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Ansett Australia by Peter Cosgrove

21 August 2003

Ansett may be gone, but the extended Ansett family is alive and well. Thanks for the comments. It was a pleasure to work for Ansett and our loyal travellers.

Ansett Australia by F Gonzalez

9 July 2003

I am glad to see that airline cabin staff (Ansett and Swiss most recently) are beginning to use this site to voice some of their issues. To an airline passenger it is enlightening to see the air travel experience from the FA's point of view. This perspective broadening makes some of the sometimes petty passenger complaints, i.e. dried bread, plastic knives, etc. seem even more trivial.

Ansett Australia by J Bracy

8 July 2003

Patrick - I spoke to you many times in those last few months (Crew Connect) - Hi! Excellent words, and thanks for saying what so many of us feel. Ansett was undoubtedly the best airline Australia ever had, and ever will have. It had standards that airlines today only dream of. We had a family quality, where loyalty still mattered and delivering that to the customers was equally important. Ansett had mateship, class, distinction and quality. We all worked hard with dignity to ensure that was the way to the end. Air New Zealand - I'll say this much. Everyone eventually gets whats coming to them. Air NZ, through their own stupidity, have dug themselves a large hole. That hole decimated one airline and almost destroyed the other. Cash from the NZ government will not fill that hole forever. The damage is done, and they now face their own demise without a merger, it's as simple as that. While demise would be satisfying irony, I would never want others to undergo the nightmare what we at AN went through in those last months. Too many people's lives have been hurt beyond repair, we don't need any more. I wouldn't wish that sort of trauma on my worst enemy, let alone our former "team mates" from the East. They have enough problems ahead of them. To all the AN staff - I hope you start to see the money soon. To all Australian's who flew with us, thank you for all your support. We wont forget you.

Ansett Australia by Patrick McCluskey

3 July 2003

I was a Cabin Manager with Ansett. Thank you to those of you who gave us so much support in those final months. You helped us go out with dignity. Mr Palmer needs to know his facts. Air New Zealand never made one single payment on the loan it took out to buy Ansett. Still they ultimately had the final say in the pillage. His other comments defy a response. Although the ticket tax has finished, we are still waiting to see the money.

Ansett Australia by J Cheevers

3 May 2003

Here, here! M J Kelly. There is no doubt Ansett was in trouble prior to ANZ buying it outright, but ANZ certainly presided over the final days. Service and standards opinions can vary from day to day or flight to flight, that is the nature of customer service, but bad management has a lingering smell that erodes the confidence and commitment of the affected staff. Oh well, welcome to the new world of air travel. Small seats, no legroom or service and don't think the cheap fares will last either!

Ansett Australia by Sasha Nikolic

22 February 2003

I totally agree with your comment. Ansett was undoubtedly one of the most outstanding carriers in the star alliance - and the two carriers Air NZ and Ansett cannot be compared. Ansett beats Air NZ by 100% in all areas - well done to M J KELLY for telling Gordon Palmer the way the situation really is! Even though Ansett is demised anyone that agrees with these comments about Ansett show your support and add a comment - C'mon Aussies!

Ansett Australia - M J Kelly

19 February 2003

In Relation to a comment made by Gordon Palmer - you stated the service, quality and care at Ansett Australia was extremely poor compared to that with airline services in New Zealand. You also stated at the time, that Air New Zealand now owns Ansett Australia and has a huge task ahead of it to prompt this Australian carrier up to the standard of Air NZ, well allow me to say, your national carrier did a very good job at this indeed. It bled a company rich in history and with staff members of over 17, 000 into the ground, while it lined its own pockets! Where is Ansett Australia today -it's non-functional, while Air New Zealand continues to fly, while pressuring international carriers to invest into an airline with no managerial skills, lack of good old fashioned quality service, and staff members who truly don't care about there profession! Next time while in Australia Mr Palmer, instead of flying, try walking!

Ansett Australia - N Tam  

28 March 2002

I wish someone could save Ansett. I was a loyal traveller to them and everytime their service was great. Far better than QANTAS or any other airline I've flown. They simply can't be beaten. And their Golden Wing Club lounges, which I'm a life member of, were excellent. I have heard Singapore Airlines in conjunction with AirNZ wants to start an airline in Australia to carry Star Alliance passengers. A message to them - revive Ansett!

Ansett Australia - L Salem  

11 March 2002

It's a shame to see an airline like Ansett gone from the Australian Market. I was a frequent traveller in Ansett, both Business and Economy and I have to say that they outperformed Qantas. There food was excellent and there in-flight entertainment was better than Qantas. On a recent trip to Hamilton Island, we used to fly Ansett Business Class. Now if we go, we have to fly Economy on the Boeing 717 operated by QantasLink, which has no in-flight entertainment. Ansett used to fly A320 and B767.

Ansett Australia - Brendan Sweet  

10 September 2001

I travel with Ansett on average about 30 times a year and I travelled in my life with about 14 other airlines - I have to say that Ansett comes out on top. The high quality service is unsurpassed, The business class food is brilliant. I wouldn't put my trust in any other airline.

Ansett Australia - D Gibson  

25 August 2001

I fly internationally approximately eight times a year to both Asia and the States. I have recently flown Ansett Australia in Business Class from Hong Kong to Melbourne. The 5 stars that Skytrax rate them is well deserved The service provided by the manager and his cabin crew was impeccable. The personal attention and genuine friendliness was much better than both Cathay and Qantas combined. The eight course meal was out of this world. We flew on a 767 to Melbourne and I've flown on the 747 from Sydney and there is a difference in the entertainment facilities and the leg room provided - other than that I can't wait for Ansett to start flying to more international destinations  so I don't have to fly other airlines.

Ansett Australia - Mr Yan Li  

20 August 2001

I have just finished a trip from Adelaide to Sydney and return with Ansett Australia. I was delayed and they changed me to next flight as soon as they could. When I was onboard the cabin crew are very friendly. Their services are good quality and seats really comfortable (Airbus A320). Although they didn't offer candy which they normally do and their breakfasts are not very good,I enjoyed that flight. For the flight from Sydney to Adelaide, the snack service is great and I was pleased with inflight entertainment system. However,the seats are worse than Airbus A320 - I don't like Boeing 737 seats, because they are very narrow. Most of the cabin crew are very kind and supply good service -but when I left and said "see you" sincerely to one of the cabin staff, she didn't answer and I find that poor. However I enjoy to fly with Ansett Australia and will use them for domestic flights in the future.



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