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Basiq Air - by Ron Hudson
15 August 2005

Travelling to Alicante from Rotterdam with Basiqair is easy and good ,flight price is competitive but the Taxes and add on costs are too high.


Basiq Air - by Moustafa Khalil

5 December 2004

I flew with Basiq Air from London Stansted to Rotterdam on the 11th of July 2004. The flight was on time, food prices on board were reasonable although I didn’t try it to judge the quality. The staff were nice except that they did not have any information what so ever on VAT refund procedures. It is clear they were not use to have any non-EU passengers flying with them from London Stansted. The only disappointing thing was a post-paying discovery that the same rout was offered for the same day within the same time of the day by VLM from the closer London City airport for half of Basiq’s 45 GBP price.


Basiq Air - by C Stiven

11 July 2004

After delays en route to Stansted, my colleague and I arrived at the airport to be bundled from pillar to post by RyanAir, with the result that we missed the 40minute window for boarding. With an important meeting to make in The Netherlands, we were relieved and very pleasantly surprised by Basiq Air's speed, efficiency and courtesy in getting us to Rotterdam. The flight was excellent - the 737-800 clean, well-equipped and comfortable - and we arrived de-stressed and ready for anything! We'll definitely use Basiq Air again in the future - and hope there will an expansion of routes served from Stansted in the future.


Basiq Air - by David Clarke

28 June 2004

Just flew with them on the Dublin Rotterdam route. Service was polite and courteous my only gripe is with them publishing the wrong bus times from Amsterdam in their inflight magazine which caused me to arrive late in Rotterdam. On arrival the plane was still boarding but there was nobody at the check in desk which meant I missed my flight. Not a good airline.


Basiq Air - by James O'Brien

31 May 2004

I flew Basiqair yesterday from Dublin to Rotterdam. There are a few advantages to flying Basiqair than flying Ryanair. For example pre assigned seating. Which is great as you don't have to run from the airport to the aircraft in order to get a good seat. Secondly they have TV's on board which Ryanair does not. The TV displays information about the aircraft and the safety procedures. The catering on boad is superb at affordable prices. Ryanair should take note. My only gripe with Basiqair is the seat pitch is that it only seems to have a pitch of 27 or 26inches. I am only 5 foot 6 and my knees were tight up against the seat on front. Also the seats are very narrow. Apart from that they are a brilliant low cost airline.


Basiq Air - by Conor Gilligan

28 March 2004

Basiq Air Dublin to Rotterdam. The Dublin departure was a couple of hours late but other than that the flight was excellent. The captain explained the reason for the delay, The cabin crew were very good. On board service fair value. I will fly with them again. Prices very good. Check in also very good.


Basiq Air - by Hugo Duran

1 August 2003

Basic Air to Lisboa with "a la carte" arrangement. On our way-up a delay of 3/4 hr. due to the late arrival of the plane from Krete. And on our travel back an unexpected stop in Oporto. Our seating place was very cramped. Expensive drinks and snacks could be bought during the flight. If we can avoid flying with this company we will do it, but unfortunately with a package deal from a tour operator there is no alternative. For our trip back we brought along our own wine and food.


Basiq Air - by J Engels

4 July 2003

Flying frequently on the route Amsterdam - Malaga I can only say it is a very good value for your money. Inflight drinks and snacks are fairly cheap and tasty. A big cup of coffee is some EUR 1,50. For the rest the same good service you would receive from Transavia.


Basiq Air - by K Surya Jaya

11 March 2003

I flew Basiq Air BCN-AMS. The flight was OK, the flight attendants are efficient. The worst is there was not a consistency on price. Eg - today you might find 140, tomorrow it might be 160 and the other days it would be more or less without knowing the variety of price. I bought the ticket for about 141 - good value I think for a cheap airlines without any service of food (you have to buy the food onboard) - but two weeks later I found a bargain the same route for 81 only!! So, I lost 60 which I could have spent it on food before going onboard. I regretted it so much. But now, they changed the booking system, the price is displayed when you make a booking on internet. By they way, the flight was not bad enough with new planes.


Basiq Air - by H Habraken

01 May 2002

I flew with Transavia on a Basiq air flight to Barcelona last year. Service on board was basic but not unpleasant. Professional behaviour even to very unpleasant travellers. On the way back, polite service and a captain with witty weather reports and flight status. Much more pleasant to travel with than easyJet!!



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