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CIRRUS AIRLINES review : 16 June 2009 : by A Sobeslavsky

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

TXL-MHG-TXL, very nice flight of about 60 minutes. Very good service - snack, two times drink service, sweets. Very friendly stewardess.

CIRRUS AIRLINES review : 30 May 2008 : by P Bopp

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Cirrus Airline now operates for Lufthansa the three (in principle) daily flights between Bordeaux and Frankfurt. This service has become totally unreliable (more than 10% of certain flights are cancelled) and the punctuality is also very seriously deteriorating. If this goes on, Lufthansa will lose all the credibility that it has been trying to establish in the local market in south western France as an alternative to the overbearing Air France.

Cirrus Airlines review by Uwe Luedemann

31 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Cirrus Air (Lufthansa Partner) in a Do 328 (31 seats) from Mannheim to Hamburg and back. Good service on this 60 minute flight with snack, drinks, newspapers, sweets. Friendly stewardess, good crew which gave correct information - everything was fine. German railway needs minimum 4:19h for this trip, by car maybe 6 hours. The Do 328 is fast and quiet.

Cirrus Airlines review by Aidan Stradling

12 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

HAJ-FRA on a new comfortable Embraer 170 aircraft. Cirrus Airlines was operating a Lufthansa flight. Excellent service, plenty of leg room. Top notch all the way.

Cirrus Airlines review by D Schlösser

10 July 2006  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

MHG (Mannheim) - THF return in economy. Outbound flight perfectly on time, smooth flight and a nice sandwich and choclat bar, something unexpected on a domestic flight codeshared with Lufthansa. Dornier 328 nice prop aircraft. Mannheim is a small and convenient airport with just 2 check-in desks, one for business and 1 for economy. Return flight delayed for 2 hours, they served us a dinner and drinks in the Tempelhof airport cafe and when on board the crew was apologetic as well as the ground crew was before. Same level of service as on the outbound. Arrived in Mannheim and Cirrus paid the bill for the car park and you could order a taxi wile on board the plane by contacting the FA. Will fly them again. Next trip with Cirrus is in 2 weeks to London.

Cirrus Airlines review by Harun Rathore

10 June 2006  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

THF-GWT (Westerland/Sylt)-THF with Cirrus Airlines (Partner of Lufthansa). Nice little regional airline. In THF, the handling agent could not sit us together in one row. As all seats had already been allocated, we got graded up into Business Class to be able to sit together. During the flight, a cold breakfast was served in Business and a sandwich in Economy. (Service much better than Lufthansa whose code- share flight it was.) Seating very tight on the Do328. Therefore, we split up despite the fact that we now had seats together. Check-in in Sylt was a bit chaotic, but that is another story. We bluntly asked the handling agent in Sylt for the emergency-exit row (row 1) which is in Business Class and got it without further ado. As there had been a lot of trouble during check-in, the flight attendants on board believed us to be actual Business-Class travellers and we got yet another of Cirrus Airlines breakfasts (although it was almost 3pm). Would surely fly with them again after this experience. But watch out: although 90% of their flights are code-shares with Lufthansa, be sure to book it under Cirrus Airlines flight number (C9). Lufthansa only gets the more expensive classes.



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