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China Northern Airlines - by Boon Ghee

12 February 2004

China Northern Airlines does not keep to their flight schedule. I took a flight from Singapore to Shenyang on 9th Jan 2004 and the flight delay was 4 hour. The return trip on the 19th Feb 2004 was even worst the delay was 10 hours. if you take notice their takeoff time is always delay by an hour without any reasons. Through the whole delay there was no feedback but just wait - and wait.

China Northern Airlines - by Torsten Klas

22 November 2002

After one year heavy traveling within China I cancelled China Northern Airlines from my itineraries. Reason for that are various and I'm not surprised to find them within a "average" assessment in your list. Personally I see them more with a "poor" label. My workplace in in Changchun, a secondary operating base from CJ. The attendants are offering only basic service as quick as possible and as much as they think is necessary to get enough "off-time" on the flight. The maintenance of the interiors is poor with damaged panels and broken seats - the maintenance of the aircraft itself I cannot assess. All my adventures, I got on CJ flights. With more than 30 flights in the MD82's in one year operating from and to Changchun, I was always happy getting back to the ground in one piece. I would like to see that your audit is including secondary bases of the airlines - even randomly, to get another point of view of the fleets.



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