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Crossair - by T Freiburg

28 January 2002

Since ten years I'm using Crossair for my business travel. Its always great to fly this airline, to enjoy the service, the good food and the famous champagne free of charge.


Crossair - by D  Georges

09 December 2001

I flew with Crossair from Stuttgart to Zurich in Economy Class. The cabin crew was very friendly and very nice. The seats, food/drink (orange juice or champagne/sandwich on a 45 minute
flight), service (newspapers) and the aircraft (Saab 2000,it's a wonderful aircraft) was very excellent. I find Crossair is the best Airline in Europe. Better than BA, AF or Alitalia.


Crossair - by M Devor

26 October 2001

While our beloved Swissair has gone way down and sadly so, might be out of business by the end of the month, Crossair has maintained the highest levels of service and quality out there.  I have taken several Crossair flights, some of them officially as Swissair, but with Crossair planes and crew. These planes are spotless, the crews and staff are outstanding, and the meals are the best. The flight attendants, mostly female, are beautiful, multilingual, kind, outgoing, and fun to travel with. I flew Swissair Business class between Zurich and Warsaw, with a very average crew and average food (typical Euro-Business layout). The crew on the return were on "cloud 9" with their minds elsewhere. Also, the staff at the SR lounge at ZRH were arrogant, arguing with a passenger who was angry! I was amazed at their attitude. I had connected to a very short Crossair SAAB 2000 from Zurich to Lugano. The one stewardess was charming and took care of all the passengers (maybe a quarter full). She served sandwiches, fine quality Swiss chocolates, orange juice, and champagne on this short 30 minute flight. She then came around 2 more times, running circles over the previous Swissair service that had more time. She only did the safety demo in German and Italian.  The 146 flights to and from Riga (Latvia) were also outstanding. Good meals, comfort, chocolates, airplane postcards and smiles. They had given us better service than many airlines have given in premium First class. So, I am curious to see what happens as Crossair takes over as Switzerland's national Airline.  I would recommend 5 stars to Crossair. Also, thousands of kudos to Zurich Airport, one of my favorites! I can't wait to see the changes that take place there after construction. 



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