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TACV Cabo Verde Airlines
6.2 out of 10  6.2 out of 10
12 reviews


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TACV CABO VERDE AIRLINES Customer review :  23 April 2015 by M Bates    (UK)

Rating : 1/10

Score 1 out of 10

Cabin Flown


Value for Money

Seat Comfort

Staff Service




My partner and I were on our honeymoon and had booked to travel to Sal, Boa Vista, San Vincent and back to Sal over a 2 week period. Our first flight from Sal left 30 minutes early so we arrived at Boa Vista 2 hours early only to be told the flight had gone and they had no explanation why. They offered use flights the next day which included an extra flight and would have taken all day. We lost all confidence in the company as we had arranged hotels and a ferry to fit in with our flight, so we just asked for the direct flight back to Sal, which was days later and stayed there the rest of our holiday.

TACV CABO VERDE AIRLINES customer review :  13 February 2012 by Oliver Schulz    (UAE)


Trip Rating :  9/10

Score 9 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


Bissau-Dakar-Praia/Praia-Fogo island-Praia/Praia-Dakar. All flights on time, international ones on leased Brazilian White Jets A320, domestic on ATR 72. Pleasant flights, newish aircraft in good condition, small snacks served on international legs, friendly crew, overall good experience at reasonable fares. No IFE available, and neither necessary on such short flights.

TACV CABO VERDE AIRLINES review : 4 December 2009 : by T Stroll

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Boston to Praia roundtrip and internally, from Praia to Mindelo roundtrip. The Praia to Mindelo internal flights felt safe. TACV operates ATR-42 aircraft that seem to be new. Each flight however was delayed, and other passengers grumbled that TACV is unable to maintain a schedule. Boston to Praia and Praia to Boston flights made me nervous. Each was on an old Boeing 757-200 : plane may be airworthy, but the interior was dilapidated enough to impair my confidence in the aircraft. One or more lights were broken, one or more armrests fell off, and one or more seats needed repair. Given the aircraft's rickety interior, I doubt I would fly Boston to Praia again on TACV. The food was good and ground personnel in Boston, Praia, and Mindelo were helpful. TACV has a number of quirks and operational problems that make it seem subpar. The Boston TACV office gave me inaccurate departure times for the Boston-Praia and Praia-Boston flights. The Boston TACV office will not accept VISA or MasterCard, so unless you have American Express, you have to mail them a check! The airline does not have a fully functional English/Portuguese website, but only a bare-bones version with severely limited capabilities.

TACV CABO VERDE AIRLINES review : 24 January 2009 : by Roger Hanin

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

TACV on a very short 15 min flight from Fogo to Praia. Very pleasant experience with annoucements in Portuguese, French and English. Flight on time and a nice small airport experience. TACV's internal flights are managed in a somewhat archaic yet pleasant way, no yield management pricing policy, which is very nice as it gives you lots of flexibility on your trip planning.

TACV CABO VERDE AIRLINES review : 23 November 2008 : by Michael Little

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Four internal flights. The planes were comfortable and clean, and a simple service (cold water) was offered on these short flights. Three of the flights operated on time. The fourth (Fogo to Praia) ran with 75 minutes delay - no announcements or apologies were made. On that occasion the baggage unloading at Praia was very slow and inefficient. A consistent performance at the level of the other three flights would have earned TACV a higher score.

TACV CABO VERDE AIRLINES review : 22 July 2008 : by G Barbes

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Of 4 internal flights 3 worked just fine. Straightforward check-in, friendly staff and on time. However on one (Sal - Praia) they brought forward the departure time without advising our agent so we missed it and after lots of protesting and phone calls to the UK agent we got a flight 15 hours later. They're erratic, but if you continually re-confirm it should be ok. This is a time warp airline though - industrial size mechanical scales at check-in (not used) and hand written passenger lists at Sao Felipe airport. We shared one flight with 3 crates of live hens.

TACV CABO VERDE AIRLINES review : 12 July 2008 : by C McDonald

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Roundtrip in economy class from Boston to Sao Vicente with a layover in Praia. Both long haul flights between Boston and Praia were on-time, and flight attendants friendly. The aircraft itself seemed to be second-hand - seat cushions and tray-tables were pretty worn. The inflight meals were very good. My flights within the country, from Praia to/from Sao Vicente, were a little bit delayed each way. I would recommend contacting the airline a day beforehand to double-check the schedule.

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines - by C Roberts

26 February 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Lisbon to Sal in economy. Plane was a former Canary Islands charter that had yet to be re-painted, but in good condition and comfortable. Crew friendly, check-in slow, food OK. I was expecting a fairly poor experience, but found the flight to be far better managed than my return on TAP. I'd use them again.

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines - by R Eberle

12 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 2 Star Rating

Lisbon to Praia in business. Flight on time and food okay. But confirm other comments that the business class is just an upgraded economy. No space with just the middle seat left empty. Not worth the money in business class.

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines - by J van den Berg

20 April 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

All domestic flights (5 in total) were on time, the flights from Amsterdam to Praia and return however both had a delay of 1,5 hours each. The aircraft on the international flights was rather tired looking B757-200. Service is adequate, but they could have come around more frequently with drinks. After meal service, the service stops.

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines - by Mark Hereward

15 April 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Lisbon to Praia. It was, quite surprisingly, not really late leaving (despite reputation). But business class was, in fact, economy-class seat but with the middle seat left vacant. And better (really quite nice) food! All in all, not a very good business-class experience, though there isn't much choice in getting to Cape Verde

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines- by Bob Gould

3 March 2007

Just spent 2 weeks in the Cape Verdes. Of six internal flights, only ONE was anywhere near on time - ranged from 5 hours early (we missed it!) to 3 hours late. Schedules! Trouble is, there is not much choice. The international one from Amsterdam Schipol is also not very good - business class was hardly more than a slightly bigger seat than economy. Wouldn't recommend.



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