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Buzz - by Roger Uren

14 February 2003

Buzz must have known of forthcoming sale, so why did they go to the pretence of setting up a base at Bournemouth, even promoting flights on the day they were sold. 55,000 plus local people have been let down by buzz/ryanair. Ryanair have treated them with contempt The flight to Hahn from Bournemouth has been shifted to late evening to get in a Prestwick flight which they only did to squeeze buzz. Originally was going to be a twice daily schedule by Palmair. A great pity Palmair didn't do it. Ryanair did say their next route from Bournemouth would be to Italy. Where is it?

Buzz - by Isabelle Gabet

22 November 2002

I flew Buzz for the first time last summer London / Brest. All was fine on the way to France - returned flight scheduled on a Sunday at 13:30pm. After 6hrs delay we were advised the flight was cancelled - No buzz staff at the airport and this was during call centre closure office hours - next flight was the next day at 19:00hrs - but how to find out if there was availability on this flight ? Eventually I decided to do a night trip  Brest-Paris-London by train - for which I have not been refunded by Buzz. This trip revealed to be such a waste of money and time - I will never flew with Buzz again and after hearing so many stories I prefer paying a bit more and travelling with customer service focused airlines such as BMI, KLM, BA and Lufthansa who are cheaper than they used to be.

Buzz - by Allan Harte

06 September 2002

Flew London Stansted to Frakfurt Main with Buzz. Nice terminal at Stansted, aircraft was uncrowded, pretty BAe146. The crew were really nice, the captain even came into the cabin to brief us before the flight. You have to pay for the meals but it is worth the money, I had a very tasty mexican rap.

Buzz - by Sarah Nicholson

04 May 2002

Beware of the hidden additional costs of flying with Buzz. I recently booked a flight which was due to depart Stansted at 7:30am - however Buzz in all their wisdom have changed their flight schedule and the flight now departs at 6:10am making it almost impossible to get to the airport without paying a fortune. Buzz readily admit the first Stansted Express is at 5:00 am from Liverpool street arriving at 5:40 so one might just be able to check in before the 30 minute cut off but they wouldn't recommend it! So this leaves you with no alternative but to take a very expensive cab ride from London or a very long bus (almost 3 hours!). Their 'Customer Service Staff' really were not that concerned either with the problem presented - they rudely told me there was nothing they could do nor would they allow me to cancel my outbound flight to enble me to seek an alternative flight more suitable!

Buzz - by Steve Fenton

14 November 2001

Flew last week from Milan to Stansted. Packed flight and lots of people getting on with 2 or 3 pieces of luggage. Anyone who has flown on a BAe 146 can tell you the overhead bins around the wing section will just about take your jacket. There are notices everywhere saying 1 Piece of luggage and yet these people who insist on getting on with a briefcase, a laptop case and a overnight bag packed for an exhibition wonder why the flights cannot leave on time - it is because they think they are a law unto themselves and they want save 5 minutes at baggage claim. I think it is time staff at Buzz clamped down on what can brought into the cabin. The pilot came out as it was proving impossible for the cabin crew to find space to put all the extra luggage people brought on board. He proclaimed in a voice loud enough for most people to hear, that the cabin is for passengers and the hold for luggage and why did people insist on trying to be a law unto themselves.  "Here here" I say and after yet another 30 minute delay we took off, landed half an hour late and collected our bags within 5 minutes of arriving at the baggage claim. Makes me wonder that this pilot might be talking sense.



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