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Canada 3000 - by Joseph Petrone

30 June 2004

I flew Canada 3000 on May 30, 2001. The flight was from Newark, NJ to Toronto, Canada and was on a beautiful Airbus 320-200. I sat in "Club Class", which was their version of First Class. They had "lost" my electronic ticket (don't ask me how) and upgraded me from Coach to make up for it. Club Class was great. My own private TV with The Movie Channel, a pop-up desk, radio and phone. The plane was decorated in Canadian red and white, both inside and out. The FA's were great, assisting anyone who needed help filling out their Customs forms for when we landed. Service was on-time, both to and from Toronto. The Captain was very talkative, speaking first in French, and then in English. He let us know when to look out and see Niagara Falls below, gave constant temperature and time updates, and generally a friendly sort. All in all, a good experience. Sorry to see them go bankrupt and I hope that they will one day be back in business.

Canada 3000 - by G Laeson

21 November 2001

I flew with Canada 3000 on the 31st of October 2001 and it was great. It was onboard the Airbus A330-200 and it was very comfortable. The flight was from Toronto Canada to Port Of Spain Trinidad in the Caribbean. Service, meals, flight attendants etc very nice.

Canada 3000 - by J Ryan

5 November 2001

I flew on Canada 3000 from Vancouver to Toronto on July 24th. I normally fly Air Canada but  needed a one way ticket and Canada 3000 was significantly cheaper. The flight was the most uncomfortable experience I have had in my life. The seat pitch on the Boeing 757 has got to be the smallest of any airline. My knees were jammed into the seat in front of me - the food was average. Next time I will pay the difference and fly Air Canada.

Canada 3000 - by Michael Devor  

11 September 2001

With Air Canada having an absolute monopoly in Canada, Canada 3000 is really Canada's second largest airline. I purchased a ticket on Canada 3000 from Los Angeles to Vancouver for several reasons: 1. It was cheaper, by about US$100 from the other competitors LA-Vancouver - 2. It was a new airline for me, 3. You get to fly out of the Bradley Terminal at LAX, our Int'l Terminal, which makes it more fun. The negative was that when I had purchased the ticket over the phone the agent forgot to show the reservation ticketed. Hence, the reservation was cancelled and the ticket never sent. This did not make for a good first impression. She had kept pushing for a pre-pay to pick up at the airport, hence, when the ticket never came, I assumed that is what she did. Well, very close to flight time I called to check and learned of the mishap. I was impressed that Canada 3000 came through, took the credit card, did a pre-pay for airport pick up, and apologized for the inconvenience. They were even able to secure my coveted emergency exit row seats (was amazed that they were still available). While I enjoyed flying out of Bradley, you get to fly out with the other int'l carriers, the plane, much to my surprise, left from a bus gate which is far from the terminal, then an incredible hike up several ramps. I didn't mind so much for myself as I had checked my carry on bag, but felt bad for some of the others as the trip was a chore. Same thing with coming back with a long delay on the bus. Also a pain as the plane leaves at 7am, challenging when you live far from LAX but don't want to spend the money on a hotel the night before. The Canada 3000 inflight service was quite good - more like a European airline, with Duty Free sales going up to Canada. All of the flight attendants on both flights to and from Vancouver were friendly, efficient, and professional.  The meal service is very basic, a fruit plate going up and a sandwich coming back. However, when you pay $100 less than the other airlines, I would never complain. I would fly Canada 3000 again and I hope to see them expand to counter Air Canada. Also, kudos to Vancouver Airport - one of the nicest, cleanest, and most organized in North America, but I hope that they get rid of the departure tax, as its a pain when you have to shell out cash on top of the cost of the ticket. 



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