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Air Atlanta Europe - by Sarah Johnson
15 October 2006

Travel City is/was always has been part of AAE-which is now XL. The 747's they use (excluding first and upper deck) have more leg room than other economy 747's. Seats are cheap to SFB - you can pick up a ticket from 99. Unlimited free drinks too plus a hot meal and a snack on an 8 hour flight.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Geoff Newsome
9 May 2006

from Birmingham to Egypt. The flight was operated by an Air Malta Airbus. Modern aircraft and crew where good but this type of aircraft is not suitable for a long flight. 180 passengers, 3 toilets and no entertainment. On return because of head winds the flight had to tech. stop at Venice to pick up extra fuel. This meant a total flight time of 7 hours ,this was not an isolated incident most of these Air Atlanta flights from Egypt pick up fuel in either Frankfurt (Hahn ) or Venice.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Sue Pitman
6 May 2006

I travelled recently to Sharm El Sheikh with Air Atlanta UK. We actually flew in an Air Malta plane. It was new, very clean and we received excellent service from very friendly staff. On a 5 hour flight it would have been nice to get some sort of entertainment seeing as the screens were there - they apparently just didn't use them. I would not hesitate to travel with them again in the future.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Alex Latterman
18 April 2006

Manchester to Sanford. The legroom was better than both BA and Virgin and the service was fine. Yes, the plane did appear to be dated but the seats were comfortable and there was no evidence of anything unsafe. Overall, we had a very good flight both ways (minus the high turbulence on the return trip, nothing to do with the airline) and would use the airline and recommend it again. Either we got lucky or Travel City have made some changes to the way they operate.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Darren Woodward
28 February 2006

Gatwick to Sanford on 11/02/06. initial flight delayed by 3 hours 50 minutes due to a technical fault. After finally boarding and getting airborne, aircraft returned to Gatwick with the same fault! We were told by ground staff that we would be hoteled overnight, and the next day there would be two 767-300/200 aeroplanes to choose from. Told to check in at 9.40am, check in eventually opened at 11.40am for a 12.40pm departure. Was then told that neither 767 was available, and we would have a 747 300 instead, which, when it landed at 9.28am that morning, also had a technical fault! Was told that they had no crew for the 747, and we eventually departed at 6.30pm, making our flight delayed by over 30 hours! Staff on the first day made promises that were not kept. On the return flight (25/02/06) 767-200 in high density seating e.g. same seat pitch as you would find on Ryan Air, arrived at Sanford to pick us up. Delayed one hour on this return flight. Please be warned if you have booked first class or premium economy, and when you check in, they tell you that you have got a 767-200, there is only economy seating on this aircraft. Crew on outbound flight more interested in hiding behind the curtain and sleeping than attending to passengers. However, crew on the return flight couldn't be more helpful. All in all, totally dissatisfied with the outbound flight, and disappointed with lack of information on delay with return flight.

Air Atlanta Europe - by W Nix
15 February 2006

Manchester to Orlando. Like everyone else we found seats far too cramped for such a long flight. On request we were transferred to seats up front for the return flight. Would not have used the airline if we had seen previous comments.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Jo Smith
14 January 2006

Air Atlanta flight to Sandford chartered by Travel City. We had paid to go Sunshine first and found it worth the extra money. The legroom was good, and meals certainly better that economy. We had hand held personal entertainment systems with a good selection of films, games and music. The staff were efficient. Our only complaint was that even though we had paid all the extra money, we still had to walk to the middle of the plane to queue to use the economy toilets - 3 of which were blocked by the time the flight arrived back in Manchester.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Colin McFarlane
22 December 2005

Travelled from Glasgow to Sanford on a Travel City Direct 747 operated by Air Atlanta Europer. Paid for a double upgrade to Sunshine First Upper deck (or something like that). If this was two upgrades I shudder to think what economy was like. Leg room average at best. Meal - average to poor, entertainment - poor (no seat back TVs). Staff ok, but could be clearly heard complaining about their pay and conditions. The plane appeared old and tatty. For what we paid for upgrades we could have gone on a proper aircraft. I've travelled Travel City many times and consider tham good value for money when I've flown Air 200, Thomas Cook, Airtours/MyTravel, however that 'TravelCityDirect jumbo gets built up to be a lot more than it is. Upgrades definitely not worth the money.

Air Atlanta Europe - by John Craigie
2 November 2005

Gatwick to Sanford and return on an Excel flight although we were booked to travel on Air Atlanta Europe. I understand the reason given was that additional passengers were being flown home from Cancun via Sanford. I would advise people to confirm their return flights ahead of travelling. I was wary of travelling with Air Atlanta but overall the flights were good and the service and food no different to other airlines. The "entertainment" leaves a little to be desired. There will be delays but I have flown to Orlando with Virgin and BA and I was delayed on both. There were 5 in our party and the savings were nearly 1000. If you want luxury and can afford it, fly BA.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Chris Cooper
30 October 2005

Manchester to Sanford 13th October - We arrived for our flight after reading some of these comments and were worried. Our worries seemed to be justified when the departure time was put back an hour or so. At regular intervals, the departure time was moved further back. We started to believe that this was going to turn into a 30 hour delay as some have suffered, but we eventually left Manchester after a 3-4 hour delay. We felt that was a result. The seats were newly covered, there was plenty of legroom (It was a 747-300 aircraft), and the food, for an airline, was ok. The staff were attentive and helpful and the flight went well. Eventually the captain announced that we were about to begin our descent into Sanford Airport. What he failed to tell us, was that he must have let the stewardess land the plane for a laugh. We landed on the left wheels which meant the right set came down with quite a thud. The follow on from this was a swerve on the runway at top speed. Probably only slight, but it felt like a big one inside the cabin. We then waited ages to collect our bags, but I've waited as long with other airlines. The flight back to Manchester on the 27th was just as eventful. At the check-in, the flight showed a delay of over 4 hours. The plane was airborne from Manchester, so at least we knew that it was on its way. We also got refreshment vouchers ($7 each) at the check in. On take-off, an overhead panel near the door dropped open. Again, the cabin crew were great and worked hard and the food was ok. There were two films on the trip as well. When the news came through that we were about to descend into Manchester, I considered adopting the brace position, but felt that the bad landing at Sanford was an aberration. How wrong was I? We again landed on one wheel and the other came down with an even bigger thud than before. This time, there was no swerve, but the aircraft went into a rocking motion which made each wing look as though it was inches from the runway. But I'm glad to say that we made it back in one piece. We flew with them because we needed 9 seats, and only Air Atlanta had them. With hindsight, I'm not surprised. Some people say that at least 'AA' were cheap, but we didn't think they were that cheap. I feel sorry for the staff, because on our flights, they worked very hard and gave us plenty of attention. They deserve more! We would not fly with this airline again for two reasons. First of all, they seem to be plagued by delays, and nothing I've witnessed or read has convinced me they have turned a corner. Secondly, as an ex-aircraft engineer, I can tell you that it's very unusual for any airline to have so many 'technical faults'. Even old aircraft shouldn't break down so often if properly maintained. But if the two landings we encountered are the norm, then it's no surprise that they have regular faults, because their aircraft take a battering on landing. If you are due to fly with Air Atlanta soon - the best of British luck to you!!

Air Atlanta Europe - by Wayne Hoy
26 October 2005

Flight from Sanford back to Manchester on 22nd October. Went to TravelCity early check in at Lake Buena Vista at 09:30 to be told 18:15 flight had been diverted to pick up hurricane victims - and was not leaving until 00:30 on Sunday. When got to Sanford, we were moved to the EUK837 to Gatwick, which would then take us to Manchester after dropping off at Gatwick. Flight took off over an hour late and developed a fault with smoke in the cabin after 2 hours in the air. Emergency landing at Halifax (Canada) and stuck on plane for nearly 3 hours in boiling heat at back of plane (air conditioning doesn't work properly on the ground!). Eventually offloaded and 500 people aged from 2 months to 70 years were wandering round Halifax airport with no food or money and no sign of Air Atlanta staff. No provisions for anyone and no-one had any Canadian dollars to buy food or drink. I noticed the crew sneaking out of the building to their hotel when we didn't even know what was going on. I asked the caption and he said he didn't know anything as he only flies the plane. I asked him who was co-ordinating all the stranded passengers at the airport and he said he didn't know and suggested if I was that bothered, I should do it myself. He also said I should count myself lucky to only have to deal with Air Atlanta when going on holiday as he has to deal with them every day and that they were always this bad. Bear in mind, this is the Captain of the airplane not a steward!! Eventually Air Canada took over and got us to hotels but without meal vouchers. It was around 06:00 in the morning by now. We had to fight over the phone with Air Canada to meal vouchers for breakfast. We had to move hotels at 12:00 as ours had a convention and only kept us for 6 hours. Finally got called back to the airport for 20:00 with plane due to take off at 21:30. Further technical problems meant it was 01:00 on Monday when we took off. We had been trying to get the British Consulate to get hold of Air Atlanta at this stage as we had not one person contact us from Air Atlanta in all the time we were abandoned. We finally arrived at Manchester at 12:30 on Monday, 30 hours late. We have no complaints that the captain took the right action to not risk the plane's safety but how they dealt with it afterwards was disgraceful. The Canadians were very helpful and could not believe what was happening. If you have to use this airline, book extra days off work to recover after your holiday. I have not put all the details here as the list of wrong information and rumours which were circulating due to no information from Air Atlanta would go on for ever.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Gary Macdonald
24 October 2005

Manchester to Sanford return. Both flights departed and arrived on time, which judging by the information board at Sanford was better than the likes of First Choice etc. Check-in efficient and we were allocated requested seats. Planes on both routes were obviously not just out of the factory, but we no faults with the onboard service or entertainment. Warning, XL.COM who seem to organise everything for Air Atlanta told me in advance that there would be seat back entertainment - there is not. Generally you pay for what you get and in this case it was a little money well spent.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Colin Hoffman
24 October 2005

Gatwick - Sanford 7 October, just 45 minutes late owing to congestion at Gatwick. Boeing 747-300 with leather seats and in good condition. Entertainment not good, and food too long to wait for. Staff fine but our man was sarcastic. I discovered the staff are on summer contracts and are out of a job at the end of October - maybe that plays a part. Return on 21 October 45 minutes early arriving at Gatwick and it was a better managed, more professional flight all round. Both planes had Travel City Direct on them but operated by Air Atlanta. I would echo the comments that if you want full service use BA/Virgin etc, but you will pay a lot more.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Sylvia Allsop
20 October 2005

We returned Friday 14th October 2005 from Florida with Travel City Direct. We booked and paid extra for the Sunshine Deck - not worth the extra money. Seats were small, a little extra leg room, service from crew very poor to the point of being rude. Shabby and poorly maintained and gives cause for safety. Would never travel again with them, it is a shame as Travel City are a good Company.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Justin Harford
19 October 2005

We returned to the UK on 15th Oct (Manchester - Sanford) with Air Atlanta Europe via Travel City Direct. On check in at Manchester a letter was passed around indicating a 3 hr delay, but no reason given. I asked at the desk and the reason was due to a knock on affect from the previous day - which of course meant nothing! (we noticed the plane land approx 5 hrs late into Manchester). We finally took off 4 hrs late, which after reading some of the reviews we weren't too annoyed about. The plane did seem fairly old but the seats were leather and the leg room was good. On our return the flight was scheduled on time but boarding seem to take ages and we took off an hour late of which 1/2 hr was made up so this was acceptable. The plane seemed even older than our outbound one but we sat upstairs which gave us even more leg room and storage space and so were quite pleased. However, there were a number of broken arm rests. As regards the Air Atlanta staff, outbound staff were a mixture of friendly and unhelpful, but on our return they were good! The food was pretty much as good as it gets for flight meals. Overall I would say that Air Atlanta need to update their plane's as it is a little worrying when you first board them. It would have cost double to fly with Virgin, but providing Air Atlanta's plane's are safe then I wouldn't say that you get double for your money! I would consider flying with them again but believe that some of Travel City's own branded plane's are a lot newer and would probably request this.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Carol Mason
15 October 2005

Gatwick to Dalaman. Check in provided excellent service at Gatwick. The They arranged porters who got us through passport control and collection of our luggage. Return flight departure on time, but having been given seats the airline decided not to use, we had a problem when we got on the aircraft - as the staff had to reshuffle people to accommodate us in suitable seats. Staff were helpful and resolved a situation quickly. The only problem was that we were moved through to board first and then left waiting until all other passengers had boarded, before we were allowed on. It would have been far better to leave us in the departure lounge seated if we were being boarded last. The only negative was that having paid for our meals we heard that everyone has a meal whether taken as an option or not?

Air Atlanta Europe - by G Matthews
9 October 2005

EUK836/EUK837 Gatwick to Sanford. The outbound flight was delayed by 5 hours (flaps did not work) I accepted this as safety is paramount, but lack of info to time of departure and perfect timing in releasing meal vouchers, after every one had eaten at lunch time, they could have released the vouchers earlier as they knew we were not going to be flying for some time. When on board the plane I was worrying for my safety as the condition of the plane was shabby and old, and the over use of duct tape holding most seats, lockers etc from falling apart. The flaps worked fine I am glad to say .The cabin crew were not the most helpful and cheerful bunch but did their job. The journey home was on the same aeroplane the only thing that changed was the colour of the tape holding every thing together , was silver now black. This flight ran on time. I did not complain to the airline as they have probably heard all the complaints before but would not recommend this airline to anybody!

Air Atlanta Europe - by Gary Thompson
9 October 2005

Gatwick to Sanford Sept/Oct 2005. Outward bound the flight was delayed for over 5 hours - very little information was given to passengers as to the reason, except when we finally got onto the plane, we were told that it was due to a technical problem which they thought they had fixed! The plane was old and tatty - the crew were fairly pleasant, although there were a couple of them who thought a great deal about themselves and were unhelpful. The flight itself was fine - comfortable and no problems. Arriving at Sanford, luggage was removed very quickly. The return flight from Sandford to Gatwick was delayed for 3 hours - again, no reasons were given and we still don't know why. The plane was the same and the crew was about the same, except for one really unhelpful purser who thought he was special and was doing us a favour by allowing us to fly with them! Flight was ok, although the entertainment system is very old and totally inadequate for a 747. Upon arrival at Gatwick, there was nobody to operate the airbridge, so we were bussed to the terminal and then had to wait over an hour for the baggage to be allocated a conveyor belt. Again, no reasons were given. We will not use Air Atlanta Europe in the future - the staff are unhelpful and the planes are old - however, the most irritable thing is that the flights appear to be regularly delayed with little or no reasons given. Think carefully about flying AAE - you do get what you pay for.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Neil Constable
2 October 2005

We flew from Manchester with Air Atlanta Europe. Until our return I wasn't aware of this web-site, and if I had I may have been a bit dubious about travelling with AAE. The check-in at the station was no problem as we usually leave the car at Airparks, and their drop-off is just outside the station. The severe delays that some correspondents speak of didn't occur, but boarding was delayed by over an hour for no apparent reason other than general disorganisation. Once on board, our seats were very good. We had booked extra legroom, and were allocated seats on row 01 - more than enough room. Yes, the aircraft had been around the block a few times (and in some areas it showed), but most things seemed to work (except the air conditioning, when on the ground), and we were held there for about another hour before take off, getting very hot and uncomfortable. The first part of the flight was fairly uneventful, but when it came to the meal service, the flight attendant couldn't find the tables for the front seats. Eventually they were found in a locker in front bulkhead, but the most worrying aspect of this was the comment made by the flight attendant who said "I have no idea where anything is, this is the first time I've been on this aircraft". If she didn't know where the tables were, did she know where the safety equipment was should there have been an emergency? All in all we arrived at the hotel a couple of hours late, and missed dinner into the bargain. The return flight was a similar story, an hour delay to board for no apparent reason and then airborne about 90 minutes late. The seats were again extra leg room, but this time not so good; in row 11, by the toilet, so we suffered a constant stream (no pun intended) of people trailing to the toilet. There must be some really weak bladders around! This time there were a few things that didn't work in the cabin. There was no in-flight entertainment, and no explantion why so I don't know if they didn't plan any, or it was just plain bust. After the cabin lights were dimmed for the night flight, the reading lights didn't work, then they did, but were not switchable, so all reading lights were on. Then they were switched off again. We arrived at Manchester over an hour late, and then had to wait another hour for the baggage to arrive. It had been sent to terminal 2, and we were in terminal 1. I'm not sure if that was an airport or airline problem, but either way it's something you can do without at 3am. All in all, a little disappointing, very worrying and certainly the last time AAE will be flying me or my family.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Keith Greer
2 October 2005

AIr Atlanta Gatwick to Dalaman 9-Sept - flight EUK501 Delayed 5 hours (Technical problem with aircraft meant bringing in a replacement from Manchester. Company broke EU regulations by refusing food, drinks and communications (they verbally admitted this to one of the passengers). Total don't care attitude. Earlier flight cancelled so many passengers had even longer wait. Ground Staff not properly trained in communication and understanding the rules. No writing to airline to get compensation suggest any one else on the flight does the same. Glad to say that we confirmed returned flight as per the ticket requirements and unlike other passengers who did not had an on time pleasant return flight.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Julia Barnwell
2 October 2005

Manchester to Tenerife on 9th September 2005, check in was excellent, no queue's, although it is a long way to the departure gate at the end of Terminal one. Apparently when I saw the 747 I went pale - it's old, very old!. We were delayed for an hour, and then sat on the tarmac for around 40 minutes apparently waiting for a cardboard box to be loaded! There was plenty of leg room as we were in row three, but the interior left a lot to be desired, I put my tray down and it promptly fell off it's hinges, the seats were ripped and had metal bits sticking out of them, the overhead lockers didn't shut properly and on take off cupboard doors sprung open! The landing gear sounds like it needs a good dose of oil. The flight crew weren't the most pleasant of crew, they just did their job, meals and entertainment were standard. Return journey delayed an hour, different plane but still ancient, water dripping from overhead, broken trays, no in-flight entertainment, ran out of tea, crew obviously having a bad day because we didn't see a smile, apart from when we landed!. and then had to wait for around 15 minutes to get off the plane because there was no-one available to operate the airbridge! These flights weren't cheap, I wouldn't travel with Air Atlanta again - the condition of the planes worries me.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Stuart Young
2 October 2005

Gatwick to Sanford return on the 747-300. The flight out was delayed by one hour due to the baggage handlers. The flight back was on time. Iinflight entertainment broke down on the return flight, but we slept through . The cabin crew were as good as we had previously encountered and the food was ok. We'll take them as we find them, and we'll use them again.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Steve Jell
27 September 2005

I have just returned from Orlando with Air Atlanta and had a three hour delay on the return journey, apart from that we had no complaints at all, the plane was clean and tidy and the entertainment was ok , the food was good and the staff attentive. Enjoyable flight out and back and saved 2500 on last years virgin holiday to Orlando.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Alan Horobin
27 September 2005

Air Atlanta to Sanford from Manchester return. Both flights were approx. 1 hour late which is acceptable. We found the planes to be fine on both occasions as were meals and complimentary drinks. Our only problem was that the staff on the return flight were non existent - apart from whilst they were serving meals and drinks etc - if you wanted anything else you had to "hunt them down" as pressing the call button was to no avail.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Ruth Shaw
27 September 2005

I travelled with my husband and 2 teenager kids to Sandford from Gatwick on EUK844 and returned on EUK845 - we were pleased wih both flights. Despite arriving early we were unable to get seats with extra legroom but found that the aircraft had good legroom, and as the outbound flight was not full we were able to spread out a bit. The staff were pleasant and food average. On our return flight we spotted some of the ducktape but it was only on the armrest and did not affect anything. For the price - we booked through Broadway Travel and not Travel City - the flights were great, only 2 moans, there was a delay on our return and no explanation was given and the quality of the inflight entertainment was not great. All in all would use them again.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Steve Pugh
26 September 2005

We travelled to Florida on an Air Atlanta plane. As mentioned by previous people the planes are slightly dated however were comfortable and on the return flight we had leather seats. If you want full luxury you get with major airlines then pay their prices.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Jo Mullin
26 September 2005

Travelled to Sharm el Sheik. Arrived at Manchester Airport 4 hours early to get exit seats as these couldn't be pre-booked to be told there was a 1.5 hour delay not bad considering. TWe were due to leave at 12.55pm but the time changed from previously stated to 4.00pm, we were told to go to the gate with the departure time still stated as 4.00pm - everyone proceeded and were all waiting patiently only to be then told there would be another delay until 5.00pm. During this time we had members of the family checking out what time the flight had arrived in, this was 2.30pm. Other passengers I have since found out were told they had to fly the crew up from London. We were then told the plane was overweight they had put too much fuel on board, how on earth can this happen. The return journey wasn't too bad we were supposedly on time, Gatwick having a 2 hour delay, we were sat in the gate room when Gatwick were told to board we were still sat waiting yet our board now said we had departed. We think they gave Gatwick our plane and us theirs so we both had a 1 hour delay fair but no-one was telling us anything. We were then bussed to the plane and left sitting on board for around 30 / 40m mins with no air con on everyone was getting hot and frustrated. This airline is shoddy. We are looking to go to Sharm again next year but will not book with Panorama as they use this airline.

Air Atlanta Europe - by Mick Cooper
26 September 2005

Air Atlanta Europe EUK 460/461 Outbound flight delayed nearly 4 hours - no explanation given? Pre booked seats with XL.com who assured me that my 82 yr old mother would be given medical seats? - Booking in staff had no idea what I was on about even when presented with the letter? - although stewardess was helpful and found us extra leg room seats eventually. Coming back the flight was yet again delayed for around 2 hours with the aircraft having to go back to the apron and waiting there in the Florida heat for around 90 minutes with no air con? Again while booking in was told there was no bulkhead seats or extra leg room seats (as was pre-booked) upon boarding we found loads of seats available and did get a bulkhead seat eventually. Yes the aircraft was a bit run down as previously pointed out but the staff did their best to accomodate and I thought the meals were ok too? I suppose you pay for what you get!

Air Atlanta Europe - by David Hackett
26 September 2005

Arrived at terminal 1 (Manchester) in good time, only to find that you have to check in at the train station (near terminal 2) checked in and then have to go back to terminal 1 and gate 36. Gate 36 apart from being the furthest away was probably designed to handle 250+ passengers, not the 400+ of a 747aircraft. Delayed boarding by 1 hour, when boarded, we sat on the aircraft for another hour, then the well worn excuses start, baggage missing, passengers missing etc, etc.eventually took off 2.5hrs late, no tea, no coffee, linited soft drinks available, the aircraft is ready for retirement along with Air Atlanta. Arrived 3 hrs late. If you find that you are flying with this airline I would seriously advise changing flights or prepare for the inevitable. It does'nt matter how much you have paid, you are entitled to travel safely and be treated with respect.

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