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Altyn Air - by L Ikramova

29 January 2007

Service on Altyn Air flights is alright, but the main thing is that it is the fastest way to get from Bishkek to Dubai and vice a versa. The flight is not that long, so you wouldn't really complain about the quality of service. Well, if you are ready to spend a couple of hundred bucks more, you could get a business class seat, which does not mean you will qualify for all kinds of business class facilities, but you would definitely get plenty of leg room to make yourself comfortable for a 5-hour journey. Although I once had unpleasant experience with my baggage, I would still stick to Altyn Air for Bishkek-Dubai and domestic flights.

Altyn Air - by Bakyt Andersen

3 December 2006

I took Altyn Air twice this year when I was in Kyrgyzstan. From Jalal- Abad to Bishkek FRU. It was on the Ukrainian-made Antonov AN 24 RV. It is a turboprop plane but very nice seating, staff was good. Ground services in Jalal-Abad could improve. Handling in Manas airport has to be changed. When you come out from the arrivals gate, taxi drivers are all over you. So, watch out. However, this is the most decent airline in Kyrgyzstan.

Altyn Air - by Michael Fudge

29 June 2005

Dubai to Bishkek. Departure for this once a week flight is in the middle of the night from Dubai International Terminal 2, which is a far cry from the plush Terminal 1 that most travellers to Dubai see. The terminal is dirty, the queue to get through baggage screening runs outside the terminal onto the footpath. Once through check in and customs the departure lounge is much better, with a reasonable duty free outlet and comfortable seating. The bathrooms have a unique, though somewhat displeasing aroma. At departure time, a bus takes us several hundred metres to the waiting Tupelov 134. First impression... it could do with a wash. There are only about thirty passengers, no allocated seating and no overhead lockers just a narrow shelf, carry on baggage best kept under the seat. The seats, alarmingly, have the ability to swing all the way forward seemingly without any locking mechanism. There is a musty smell in the cabin and the decor and A/C controls are reminiscent of a 1970's Greyhound bus, but it is comfortable enough and the cabin crew are attractive and friendly (albeit with truly appalling hair styles). After take off, people are wandering about the cabin and the smell of smoke consistently wafts from the bathroom. The food served is good, coffee and drinks are offered twice during the four hour flight. The crew have limited English, so it helps to know some Russian and don't expect to get through Manas Airport without at least a cursory understanding of Russian language and Cyrillic text. The flight is uneventful and as is tradition in CIS countries, the passengers break into applause when the plane hits the tarmac. As the pilot applies reverse thrust all of the unoccupied seats fling forward, and some luggage drops from the shelf above... no surprises there. On the subject of the tarmac, I thought the pilot had missed the runway when we landed, but it was nothing to worry about - just a few potholes and corrugations. Manas airport at 4 in the morning is rather bleak, but personally I found the immigration staff civil and welcoming, no problems. The baggage took some time to arrive, but it did arrive. The customs declaration forms are in Cyrillic, I managed to find a staff member who spoke English and completed the form for me. All in all a reasonably pleasant flight, and better than what I expected.



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