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Customer Review scoring : Ariana Afghan Airlines
5.3 out of 10  5.3 out of 10
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ARIANA AFGHAN AIRLINES review : 2 February 2009 : by K Slomp

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

We flew Ariana from Delhi to Kabul after our Indian Airlines flight was cancelled earlier in the morning. It was somewhat chaotic getting our boarding passes and we left about an hour and a half late. Once on the plane (an old 747) we were treated to a good flight along with a good meal. Because we were late the customs office at the airport was not open so we had to go to the information ministry in Kabul to get our exit cards.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Dick Drury

14 November 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

DXB-KBL. I was pleased to fly Ariana on my first trip to Afghanistan for 33 years, on what appeared to be the same Boeing 727 that I departed on in 1975. This plane was in quite good shape for its age, cabin and toilet clean enough, food good and attendants friendly. There were comparatively few passengers, causing me to suspect that the other early morning flights to Kabul from Dubai by Kam and Pamir are offering cheaper fares. Here's the tip about transiting to Terminal 2 if your original flight arrives (as most do) in Terminal 1 - if you have check in baggage you must go through immigration, claim your bag and take a taxi to Terminal 1 where you check in and depart through immigration again. But, if you have only hand luggage, this is not necessary. Instead of queuing and going through immigration on arrival in Dubai, go to the separate desk (i'm not sure what it's called), and present your Ariana or other ticket. You will be issued your boarding pass and go back outside to board an old beat-up bus with the other light-travelling expats etc, for the trip across the airport to terminal 2, free of charge. The same thing in the other direction. Bon voyage! Oh, one more thing, don't expect flight departures from Kabul to be on time, they can be hours late so book with plenty of transit time for your onward connection in Dubai.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Qaseem Ghausy

8 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

I had a flight from Kabul-Dubai, and I have already booked my next flight to Africa, but in Dubai from terminal 1 to terminal 2 none companies of the airport helped us for transferring our luggage to the destination flight. Staff hey told me none of Afghan Airlines are paying fees for carriage luggage from Afghanistan to any country via Dubai, so Afghan Citizen need to have Dubai visa, if they have any plan to go via Dubai to any country else. Otherwise he/she must have Dubai visa, even for few minutes to carry your luggage from 1 to 2 terminal.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Elona Desilva

12 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

I arrived Dubai by Delta to terminal 1 and then transferred to terminal 2 where Ariana departs from. B-727 was almost full of passengers and I seated in Economy class. The flight attendants were polite and friendly - they served a delicious breakfast.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Neil McDonald

31 May 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Dubai to Kabul, found the service good considering all the difficulties of operating from a country like Afghanistan, would be happy to fly with Kam again.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Amir Jan

5 October 2006

KBL/DBX Had to pay $50 bribe to the Ariana ticket office agent to be able to book the flight. At the airport, passengers were handled like herd of cattle. The toilets in the terminal were as dirty and filthy as the one on the aircraft. Inflight safety and service, one could write home about. Airbus over 28 years old, dirty filthy. The Business class was almost fully occupied by Ariana employees and their friends from Y class.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Michael Hartmann

18 June 2006

DXB-KBL on Airbus 300. Old but biz seating on large chairs okay, although no foot rests integral to seats. There are foam cushions in front of some seats as footrests. Food adequate. No entertainment but only 2.5 hours. It got me there.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Ortwin Schmidt

18 May 2006

FRA-KBL. Very professional check-in agents at Frankfurt-Airport. Just one staff member of Ariana was present at the counter. She was friendly and nice. Due to excess baggage of passengers we had to wait more than one and half hour in the line, every passenger had more than 50-80 Kg bags, quite different to other airlines. Food was ok and the flight attendents were international, like Afghan, French, African, Arabic etc.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Peter Jansenbusch

20 April 2006

Frankfurt to Kabul, and from Dubai to Kabul. Since they are not allowed to fly to Germany with their own airplanes, they work with some other airlines. This time they took "Eritrean Airlines. Flights from Dubai to Kabul and back are somehow okay - food bad, airplanes old, delay without comment, free seating, chaos in Kabul. Next time I try Kam Air. From Frankfurt right now you can book Ariana, because now they changed to EagleAir - this was ok.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Martijn Smid

20 February 2005

KBL-DBX on Ariana. This was one of the more interEsting flights. After 5 hours of delay from kabul (no representation of Ariana seen during this) We finalLy took off from Kabul (Also no explanation on board). However bad it sounds, this is something you might expect from an airliner from such a troubled country. One thing however you do expect is that the plane in the end is going to the city that is shown on your ticket and boarding pass, in this case Dubai. After 2.5 hours the plane landed in Ras al Khaiman and did not continue any further to Dubai. Again not one word of explanation of Ariana. My advise do not use Ariana unless you like very long unexplained delays and don't mind ending up in the wrong city. To be honest the food even when leaving Kabul was okay

Ariana Afghan Airlines by J Gould

30 November 2005

DXB-KBL return. On the first leg no safety procedures were conducted. The crew member sitting at row 4 on the starboard side used his seat belt as a loop over his shoulder never using the buckle or harness provided. On the return flight the 727 was old and my seat kept reclining way back, causing the pax behind me to get irritated.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by André Krummacher

7 October 2005

Various times KBL-DXB-KBL and KBL-DYU (Dushanbe)-KBL. One of the worst and scariest airlines I have ever used. I always flew with one of their old Boing 727-228 (advanced series). Their planes doesn´t look trustworthy at all. Rumors go that Ariana uses spare parts from their blown up 727s. UN pilots told me that they observed Ariana engineers repairing an engine and having no clue what they were actually doing. The toilets are the most disgusting I have ever seen. Do not try the food when flying out of Kabul! My scariest experience was on a flight DYU-KBL. The pilot lost orientation (either they had no navigation systems on board or they were broken) and was trying to find Kabul. Thus, we flew on a very low altitude and fellow passenger and I feared that we are going to crash into the mountains. Fortunately, the weather was good so we made it to Kabul "safely". Never again!

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Erik Turner

23 December 2004

KBL-DLI-KBL. Pleasantly surprised given all the bad rap Ariana gets. Far from luxury but got me from A to B in relative comfort. The Airbus was OK, criticism above is exaggerated. The ancient 727 on the way back looked worrying - first time I flew with something older than I am - but was better than expected.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Dave Stanley

17 September 2004

I think I could write a book on Ariana, having used them frequently on domestic and international routes since November 2002. I met a guy who was actually on their first flight out of Dubai after the war in July 2002. They almost made it to Kabul, the wheels did actually hit the runway causing the oxygen masks and baggage lockers to fall down. Then they went and made an emergency landing in Peshawar, where the pilot had to ask the few passengers for money to pay for fuel. After some visa problems they took off and went back to Sharjah. They made it to Kabul the next day. My own experiences are not quite as exciting. Ariana have a few ancient 727's and two Airbus AB300's which were donated by India. The 727's are generally very dirty and I have never had the courage to use the toilets. I am sure many bits of them have been raided from the blown up 727's in the park outside Kabul airport (look to the right as you drive away). Take care as you get on or off using the rear steps as the engine is likely to drip oil or fuel on you. The Airbuses are in a bit better condition, although they are still far from good (remember Air India did not want them any more). I was told by a source that one of the Ariana pilots failed his training on them and was still flying. I had a very rough landing going into Dubai on one so I guess we had him. Some general advice. Always buy return tickets outside of Afghanistan. The ticketing arrangements in Kabul are chaotic, bureaucratic and confusing (you will need a translator/fixer). Do not eat the food on flights out of Kabul during the summer (I made that mistake). Try not to use Ariana during Ramadan since the already chaotic schedule is totally ignored and many flights are cancelled. If you are nervous about flying, find a different airline.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by Mitchell MacLeod

11 January 2004

DXB-KBL. Ancient A300B4 donated by the Indian government was substituted for the 727-200 that was originally on our itinerary. Adriana flies out of Dubai Terminal 2 which means you have to take a taxi from the immaculate Terminal 1 - T2 reminded me of a bus station. The plane was dirty, smelly and otherwise would have been in the desert. I was famished and ate the hot breakfast that was offered (and did not get sick from it), which is more than you can say for some airlines.  Our company has extensive dealings with Adriana, and their service is spotty to say the least. The planes are old, the planes do not fly in anything but clear weather, and most if not all flights were canned for the Haj this past week, leaving all our people stranded here extra days.

Ariana Afghan Airlines by P Sharaf

10 January 2004

Ariana Afghan Airlines from Kabul-Jakarta and found the service good in considering Afghanistan is a poor country. The FA's were friendly although they do not know what they're doing. The plane wasn't full, inflight catering is below average (take some food before take off), cabin interior not clean but for the price I paid I can't expect more.



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