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Cameroon Airlines - by Timotheus Souard

27 February 2005

My experience with Cameroon Airlines ("CamAir") is better than what is described in the other quotes. I took CamAir in 2003 from Paris CDG to Yaounde and was very happy about the state of the plane, the service and food. During the flight over the Sahara desert, the captain was walking around in the cabin, answering questions of the passengers. While on the plane, the atmosphere was very relaxed, I didn't make good experiences at the airport of Yaounde but do not know whether that was due to the customs officers, airport staff or CamAir. The flight back also went smoothly but I have only made this one trip with CamAir and maybe I was lucky not to have any delays or other annoyances.


Cameroon Airlines - by Peter Louw

20 February 2005

Needing to get from Northern Cameroon to the capital, Yaounde as quickly as possible I had no choice but to fly Cameroon Airlines. All office staff very freindly and helpful to the extent they refused to sell tickets because they were sure flight would be cancelled. In the end after travelling 250 km on potholed roads got on a B757 at Garoua and was able to purchase ticket about 30 mins before boarding. Security very difficult about paperwork but no actual security checks beyond paperwork. Aircraft was modern, but unclean i.e. quite smelly. No seat allocations and lots of hand luggage allowed. A very free and easy airline to travel as minimal restrictions. The flight went to Chad first and then to Douala instead of Yaounde - a 280 km difference. There was none of the stress of a European flight in terms of tarmac waiting times and very comfortable landing. Airport facilities at both ends are intolerable, lots of questioning by staff about papers but most striking element was lack of security and safety announcements. It could be worrying if you thought terrorists would ever strike an airline in this backwater.


Cameroon Airlines - by Herve Blumenthal

17 September 2004

On several occasions I had my flight delayed by over...one day or cancelled. Ground staff is OK if you speak to juniors but as soon as you get to any sort of supervisor (which is quite difficult in itself) you get the rudest bunch of people I have seen in 33 years of flying around the world. And my fellow passengers should know that delays or cancellation will mean free nothing: no meal, no hotel, zero. And this will not change in any foreseeable future considering Cameroon Airlines has today less than half the number of planes for their number of scheduled flights. Last but certainly not least, the in-flight security is non existent. On my last flight from Douala to Brazzaville on a Yugoslavian plane and crew operating for Cameroon Airlines, the captain smoked during the refuelling at Kinshasa and when I mentioned that to the crew they laughed.  In conclusion even on African standards do not fly this airline at any cost.


Cameroon Airlines - by Sibiry Traore

14 August 2004

I recently flew Cameroon Airlines from Bamako (Mali) to Douala (Cameroon). Tickets had been purchased by a third party at restricted economy fare. Outbound (UY707) flight was cancelled and we were put on another UY flight the following night to Dakar, Abidjan and Lagos (with prior telephone warning). Our outbound leg was therefore BKO-DKR-ABJ-LOS-DLA (about 24hr duration + initial 24h delay = 48h late arrival). The return flight (UY706) was delayed 24 hrs as well. Aircraft was an old B727-200 leased from Yugoslav Airlines (incl. the crew), although reasonably maintained. Outbound flight was packed and there were many reasons for safety concerns (excess cabin luggage). Seats were old, food was almost acceptable. Surprisingly, the ride on both legs was very smooth: very gentle handling of the aircraft. Overall would recommend to avoid flying Cameroon Airlines due to 1) age of aircraft, 2) recurrent (very long) delays and cancellations, and 3) rather poor service. Still trying to understand why UY remained half-alive for so long.



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