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Indonesia Air Asia - by David Fu

26 February 2006

Took CGK-MES-CGK flight around Chinese Lunar New Year period. The check in was relatively swift at both airport. For CGK-MES flight, I was quite impressed by the quick turn around time - around 18 minutes since the docking of the plane at the aerobridge to the plane pushback - but still the plane was 15 minutes late. Although the old B737-300 plane was about 80-90% full, I still managed to have an empty seat next to me. The 2 hour flight was quite unbearable if you do not have your own 'in-flight entertainment'. Though food was available for purchase, it took almost one hour since departure before passengers in the front cabin were offered their turn to buy instant noodle, the favourite food available. And honestly, the smell of the instant noodle either make you very hungry or make you want to puke because it smelt really strong. For MES- CGK sector, the plane arrived about 40 minutes late from previous leg. However I expect the delay for this leg could be reduced to 15 minutes, given that as soon as the arriving passenger disembark form the plane from front and rear exits, the boarding call was announced. To my dismay, after we boarded the aircraft, the pilot announced that the aircraft needed refuelling and the refuelling truck arrived next to the aircraft only about five minutes after the announcement - apparently the refuelling was unplanned for. Consequently, the passengers were stranded in the aircraft for half an hour as refuelling take place. That was not all, owing to the congested airport having one runway with no parallel taxiway, the plane has to queue for 10 minutes before its turn to take- off. In total the flight was almost 1 hour behind schedule. But I guess the airline tried to make up the delay on the next leg by opening 2 exits to facilitate faster turnaround - front exit was through aerobridge into the terminal while the rear exit through a staircase on which passenger has to then walk on the tarmac for 20 metres into the terminal building. This was my first time I have to walk on tarmac when the plane was connected through the aerobridge.

AWAIR- by D Juanto

29 May 2005

Jakarta to Surabaya vice versa before it was discontinued. Check in at Jakarta airport was quite slow as the staff had to go through their print out of passengers list to match passenger name and the boarding number. Later they had to match the boarding number and the prewritten boarding pass. They were also very strict on luggage weight. Boarding was horrendous. As soon as passengers heard the rumbling of the arriving plane, they started to queue up so as to get the best seat. The plane was quite old. Nevertheless, it was quite clean. The air stewardess practically disappeared from sight after the plane takes off. None bothered to make rounds to sell food/drinks. Only nearing landing, they made one round to collect rubbish and check on passengers' seat belt. On the return flight. check in was still very unpleasant. Boarding was this time colour coded, so those who checked in early can board early. The plane was quite stuffy. Again the stewardess went hiding after showing in-flight safety and checking on passengers' seat belt. Their no-frill concept is still bearable for this 1 hour flight. Will think twice for longer flights.

AWAIR- by David Fusin

13 May 2005

AWAIR is the Indonesian arm of the low cost carrier Air Asia. Currently, it flies domestic Indonesia route - serving cities like Jakarta, Medan, Balikpapan, Denpasar (Bali) and Padang.



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