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BA Connect - by Philip Lamb

1 November 2006

I have now used BA Connect twice (Southampton-Manchester return) and have been entirely satisfied with all aspects of the flights. Although the service is not hugely better than the competeing Flybe one, which I have used several times, I'm going to continue to use Connect — easier check in at both airports and a roomier aircraft sway it for me. There's little difference in price, I'm not overbothered about food (one should expect to pay these days) and on such a short flight — if you don't want to, then you don't have to do you? The convenience of getting to Manchester in such a short time is the most important consideration for me — not the catering as it seems it is for so many who comment here! Well done BA!

BA Connect - by Richard Campbell

27 October 2006

BRS-GLA-BRS Return trip cancelled for second consecutive time on this trip. A flight to Birmingham with a bus to Bristol at the other end offered instead. Reason appeared to be purely commercial as ground staff admitted that Bristol flight was 2/3 full but there was enough space on Birmingham flight to accommodate all Bristol passengers as well. On previous occasion arrived at Birmingham to find no-one had told ground staff there to arrange bus. Declined flight to Birmingham and transferred to Easyjet. This was last straw for me. Will not use BA Connect again and will try and avoid BA whenever possible.

BA Connect - by Val Becque

27 October 2006

Birmingham/Lyon return. Full Embraer145, left on time and arrived 15mins early. Quick cabin service - who minds paying 5 for breakfast when fare is 85 return inc 51tax etc. Return, only 15 on board, left 15 mins early for quick flight back to Birmingham. For the first time in my life the luggage was delivered before me. Would not hesitate to use BAConnect again for leisure, cheap prices and efficiency on European routes from Birmingham.

BA Connect - by Jeremy Weaver

15 October 2006

Manchester-Belfast City 333 and buy your own cup of coffee. If like me you have to book at the last minute because of work schedule they could at least offer you a meal voucher like flybe does for its premium passengers.

BA Connect - by David Howe

10 October 2006

I dont mind paying for quality food, a full hot breakfast on a 35 minute flight MAN-GLA. In Canada we only get cold sandwiches to buy on five and six hour transcon flights! Service was cheerful and efficient. I really enjoyed BA Connect and remember when North American airlines offered similar service. In Canada fares have gone up while service has gone down, the reverse is the case in the UK. Well done BA Connect.

BA Connect - by Eric Bateman

16 September 2006

Edinburgh to Paris on 6th September. Restrictions on hand baggage meant that I could only take a briefcase on the Embraer 145 aircraft, and that I (seemingly like everyone else) had to check my bag into the hold. This is where the problems started. On arrival at the chaotic scene which is BA at CDG, it soon became apparent that around 20 of the Edinburgh passengers' baggage had not arrived. No-one in Paris could tell any of us what had happened, it took an hour of queuing to even file the baggage report. No-one at BA Paris answers the telephone so continually calling the next day was a waste of time. I travelled on from Paris to Zurich then Hamburg and arrived in Edinburgh on the Sunday evening - and decided to ask the BA baggage people for some kind of update. "There were over 15 bags delayed on the Paris flight. If the Embraer is full and everyone has baggage checked in, it is too heavy to take off so we had to leave 15 bags behind. The bags were probably taken to Paris the next day, but they have hundreds of unclaimed bags there so it could take up to 6 weeks to get your bag back". So BA, as well as charging you for a cup of tea, deliberately take off and leave your bag behind, refuse to answer the phone, then tell you that it will take up to 6 weeks to get your bag back. This was a direct flight and I checked in 2 hours before the flight went.

BA Connect - by Peter Cullen

22 August 2006

BRS-FRA Certainly not cheap (over 120 single), at that price I find it deplorable that one is expected to pay for food and drink and am delighted to report that virtually nobody did on my flight. Perhaps BA Connect will get the message. Apart from that, no real complaints: the online check-in worked very well, departure was on time and the RJ145 was fine - I like them, if they are not full, it almost feels like you are in an executive jet (I guess!). So it makes it even more annoying that one feels the airline is penny pinching, it is not a low cost airline in its operations or pricing structure, so why act like one in certain areas; a free newspaper and drink would cost less than 2% of the price I paid for my ticket but would have delivered a lot more in goodwill.

BA Connect - by Geoff Lawrence

3 August 2006

BHX-MAD on RJ100 - we did on-line check in the night before - excellent check in at BHX. The flight was comfortable, decent seat pitch for low- cost, the cabin crew were really friendly and there was a good choice of meals & drinks to buy. It is great that BA use the amazing new T4 at Madrid (will LHR T5 be any where near as good?) - but there is no Metro link from T4 - you have to catch a bus to T3 to get the metro. Hopefully that will be improved in the future.

BA Connect - by Nathan Fotheringill

24 July 2006

GLA-BRS-GLA. Flights were bought prior to the BA Connect re-branding at a very reasonable price, similar to the Easyjet alternative but at time that was more suitable. Tried to use the online check-in but there was a problem that necessitated me utilising the very helpful check-in staff at Glasgow who sorted things out. Outbound flight was half an hour late, the return was perfectly on time. Both flights utilised the E145, an aircraft criticised by some but one I've always found comfortable. There is a lack of overhead bin space but the 'valet' service helped. Tried the onboard catering on the outbound flight - it cost about 4 for a reasonable baguette and a soft drink. Being a late flight, though, meant that many items on the menu were not available. Didn't bother on the way back and neither, seemingly, did anyone else. At all times, from check- in to disembarkation, BA's staff were polite and friendly. The bags also made it to the belt before I did. Overall I was happy with the flights. However, the only real advantages over the Easyjet alternative on this route are allocated seats and the ability to check-in online even if you have hold baggage. Whether this is worth paying a significantly higher fare is up to the individual concerned.

BA Connect - by Harold Halliday

11 July 2006

Belfast Harbour - Manchester. Flight clashed with World Cup final, so was less than half full (or had BA Connect's fares driven passengers away - flights on a Sunday evening are normally virtually full?). Departed and arrived on time. The problem with BA Connect is that there is now virtually nothing to distinguish it from its competitor on the route, expect price. Lose on this, and the customer is gone too. It looks like being a hard slog and so far the omens do not look good.

BA Connect - by Colin West

5 July 2006

Cheap or not so cheap - fully flexible BAConnect GLA-MAN-GLA 295 - no food, uncomfortable DHC8s, often late. Fully flexible BA mainline MAN- LHR-GLA 283 - hot breakfast and nice new jets. And just to make it easier - GLA-MAN-GLA is 388 mls, MAN-LHR-GLA is 496 mls! So much for a cheap carrier - come on BA and own up to the fact that you couldn't care less about regional routes.

BA Connect - by Anna Rowe

21 June 2006

BHX - EDI return. Just had my first experience of BA Connect, and the whole experience was neither positive or negative. I often fly on the BHX-CDG route, so the smaller RJ-145 was a shock, with the lack of locker space, so I had to utilise the Valet service - and then watch my bag tumble off the luggage van on to the tarmac, luckily no damage to camera. Both flights left on time, and the usual 20-30 mins early arrival. Bit annoyed at paying usual price, but no drinks etc. Booked 3 weeks in advance, and paid 70, which I didn't think was too bad

BA Connect - by Colin Kay

18 June 2006

EDI-MAN-EDI. Paid over 250 for this flight. No food or drinks included and it was an hour late on the return leg. BA Connect offers budget airline standards at full fare airline prices. I won't fly them again unless I have no other option.

BA Connect - by Mike Davies

10 June 2006

Manchester - Belfast City return. Paid 191. Booked one week in advance. Under the old regime of BA regional, this would have entitled me to use the business lounge in MAN and Belfast , plus something to eat on the plane and free drinks. Now I don't get any of that. Apart from that, the flights were pleasant and efficient. The Dash 8 seats are not the widest in the world, but for a 60 minute commuter flight its ok. Prefer Belfast City to the International due to its location.

BA Connect - by Angus Gilmore

3 June 2006

Further proof that BA Connect's pricing is a joke. Total fare for three people LGW-NCE return in Club Europe = 580. Total fare for three people with a flexible economy ticket (remember no onboard catering etc) IOM- LGW return 1,057. And these for flights in September! Every time I have tried to book BA Connect I have found it as expensive, if not more so, than the previous offering with worse service. What a joke! And now apparently they are expanding this concept to all flights out of the regions (GB Airways etc included). How long before this ridiculous farce is rolled across the mainline, London based routes? As a long standing BA fan I worry that they are going to alienate a lot of customers (as they appear to have done judging by the postings on this forum).

BA Connect - by Kenneth Bedgood

1 June 2006

Fly every week between Edinburgh and Paris and welcomed what I thought were going to be cheaper fares when BA Connect was announced. Reality is that fares are more expensive for a poorer service. Also seem unable to redeem my remaining BA miles on direct flights, even trying to book weeks in advance. Now fly Air France on this route who offer free inflight catering, cheaper fares, flights contributing to tier points on Flying Blue and a choice of airports (CDG, ORY).

BA Connect - by Neil Woodcock

29 May 2006

The BA Connect service on the LCY to EDI route plumbs new depths with each passing week. I have used or attempted to use BA8714 - the 1900 departure - on the last 4 consecutive Fridays and it has either been cancelled or severely delayed. The airline staff appear demoralised and the people handling departures at LCY are at their wits end dealing with angry and frustrated passengers. I was told that the former aircraft used had been sold to Swiss, and that the airline is left with a series of aircraft which are inherently less reliable and difficult to maintain, and worse, that the airline is stuck with them for another 2 years until the lease runs out. I will be using Gatwick in future - at least there is a terraces/first class lounge there where you can sit out any delays in comfort, unlike City Airport.

BA Connect - by F McLaughlan

15 May 2006

EDI-BHX, Originally booked before the "BA Connect" announcement and didn't receive any correspondence regarding the change. On speaking to the duty manager - was offered lounge access, but informed also to write to customer relations. Received standard response (exact same as everyone else), but decided to push for a clearer answer. Eventually informed by BA customer relations that they are not allowed to give refund via BA Miles - but offered a cheque for 10. Not much, but the person did apologise - stating that everyone who booked should have received some correspondence from BA.

BA Connect - by Denzil Williams

6 May 2006

I have been commuting IOM to Southampton for a while and have been using various routes (direct on Eastern, via Liverpool on FlyBe & Euromanx or BA via Manchester). To be fair to BA Connect they invariably beat the other 2 routes for price - and that is the combined cost of 2 flights (IOM-MAN, MAN-SOU). Service and punctuality OK and schedules are quite good for me. Sadly no points towards lounge access when using BA Connect - which is a real shame for the frequent, connecting traveller. With the online check in (free seat selection and bags - not like FlyBE who want 5 + 2 for this) BA Connect has been a very competitive option for me. That said I'd use Eastern direct if their SOU-IOM flights were not in the morning (hence losing me a day's work).

BA Connect - by Colin West

30 April 2006

Following up on my comments of a few weeks ago - I have just had a reply from BA Customer Services - sounds like Standard Letter 'B' - sorry you were disappointed, trying harder, etc. The whole story of BA Connect gets even more annoying when we learn, last week, that London passengers are to get cheap fares and still retain full service, clearly British Airways needs to be renamed London Airways - and to add insult to injury, the fare between GLA and MAN has gone up another 20 taking it to just under 300 return - for a round trip of 388 miles! I wonder if BA ever reads these pages??

BA Connect - by Angus Gilmore

26 April 2006

Like Julian Potts I baulked at having to pay the same amount as before (300 plus) for a trip to London on business to receive an inferior service. This time I went to LCY with Euromanx for 140. In the City within 25 minutes of landing, and both flights more or less on time. Sorry BA but while you continue with this absurd inferior service for a superior price you have lost my business!!

BA Connect - by Julian Potts

22 April 2006

Gatwick - Isle of Man. despite having booked through fares to New Zealand and return long before the change to BA Connect was told that no free refreshments available, even though we had paid a higher fare. The fares to / from the Isle of Man incidentally are no cheaper than previously other than one or two exceptions at unpopular times, and never during school holidays. BA need to be careful, as free food is only reason a lot of people choose Gatwick as opposed to London City. The latter flight timings are far more convenient even if with the dreaded Euromanx and new DLR connection also attractive.

BA Connect - by Martin Brown

2 April 2006

BA Connect MAN-GVA-MAN. According to BA they have made some flights BA Connect in response to customer feedback. My question is, who exactly were these customers and were they idiots or was it BA just didn't listen to what they said? Okay, yes the food (which compared to Easyjet or Ryanair) isn't 'that' expensive and actually the all-day- breakfast and the baguettes were tasty and better than the free food they gave before. I can see BA's logic in that most people who will use these flights are on business and as such on expenses so will buy the food, but why not just increase the price a little and give better food for free. I agree with the previous comments that the price doesn't appear to be lower. I disagree with BA saying Connect is a budget airline, it isn't, it's a normal airline where you pay for food. The plus points are that the crew are certainly more helpful and pleasant than Ryanair and Easyjet, you don't get the scramble for seats and there is very good backup for when and if things do go wrong and for that reason alone, I will continue to use BA Connect The planes are even a better colour inside and out! It seems most airlines are going this way on short haul so in the end it won't matter who you go with.

BA Connect - by R Liddle

2 April 2006

EDI-TXL via Birmingham- 3 of the four sectors on Embraer, OK although not particularly cheap, 4th sector on a BAe 146. The worst seat pitch ever, although I didn't measure it. Handed a shiny food menu. On all sectors popular food choices sold out in the first few rows and only pizza and all day breakfast left for the back rows. This is just annoying. Easyjet starting Glasgow to Berlin soon. I see no reason to continue to choose BA in its Connect guise although for the moment still prefer BA on the EDI- London routes.

BA Connect - by Colin West

1 April 2006

GLA-MAN - Like many others I had been fooled by BA's hype about the brand new concept 'BA Connect'. My regular morning flight from Glasgow to Manchester no longer serves a free breakfast, no longer has newspapers on boarding, has been downgraded from a jet to a prop - and guess what - the fare hasn't changed! Infact I ahve just booked next week's flight and it has gone UP! bmi operate the same route - they also do not serve breakfast but they can be at least 100 cheaper and they operate an all jet service - BA should remember that we do have a choice! I eagerly await a response from BA Customer Relations!

BA Connect - by Richard Miles

30 March 2006

I frequently fly between Southampton and Manchester on business. There have always been two competing flights: BA flying out at 7am and FlyBe flying at 7:15. Both take an hour. The BA flight invariably costs 100 more but has two advantages: (1) you get breakfast on the plane, not brilliant but better than a sandwich in the waiting area; (2) the plane taxis right to the terminal saving about 15 minutes mucking around at the airport compared to FlyBE. It is rarely going to be worth 100 for breakfast and a 15 minute saving. Upon hearing of BA's new rebranding I eagerly went to their website to see if I could now get the same advantages but without the extra 100: you can't ! The same flight now operates at the same cost but doesn't serve breakfast. That's it, no other changes.

BA Connect - by Nick Inkster

30 March 2006

MAN CDG. The new Connect product is hard to figure out; have flown this sector at least once a week for the last 18 months. The catering on board has become a farce: yesterday it took the crew twenty five minutes to set up and start serving. Luckily I was in row 3 so they got to me 30 minutes into a 60 minute flight. They had their cash float in a plastic drinks tumbler and my receipt was handwritten on a piece of plain paper. Difficult to tell who was most embarrased, the crew or the passengers.

BA Connect - by John Lloyd

25 March 2006

I've travelled out of BHX with BA for the last 15 years, and enjoyed a whole range of memorable flying experiences. Rugged BAC1-11s; strange HS.748s with German signage; semi-retired 737-200s; gorgeous brand-new A319s.....all with that special BA service. But now this! Cramped RJ- 145s and hopeless RJ100s. Over the years I have come to know many of the ground-staff and cabin crew, and I have never seen such a demoralised bunch. They try their best, but their senior management seem to be intent on closing down their BHX operation. I didn't mind paying for a fully-flex fare when I got the appropriate service, but I feel that I will be short-changed with the BA Connect aircraft and service.

BA Connect- by Pierre Deblace

15 March 2006

Manchester - Paris CDG on British Airways "Connect", a seemingly new brand which is not City Express, but may be a revamping of Cityflier. They use Embraer ERJ 145 and the BAE Avro 146 /RJ 85/100 family. The scheduled ERJ was replaced by a larger Avro to accommodate supporters of a rugby match in France. This one cabin aircraft was surprisingly sold in 2 classes and I unwittingly benefited from it, being seated on the aisle in the first row of coach and with no idea that the 4 rows ahead were Business class. No separation, nothing even to suggest it, such as more legroom or wider seats. As my row was full and the rows ahead were much lighter, I moved to the 2nd row (empty) in complete good faith, with no objection from anybody. I realized my good fortune when the sandwich cart bypassed me and I was offered a more complete tray and a bottle of champagne, not particularly good, but killing 20 minutes. Aside from the ticket flexibility and a little more privacy on that plane due to an almost empty "business class" vs a full coach, I saw nothing to justify the extra 200 pounds and certainly would not have paid them knowingly. While many BA coach fares are competitive, especially with the unusual one way option, I increasingly find that their business product on short flights is not.

BA Connect- by Ed Machin

13 March 2006

GVA-LCY (C Class). Professional, friendly and competent service complicated by the poorly enforced rules regarding carry on luggage on the small BAe-146. Bar service after take off, followed by meal of salmon, prawns and salad with additional drinks. Then a further round of coffee/drinks. All efficiently done with a smile on this 1hr 30 min flight.

BA Connect- by Glen Oldham

5 March 2006

MAN-MAD-MAN. Delayed take off time due to weather and late inbound aircraft, service was excellent throughout. Arrived in Madrid at the new T4s, a nightmare!! Bussed to terminal and then you take a train to T4 arrivals - if you can find your way there!! Returned on the same day. Departures the same, bussed to aircraft, signage all over the place in departures - try and find your gate!! Used online check both ways excellent no problems with that. Only gripe with the service is that they should put a larger aircraft on the route - full to the brim both ways not a lot of space on an Embraer 145, although legroom was excellent. Excellent value for money 97 return. Choose them over Easyjet because of the service given.



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