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Comments for BMED have ended, following the takeover of the airline by bmi British Midland

BMED - by Matt Jakes

18 September 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Bishek-LHR Club World. Spotless aircraft, with plenty of space to stretch out. IFE worked reasonably well, with a good selection of entertainment. Cabin crew attentive and professional. Food not as good as on my outbound leg to Almaty, but not too bad. It'll be interesting to see how BMI manages with this route when they take over next month.

BMED - by Willie Unger

21 January 2007

I was disappointed by the in-flight crew on my return from Syria. We had a very rough ride into Heathrow. May people became ill. The other passengers did much more than the cabin crew. They were not interested. Also, I was amazed that there were no air sickness bags in the seats. This is the first time I have seen this.

BMED - by David Byers

14 August 2006

LHR-TAS. Inflight service good - very friendly crew. However, the food was a big letdown. A pity that all announcements were made only in English. We were flying to Tbilisi and then Tashkent so maybe not possible to make announcements in Georgian and Uzbek but at least Russian should have been used and at least one crew member should have been able to speak basic Russian. Inflight entertainment OK. I watched three movies, mainly because I could not sleep owing to sitting in a bulkhead seat that did not recline. Definitely not good for my bad back. The main problem was that my luggage did not arrive.

BMED - by D Smith

5 July 2006

LHR-GYD monthly for the last two years, and in general, feel they do a reasonable job. One team a couple of trips back were probably the best I've flown with in 40 years of flying. Club seats are reasonably comfortable, although often have niggling faults. Cabin crew generally tend to be less aloof than my earlier experiences of 'real' BA staff, but the informality occasionally extends into the service provision - bearing in mind the perks the BA staff get over the BMED people, the latter seem remarkably helpful and cheerful: at least they understand they are there for your benefit, rather than some of BA's people. Food is adequate, but as mentioned elsewhere, when does an airline meal ever taste like proper grub? They have had a habit of missing bags off the flight, turning up the next day - this has eased somewhat, but seems to occur in spates. IFE is reasonably good, although the sound system occasionally lets it down, either through distortion or not being available. The real bummer is the routine bus transfer both in LHR and GYD. For the prices they charge on this route (almost always full or very nearly so), an airbridge at each end would not be too much to ask.

BMED - by Phillip Watson

22 April 2006

Flew BMED LHR-SVX-LHR after flying with Aeroflot and Lufthansa on this route this was by far the best trip I had. This was the first time I had flown with BMED/BA and everything was in a different class from the other carriers. Food was excellent, entertainment was enjoyable on both legs with a wide choice of films, comedy and music and the cabin crew were friendly, gave you the feeling they cared about you were and were there to help you. Drinks and food were available at all times but it wasn't really required as every hour they went down the airplane and gave out refreshments,. The plane was on time into Ekaterinberg and 40 minutes early into London, which appeared to catch out some of the ground crew! It took an hour to get through Heathrow, as they couldn't find a driver for the steps and the airport only decided to put four immigration officers at passport control during its most busiest peroid but that isn't BMED's fault. This route has the convenience of flying direct and so a 12 hour plus journey with Aeroflot changing at the worst airport in the world is cut to a pleasant and smooth five hour flight straight into Heathrow. I do have a few minor gripes. None of the cabin crew spoke Russian which I think is essential on this flight, and they did not give out immigration cards for non-Russians entering Russia. The biggest problem I have is price, I managed to get my tickets during a BA sale but the normal price is too expensive and I can't see the justification of such a high price to Ekaterinberg when it is about the same price to Almaty, the final destination of this flight. I want to fly direct to Ekaterinberg but until they drop their price I fear the next time I go to Ekaterinberg I will be fighting of the taxi drivers again in Shermetevyo.

BMED - by Stuart Boate

20 April 2006

LHR to Baku on 3rd April with the return on the 7th. Economy both ways. This was my last choice of carrier due to them being 300-400 dearer than both Austrian or Lufthansa but because of this they were both full. I have nothing but praise for the BMED crew but LHR is a complete shambles. Also having paid nearly 50% more I got only 25% of the airmiles 615 for LHR - Baku. My return was difficult as I had a broken seat on a full plane, the staff were great but there was nothing they could do, what really annoyed me was taking over an hour after landing at LHR to get a stand. Many colleagues who do this route regularly also comment on this and after speaking with BMED staff they confirmed that this is regularly the case that they get appalling support from BAA LHR. Overall crew were great, commercial arm and BAA were disgusting.

BMED - by Gavin Elliot

19 August 2005

BMED Heathrow to Yerevan (Armenia) and back, with mixed impressions. Plane was delayed for an hour outbound with no apparent reason. Return flight was pretty punctual. Crew helpful and friendly on both flights - I didn't ask them for much, but they went through their duties politely. Planes were not great and looked a little old in some parts - the reading lights didn't work on the outbound flight, so the cabin lights were left on the whole flight. Inflight entertainment pretty limited. On the whole though, no major complaints. Perhaps I was lucky - my experience was certainly more positive than many of the previous postings. I'd have no hesitation flying them again, especially given who their competitors are on some of their routes.

BMED - by avid Springett

18 May 2005

MED from LHR to Baku (business) and return (Econ) 3rd to 6th May 2005. Mistakenly thought that I was flying BA. Noted a considerable difference immediately on boarding - the attitude of the crew. Seat outbound Ok but could not sleep at all on this overnight flight, made worse by the very slow and sloppy food service and a seeming refusal to turn the cabin lights out. Dreadful and a waste of money. Economy flight on the way back (biz was full) was much better but still sloppy. Food both ways was awful. Will avoid BMED in the future - they do not deserve to use the BA logos and branding, since the service is not adequate.

BMED - by Peter Goodrick

21 April 2005

BMED is introducing an upgraded onboard product to coincide with the arrival in May of a new aircraft, an A320-200, bringing the fleet to seven aircraft in total. The aircraft will be fitted with a Next Generation range of enhanced seats in the Club World and World Traveller cabins. Club World passengers will have On Demand entertainment allowing the viewer to watch movies, TV and listen to the audio range as and when they choose. A selection of 18 games is also on offer. Larger individual screens measuring 8.4 inches will alsoincrease viewing quality. For passengers wishing to work on their laptops, every seat will have in-seat power. World Traveller passengers will be able to enjoy individual seat-back entertainment as well as seating with enhanced headrests.

BMED  - by Raul Nelson

7 December 2004

I travelled LHR-TBS (Tbilisi). The aircraft on both ways was a quite nice A320. I did find the food to be inedible even on this 5 hour flight. Also I would like to add that the Italian flight attendants did seem to have a severe attitude problem. The flight entertainment on this 5 hour flight is satisfactory but having paid such a fare it could be better. Overall, If you are flying to such poorly connected destinations like Tbilisi, BMED is a good option. You fly a good Western aircraft with great British pilots.

British Mediterranean - by K Jack

9 August 2004

I travelled economy class on British Mediterranean Airways flight BA 6533 on 29/05/2004 from London Heathrow to Khartoum Sudan via Amman Jordan. On arrival in the Khartoum area it was announced that due to a sand storm we would be placed in a holding pattern after about 1hour the aircraft attempted a landing which was aborted and it was announced that we would return to Amman. We travelled for another 45 minutes approximately when a further announcement was made that the aircraft would now be landing in Port Sudan, on arrival it was announced that even though the weather was now cleared in Khartoum the crew had run out of flying hours and would be unable to fly for 10 hours we would therefore have to disembark and arrangements would be made for our onwards transport to Khartoum on a domestic carrier, some of the passengers including myself expressed our reluctance to travel on a Sudanese domestic carrier due to the poor safety record, indeed foreign office travel advice mentions this and it should be avoided. Some passengers, there were about 25 on board, were reluctant to leave the aircraft and were told that police would be called to remove them, we were then taken to the arrivals hall where the doors were locked, our baggage was removed from the hold and the aircraft refuelled, two club class passengers then appeared on the tarmac retrieved their baggage and boarded the aircraft, the aircraft took off leaving the remaining passengers behind we were taken to the seediest hotel I have ever encountered in forty years of travelling the world and subsequently flown , reluctantly, onwards to Khartoum on an aircraft of dubious origin On my return to U.K. some six weeks later I contacted BMA regarding the actions of the staff to the passengers and as to why they had told us they could not fly due to having run out of hours then took off within the hour carrying two fare paying passengers, after several letters they have yet to explain their actions. In forty years of flying i have never come across treatment like this not only by the aircrew but mainly by BMA customer relations staff who have been notably unhelpful

British Mediterranean - by Andy Coupland

20 July 2004

Arriving at Baku from Bishkek last year on BMed, I arose to leave from my seat for the obligatory deplaning during refueling. I was four rows from the back, where a young male steward stood surveying the scene. "Bakoo, anyone for B-ak-oooo?" he cried mockingly in a deeply affected cockney accent, to the bemusement of the (mainly Kyrgyz) passengers. Apparently unimpressed by the lack of response from the passengers, he then belched - very, very loudly. The embarrassed air hostess standing next to him did have the good grace to ask him if he had been taught that on the training course. Pretty much the worst cabin crew behaviour I have encountered in 35 years of flying.

British Mediterranean - by Hugh Ghazvini

16 June 2004

Having my return booked (even seat allocated) before departing US, when I was about to leave Tehran for London on June 14, I was told that I had no seat as I had not re-confirmed my booking (which was a lie). The argument got so bad that head of local BA was called to investigate. Instead of giving comfort to the passenger he confirmed that I had no seat. It was when I threatened to sue BA that I was given a different seat from my booking. When we got on board I saw at least 30% of the seats were empty. I believe the action of the BA personnel in Tehran was despicable.

British Mediterranean - by V Mountain

24 May 2004

I have just returned from Azerbaijan on 14th May 2004 on flight BA6618 to Heathrow. I understand that British Airways are forced to sub contract flights to British Mediterranean, but every time I fly with this company flights are inevitably delayed. This on its own is an extreme inconvenience, but on my recent flight form Azerbaijan flying Business Class I was informed that Business Class had been overbooked and I would be downgraded although I has a pre-booked seat. This infuriated me as I was the first business class passenger to check in on that flight. Not wanting to make a seen at check in I accepted my punishment. Note, Feeling very lucky to be allowed to use the business class lounge, I found myself seething at the thought of my downgrade. Then all of a sudden I miraculously was given my pre booked seat back 30 minutes before the flight was due to take off. As an Export Manager I have to fight to stay in business class owing to company cutbacks etc. Then to be embarrassed at check in I find this unacceptable from BA. Being a superior Airline I feel I should have had better treatment.

British Mediterranean - by Ben Weston

12 February 2004

I've flown with BMed from LHR-BEY (Beirut) on two occasions. The first time I was lucky enough (pre 9/11 days) to get a jumpseat ride for take-off and landing and couldn't say a bad word about the flight crew. They indulged this plane spotter beyond the call of duty. But in terms of the flight from a passenger point of view, don't expect much in the way of comfort or space in Y. Seat pitch is a bit mean and the only IFE is the TV screens above the seats that fold down. Food and crew attention are both BA-standard, ie average to decent. The saving grace is a direct, minimum fuss connection to BEY. Both flights were pretty full and on one occasion I offloaded voluntarily returning from BEY for 150 and a re-route via Athens with another airline. Never again. The MEA flight to Athens was most pleasant but they sent me with Cronus (who?) Airways from Athens to LHR and it was horrendous. Lots of messing about in ATH making sure my luggage was transferred, big queues, rancid old airport, poor AC, six hours sitting about and then a packed out, old 737-400 to LHR which got me home about 8 hours after I would have if I'd stayed on the Bmed flight.

British Mediterranean - by Margaret Jasem

10 August 2003

I travelled from Glasgow Airport, via Heathrow, to Beirut. The Glasgow- Heathrow part of the journey was British Airways and the Heathrow-Beirut was British Mediterranean Airways. I checked in my one piece of luggage at Glasgow and at the same time it was to be routed direct to Beirut. I boarded the plane at 14.30 and at 16.00 it finally took off. The delay was apparently due to luggage being loaded. When I arrived at Beirut I had to wait in a long queue to report that my luggage had not arrived. Obviously I was not the only person with this problem. There was a second queue of people collecting luggage that had been "astray" for up to seven days. The first few days was taken up with trying to telephone Beirut airport and have the call answered! They knew nothing, was as much as they could tell me. Eventually I had no option but to buy some clothes. The seven days holiday was completely ruined because of this situation. I paid $1600 for the tickets for me and my son. The situation at the moment is that today, Friday 8th August, 8 days after arriving home, my suitcase has finally been delivered to me. 15 days after it was checked in at Glasgow Airport. When my husband travelled the same route three weeks earlier, the same thing happened to him. He was "lucky", he got his suitcase 48 hours later.

British Mediterranean - by B Kraft

29 November 2002

I have been flying BMed once a month between LHR and Bishkek for over 6 years now. The things that I would like to see improved are the meals - they are truly terrible, almost to the point of being inedible. The tiny movie screens that pop out of the ceiling - should go to seatback screens for everyone. The limited amount of seating space in the economy section is poor - why not take out a row of seats and give all a bit more space.

British Mediterranean - by Samer Saad

02 February 2002

I think that British Mediterranean is a very good airline. I like it because the aircraft is like any normal BA aircraft. But the differences are that the A320s are too small for such routes like LHR-Beirut and each economy seat should have a personal TV - like BA aircraft that take you to Cairo, Tel Aviv, Dubai and Jeddah. So British Mediterranean should really start changing their concept so that it avoids any difference from British Airways.



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