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Caribbean Star - by N Mills

20 March 2007

I was booked on Caribbean Star/LIAT flight 772 from Port of Spain to Barbados on Friday 9 March. This flight was due to leave Piarco at 1520, but in effect it did not leave until 1945, a delay of over four hours for a flight lasting about one hour. As a result of this delay several passengers missed connecting flights from Barbados and had to stay overnight. Passengers were not kept properly informed by Caribbean Star/LIAT reps. This flight was listed as "On Time" when passengers checked in and whilst in the departure lounge at Piarco. Without any explanation, the listing for flight 772 to Barbados was changed as a flight heading to Grenada. Passengers were then told they would be leaving for Barbados at 1610, then 1645. This never happened! One excuse given by a Caribbean Star/LIAT rep was "this usually happens on Fridays" I was curious as to the days of the week when flights would run as scheduled. When informed about the possibility of some passengers missing connecting flights from Barbados the reps stated "There's nothing we can do" they were not able to contact the relevant airlines to keep them in the picture, passengers had to alert other airlines themselves. Chaos then resulted when passengers were asked to board a flight to Barbados, it seemed that two flights were merged into one, and some passengers who boarded the aircraft then had to disembark as all seats were already taken. Caribbean Star/LIAT then realised that they did not even know which passengers were actually onboard the aircraft, so each passengers name had to be taken by the stewardess, resulting in a further delay. On arrival at Barbados it was a lottery whether your luggage was in either Barbados, Antigua or St Lucia, as some of the overnight stayers did not receive their luggage. Apart from these problems I was shocked at the treatment of a disabled passenger who missed a connecting flight from Barbados and was required to stay overnight, this passenger had difficulty walking and required a wheelchair. It seemed that Caribbean Star/LIAT did not communicate to the hotel what assistance this passenger required, other passengers had to inform hotel staff of his needs and help with his luggage and arrange his evening meal. Avoid Caribbean Star/LIAT if possible as customer service is not a high priority.

Caribbean Star - by V Speedwell

9 January 2007

What intrigues me about Caribbean Star is its slogan, which I believe reads: "Caribbean Star - A whole different altitude". Well, leaving aside the ghastly pun I would like to suggest that it be changed to "a whole different attitude" and they do something to change the attitude of staff. I flew with the airline this Christmas to St Vincent (2006). We arrived in Barbados without much of a hitch, and there was no hint when leaving the country that Caribbean Star was suffering from "Christmas baggage syndrome" and that our bags would take some time to get to their final destination. In fact the airline representative was at pains to point out that our luggage would be taken on the plane and we need not worry. Sadly she forgot to state which plane, which day and which year. We arrived at St Vincent to be confronted with an arrivals hall knee-deep in suitcases. All passengers waited expectantly at the carousel hoping to recognise suitcases - all to no avail. The flight was about half full, but only one piece of luggage belonging to one passenger on our flight, came out. The amazing thing was there was no explanation. No representative from the airline saw fit to make themselves available for questions/explanations. The people who were there made us feel as if we were invading their privacy when we enquired as to where our luggage might be. We eventually ended up back in departures talking to a very bored girl who took details of our luggage. No apologies, no explanations. When I asked about compensation I was told that they would pay 25 US dollars per 24 hours that luggage was missing. I finally got my luggage on the third day and my friend got hers on the 5th day. We also got compensation, but it took a lot of phone calls - including one to the Caribbean Star head office in Antigua to make it happen. The most appalling thing about Caribbean Star is its lack of customer focus and therefore lack of customer service. I questioned their representative in St Vincent for about 20 minutes on the second day that my luggage was missing. After our conversation, I got a pretty good idea as to what the problems were and also some thoughts about possible solutions. If this lady had made herself available to passengers on arrival and explained what was happening and what they were doing about it, things would have been different. But she didn't. In fact I actually saw her - on the third day - turn her back on passengers who were complaining. Never mind 'altitude', it's a change it 'attitude that is required if the airline is to succeed.

Caribbean Star - by Antony Davies

17 December 2006

Third time this year with Caribbean Star on business with a ticket bought for me by my company between TAB and GND. Check In staff friendly and polite in TAB, the flight arrived and departed on time. I found the single flight attendant friendly and welcoming, the new DHC- 8-Q300 is a much a more comfortable, quieter and brighter cabin environment with ample legroom for the 30 min flight, a great improvement over the two older DHC-8-300s that I have flown on with Caribbean Star before. Luggage delivery in GND was prompt. The touches that would be nice on such a short flight would be just one friendly word from the flight crew and perhaps the offer of a juice/water cuplet as there is no service to speak of. Overall a much better experience than my other two trips with Caribbean Star.

Caribbean Star - by Kadian Walters

12 August 2006

If ever you have to travel to the Eastern Caribbean and you want to fly in comfort and peace of mind, do NOT book a flight with Caribbean Star! The service is totally unacceptable! Apparently the computer system that Caribbean Star uses randomly puts passengers on "stand by" when it generates a boarding pass. Whether you book your flight two months or two weeks in advance, whether you check in 3 hours in advance paid for your ticket a month in advance, you run the risk of being placed on "stand by" by the "system. Unfortunately on our way to Dominica from Barbados 5 out of a group of 9 were given "stand by" boarding passes. As the name suggests, we were literally “standing by”, for more than 4 hours just to get on the "minibus in the sky". We were not able to get on 3 other flights because of the "stand by" boarding pass that the "system" generated. No fault of our own. Even though they claimed we were “priority passengers”, we were repeatedly sidelined. What a laugh! Is there a good programmer out there who can create an efficient system for Caribbean Star? Ok. As for the service we received, there was none! We asked to speak with a Caribbean Star representative and were only told of a "Michael" who was always "unavailable". We have come to the conclusion that there is NO Michael!. It got so bad even the Liat representative was trying to help us. Caribbean Star you need to do better. No one even came to give us meal vouchers, we had to repeatedly go to the information desk and we still were not able to speak with a rep. Please employ competent individuals who are able to communicate with the passengers in a polite and effective manner. The aircraft itself was in a deplorable condition. An arm rest came off in my friends hand, the pouches for the magazines were ripped and it was obvious that there was hardly any upkeep of the interior. It also stinks! And so the flight attendant walks around with an air freshener trying to get rid of the horrible scent just before take off! So after being placed on stand by since after 6 am, we finally got on a flight after 4 pm! Everything that could go wrong on an airline, check Caribbean Star! Trust that Caribbean Star will make you late, have you waiting with no intention of compensating you, and yes they will loose your luggage. Fortunately they delivered it to where we were staying in Dominica. What a miracle! Don’t give up your comfort or risk your life just to save a few dollars! If traveling to the Eastern & Southern Caribbean ensure that you take Air Jamaica, BWIA or Liat! If this kind of disregard for people’s time and comfort continues, Caribbean Star will very soon become a fallen star!

Caribbean Star - by Jean-Louis Vergaert

21 June 2006

Port of Spain - Barbados return. I must say that I did not have any problem, except one delay of one hour (not a big deal as the Priority Pass lounge in POS is superb). Dash 8 is comfortable, my only problem was that too much moisture in the locker wetted the content of my handbag. Otherwise, proper service, smiling attendant, no security problem. Finally, I want to emphasize the low cost: US$ 50 for one leg trip - come on, fellows, let us not complain. At least this company does not indulge in ripping off its customers.

Caribbean Star - by Antony Davies

18 April 2006

Caribbean Star. First flight from Grenada to Tobago on a tatty, grubby DHC-8-300 and the flight attendant could barely raise a hello, let alone a smile - the flight crew obviously from the same charm school as her and not a single announcement from them. Flight was overbooked which caused an uncomfortable 15 minute delay to departure in 90 degree heat, they only realised when during boarding when onboard the aircraft they ran out of allocated seats. My seat was adjacent to the emergency exit at 10B, the window had a piece shattered from it on the inner pane. No proper cabin checks for take off or landing apart from the demonstration, which resulted in a passenger being allowed to have a trolley bag on the floor in front of the exit and both passengers there with large bags on their laps. No safety brieing for exit passengers to ask if they were capable to open the exit if required. No service offered, the flight attendant just sat on her seat doing puzzles according to one of my fellow travellers. A steep and last minute dive made for what seemed an alarming approach into TAB. No service offered inflight, and although a short flight, on my previous trip with LIAT drinks were offered and served on request as were smiles and announcements, and seemed far more professional. Caribbean Star certainly did not shine for me. We arrived on time and in one piece and that was about it!



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