent on these plane and the return flight was not fully booked so we could stretch out and sleep. Inflight magazine is good. Not sure if I would use airline again as I could do without the touch down in Turkey. Hope this useful to any other users in the future.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by S Rayner

25 June 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Flew from Manchester 24 May 2007 returning on 2 June. This airline is your worst nightmare come true. The cabin crew surly, with a couldn't care less attitude. Couldn't wait to get the meal out, cleared it away and disappeared for the duration. No extra drinks. Nothing. Then the seats - the most uncomfortable 6 hours of my life. The only saving grace with this airline is that (on this occasion) it was on time. Never again.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Brian Maze

3 May 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

My wife and I flew with Cyprus Turkish Airways from Stansted last year. Overall we did not find the service bad at all, but sitting on the tarmac in Turkey for 1 hour was not fun, especially when people are getting on and off and you have to move for them. We found North Cyprus a beautiful place and are returning again, but flying direct with a company called Direct Traveller.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Pauline Binesh

20 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Found cabin crew very rude and unhelpful. Any questions were greeted with a shrug of the shoulders and one member of the crew argued with me, due to my daughter needing another drink when she had already had one glass of juice. Not very impressed and would not recommend.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Maureen Lister

26 March 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

We have flown with CTA for a number of years and had no problems. Check in from Manchester is quick and efficient. The service on board is ok too. Free drinks - if another drink is needed they are obliging (this one is to be paid for). Vegetarian meals excellent and another snack as you depart from your stopover, plus a soft drink. Ercan airport is great, small, efficient. Yes immigration can be stern faced but you want to see the officials at Manchester! The only gripe is the uncomfortable seats at Ercan airport, you need a well padded bottom. Just a note for CTA, please release your evening flights from Manchester.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by David Pigden

5 November 2006   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Flew to North Cyprus (Ercan) from Stansted via Izmir October 06. Apart from a 1 hour delay at Stansted the flight was pretty good. Boeing 737 was well used but OK (no radio or TV) and the food was as good as I've had on a plane. Adequate leg room and good service from cabin crew. The flight back was not so good. No delays but my seat squab was excruitiatingly painful as the cushion had worn thin. The temperature also rose to an uncomfortable level and was causing complaints and distress. Food still good but service was disorganised (not a massive issue really).

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Michael Sims
27 October 2006

Stansted to Ercan. Outbound aircraft was delayed by 1hr 40mins and we were absorbed in with the departing passengers also delayed for 24hrs from the night before due to another aircraft breaking down. Boarding was met with very stern faced cabin staff who acted as if you were the enemy boarding their plane. The only smiles from them was when they chatted to each other then they disappeared as soon as they had to talk to a passenger. I think the Turkish speaking passengers faired a little better than non -speaking. As per previous comments; cabin staff disappeared for about an hour after take-off behind the magic curtain and then appeared with the drinks trolley. As new passengers with this airline we thought we would be offered a drink and perhaps a wine with the meal-wrong! They offered a drink, so many of us took a spirit and then from nowhere, produced your lunch on a tray. If you had not asked for wine as a main drink, you didn't get any with your meal, only what you had ordered. Gin and Tonic with chicken is not that nice! I have noted several other comments regarding safety practices-there aren't any! We noticed several passengers drinking heavily from their opened duty-free bottles and the cabin staff did nothing to stop them. One chap polished off almost three quarters of a bottle of whisky and was sitting by the emergency over-wing exit. Several children were allowed to run in the aisles but I think the worst part was having to stay on the plane whilst it is being refuelled. Landings were frightening both inbound and outbound with very heavy braking that caused many passengers to scream out. I would not want to fly with this airline again, especially, with cabin staff who are clearly not geared to any form of customer care or service and treat passengers with disdain and abruptness. Forget it being a different culture-it is rudeness at its best.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Paul Turner
27 October 2006

Check in was the easiest we have had for many years, the leg room was generous, and although we were dreading the food, we found it up to good standard airline fare, including free drinks and very pleasant service. The take off and arrival both ways was on time and in fact on return early.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by John Phillips
12 October 2006

We have been travelling to TRNC with CTA for the last three years at least two and three times a year. The aircraft are a bit shabby but the hospitality of the cabin crew is good . Yes they do smile and try to make you as comfortable as possible bearing in mind that the flight from Heathrow to Ercan is almost 6 hours in duration including the 1 hour stop over at Ismir or Istanbul. What a shame that we cant get direct flights to the TRNC from the UK. It would be helpful to have some inflight entertainment as the newspaper and reading material (including your own books) get a bit stale after 3 hours. The wc accommodation is also poor bearing in mind circa 180 passengers - 1 toilet at the front and 2 at the rear particularly 10 minutes after lunch is finished with aisle queues 10 and 20 deep respectively. But lastly the seats. Good leg room generally but if like me you end up sitting in a well used base cushion it is uncomfortable.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Graham Morgan
30 September 2006

My wife and I flew with Cyprus Turkish Airways from Stansted. I had read the reviews prior to flying and thought that it could not be as bad as some people made out. However, I must add that this was the worst airline that I have ever flown with. The planes were in need of a drastic overhaul and the stewardesses obviously did not enjoy their work. After serving the drinks and food they were conspicuous by their absence for the remainder of the flight. This was the same on both the outward and inward flights. This was the first time I had visited North Cyprus after visiting the south on a number of occasions. We do want to return to the north again next year but hopefully will find an alternative airline. We are also considering flying to Larnaca and having a taxi to the north. I would add that this is the very first time that I have felt a need to write a review and hope that the airline take note of the comments made by the travellers and try to improve their standard of service.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Kevin Thompson
8 September 2006

August 2006 return flights to Dalaman, no delays, comfortable as could be expected on small plane, would fly again as found none of problems mentioned. No entertainment but then neither is this provided on many charter flights, usual airline food and freed drinks. Dalaman airport excellent, no queues and very modern.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Sarah Lever
26 August 2006

Just back from another return trip Stansted/ Antalya on Cyprus Turkish Air. Things seemed fairly organised apart from a member of staff who seemed determined not to let passengers use the front toilet on the outward flight but was finally told off by another crew member. We agree about the lack of hand luggage space though this will probably change now, at least at the Stansted end. It is also not helped if you are at the front by the fact that the crew use the overheads here for their equipment. Our major problem is getting tickets with them in the first place. Apparently most passengers book in advance, but don't pay and then don't turn up. Travel companies also use this as a way to ensure they have enough seats for themselves and then if they don't need them sell them cheap near the flight date. This is no help to those of us who like to organise our holidays in advance. We will continue to use them as generally we have found the flights good and we love Turkey so much.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Stephen Collings
23 August 2006

CTA to Ercan return. Both flights on time. Food etc fine. Only grit in the oyster was the number of misbehaving children on the return leg. I don't know on what basis some parents seem to think its acceptable for their offspring to run up and down the aisle screaming and generally being obnoxious. Apart from that I would fly with CTA again no problem but would avoid day time flights in the school holidays.

CYPRUS TURKISH AIRLINES customer review by Jeff Alpe
12 August 2006

I found the experience positive. The food was good and you got free alcoholic drinks offered once, and water available. The crew always made announcements in Turkish first before English but the attendants spoke good English. No in-flight movies, no radio and no duty free on board ! Ercan has also improved from the last comment in that ALL announcments were in Turkish and then English. The staff at Ercan are a bit laid back especially in the check-in luggage and loading department (slow but honest) . The duty frees are many but small and all appear to sell the same stuff at the same price. The cafe is good and reasonable priced with good quality beverages and food.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Colin Smith
30 July 2006

Just returned from trip to Northern Cyprus to look for potential venues for company conference. Used CTA for flights LHR to Ercan via Izmir to compare with option of using Larnaca. Overnight flight out was an old 737. Legroom was good but the seats were probably older than the aircraft! First time I have ever been able to feel the metal bars supporting the cushion and despite the ample padding of my posterior found it very uncomfortable after the first hour. Clearly the rules on hand baggage for CTA are different to other airlines. It appears you can take as much as you like which means you need to get on board early if you need to use the lockers or suffer as we did with bags under your feet. Comments regarding the crew have all been noted in previous messages and can only support those in that the poor English was very evident, could not raise a smile although we did try and service was simply a task of handing out rations when they had to. They didn't help any passenger with boarding or stowing bags and we never saw them again after the meal which incidentally wasn't that bad, I have had worse. Poorest aspect of this night flight was that attendants did absolutely nothing to control a youngster whose parents were happy to see running up and down the aisle literally screaming for over an hour before the lady in the aisle seat opposite us spoke with his mother in Turkish and asked for him to be seated so she could get some sleep. The return flight was using a newer Airbus and had better seats, staff that did smile and who returned to offer more drinks after the meal. Again that was the only time that you saw them. Both flights were on time, in fact the return was nearly 30 minutes early but had to circle to get a slot back into LHR. Both flights were full and the hand luggage of some passengers was amazing. That extra leg room definitely proved to be useful. The facilities at Ercan at very new and comfortably air conditioned but no announcements in English and terribly disorganised. The worst example was an unattended bag was ignored by security until I got to the front of the queue and pointed it out. They then shouted to ask to whom it belonged and did severely admonish the owner who had by this time already passed through the screening area and had to come back to get it. Not a very reassuring experience for other travellers. Boarding was also confusing and spotted three travellers being taken from one aircraft and put on the one next to it. A mistake you can easily make here. Also one traveller actually got out onto the tarmac puffing away on his cigarette before being chased by security with gun over shoulder and told to put it out. Decided when we go to Northern Cyprus it is worth the extra peace of mind and comfort taking the Larnaca route. The extra transfer time is less than the the stopover time taken by the touch down in Izmir.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Marcella Willmore
1 July 2006

Have just returned from Northern Cyprus - and have no complaints at all about CTA - staff pleasant, flights on time, out-going plane a little tired looking, return plane better. Food adequate, all in all would go with CTA again.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Tom Phillips
25 May 2006

LGW-ERC-LGW. Both flights were by 737-800, bit scruffy on the outside but fine within, with lots of leg room - made better by the plane only being two-thirds full. FA's friendly and helpful; their English wasn’t brilliant but more than adequate for safety briefings and general duties. A good hot meal was served between London and Dalaman. The hour on the ground was more like forty minutes, and a sandwich snack was served on the final leg to Ercan. We got in twenty minutes early. Same thing on the way back. Efficient check-in, good FAs, a snack and then a hot meal on the second sector. Wine and other drinks freely available on both flights. If they keep this up the getting to North Cyprus will no longer be the ordeal it apparently used to be.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Karen Beale
28 April 2006

Heathrow/Ercan via Izmir. On time leaving and a definite improvement with staff. No problem with food and there was even red wine available which is very unusual on the return trip to Ercan. Return flight from Ercan/Heahrow 3 weeks later also extremely good. CTA certainly seem to be getting their act together. Flight was cheaper than flying into Larnaca so all in all a very good time.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Phil Davey
26 April 2006

Heathrow to Ercan via Izmir. The aircraft was a fairly new Airbus which was spotlessly clean and crew were friendly and obliging. Our only criticism was that the cockpit door was left wide open for a large part of the journey. The return journey was OK but the aircraft was an older Boeing 737 which was a little tired, with crew to match! Inflight food was very good by airline standards, and we were given Emergency exit seats on both flights, which added to the comfort. We would have no concerns about flying with this airline in future.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Irene Scott
18 April 2006

We travelled to Northern Cyprus from Manchester to Ercan touching down in Turkey. The flight was superb, adequate legroom and adequate food. We had no problems with the flight. We were very impressed with Ercan airport and the efficiency of the staff there. At Manchester airport there could have been more check-in staff on duty with the evening flight. We would have no problems flying with them again. I wonder how long it will be before we can get direct flights to Ercan airport?

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Roy Lomax
12 April 2006

CTA seem to be getting their act together of late. Apart from a couple of miserable faces, our flight end of March was spot on, plenty of leg room. The food is ok and can say is slightly better than BA have on offer. We always try to go through Ercan and wish the prices would come down and we also look forward to the day of direct flights.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by M McNicol
30 March 2006

Staff civil and competent. Smaller airbus somewhat cramped but larger adequate seat room. Inflight service good and pleasant. On time. Reputed to have been taken over - certainly seems to have been a sea change since the earlier comments.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Christina Worth
30 March 2006

Nothing but praise for our flights to Ercan return - on time, plane full but clean, food OK (certainly better by far compared to what I was offered on American Airlines to New York in January this year), attendants pleasant, legroom the same as many planes I've travelled on, seats reasonably comfortable. The only reasons I would not use this airline again if going to Northern Cyprus are having to touch down in Turkey therefore extending the journey time and not being able to drive into southern Cyprus with a rented car from the north - it would be better to fly to Larnaca and rent there.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Bob Buckle
27 January 2006

As a regular flyer to TRNC for many years, I have always felt a loyalty to use Ercan and therefore using Cyprus Turkish Airlines. We have never had a real bad delay, but have experienced all of the previous comment regarding on board service, food, etc. This Christmas I left it too late to get a flight and booked with BA to Larnaca - what an amazing difference. The guilt has gone and I have booked my 3 flights to TRNC for this year already with BA. I doubt that me and my family taking our custom elsewhere won't make much difference, but it may if enough do likewise.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Murat Nal
15 January 2006

My wife and I flew Cyprus Turkish Airlines over the Christmas period to Antalya. As I had read the comments on this thread I had serious reservations about flying with them. It turned out I was right to be worried. We turned up at Stansted on 23rd December to check in for our flight. There were 3 flights within an hour of each other all CTA all to Antalya - there were six check in desks 2 for each flight. Quite a lot of people were getting in the wrong line not checking the flight number displayed above the check in desk. On boarding we found the same confusion continuing as passengers were getting on one plane while their bags were on another. The plane was full and the seats the worst I have ever had the misfortune to sit on made worst by the fact we had to sit a whole hour there while they matched the baggage to passengers. The crew were nothing to shout home about. Asked for pillows FA said she would look for one but never did. When I finally caught here eye she said she could not find any. The food was below average. The FA's were miserable. The flight was uneventful. But I really hated the seats - so cramped. Return flight - to my delight, a lovely newish Airbus, smiling flight attendants and good food to boot. So they can give good service if they want to.

Cyprus Turkish Airlines review by Graham Eckersley
15 January 2006

I was on flight YK838 on the 3rd September and confirm all the previous comments. I was eventually offered 158 per person for all the aggro - which I accepted. On 15th December I received a cheque for 158 instead of 316. I was told to send it back and a replacement would be sent. I am still waiting! Send an email - no reply. Ring up and get voice mail - no reply. Fly CTA again? You are having a laugh.


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