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Aloha Airlines review by Greg Nishihira
30 November 2005

SAN-OGG-SAN Y class. Check in was smooth and handled by AQ staff. Agent initially assigned seats 5B and 5E (2 middle seats) even though 20A/B reserved on airline web site the day before. What's up with that? - and on a flight barely two-thirds full! Flight delayed over an hour due - staff frequently apologized for the delay. Onboard service was efficient. Warm egg and cheese croissant with other treats served for breakfast. Although pre-packaged it was surprisingly tasty. Considering it was complimentary - no complaints. Beverages offered before and after the meal. IFE much like legend carriers 5 hr flights (drop down screens showing short subjects and a movie). $5 headset charge. Best part of both flights was the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with cold milk. Return flight much the same, except the flight was on time.

Aloha Airlines review by Jack Randall
24 October 2005

I fly between Oakland and Kona several times a year, almost always booked on nonstop flight #477. However, the flight is often canceled due to mechanical problems and you get rerouted on another airline with convoluted connections, mishandled luggage, and never an offer of compensation. When 477 isn't canceled, you often get to the airport and find that it is going thru Honolulu instead of being a nonstop. The gate agents in Oakland are burnt out from dealing with irate passengers on a regular basis, and just look exasperated most of the time. And don't bother calling Aloha before you leave for the airport, thinking you can confirm whether your flight is departing on time. The automated feature rarely works and when you get a live person, they give out incorrect info. "On time," they say, then you arrive at the airport to find that your plane has been in the hangar for hours with yet another mechanical issue. I don't trust Aloha Airlines as the mechanical issues they experience are chronic and too frequent for my comfort.

Aloha Airlines review by Keoki Lane
1 July 2005

The seats on their interisland routes are very cramped and are similar to Air China's and JAL's domestic configuration. For a 5'7, 155 lbs person, I've felt like a sardine especially when very a large person sat in the row infront of me and constantly tried to recline their seat to the full extent without any regard to who's behind them. Aloha's OGG (Maui) ground staff treat the non-Hawaii residents with more courtesy than the local residents. Aloha and Hawaiian should take lessons from better airlines if they want to compete with the international market.

Aloha Airlines review by John Duffy

23 April 2005

We have flown out and back to Kahalui 2x in the last year from Oakland. Each time was really nice. The attendants are real pros. The food is just fine- no complaints. There are no free mai-tais now and the headsets cost $5.00. Who cares you're going to paradise. I would always recommend Aloha to anyone. You do feel the Hawaiian spirit and that is something you remember when you land back on the mainland.

Aloha Airlines review by Dianna Huszar

21 April 2005

I recently flew Aloha for the third time, and had a very smooth air experience. However, we were promised complimentary Maitais. I wouldn't have minded, but they did advertise free drinks when I bought the ticket. I might have gone Hawaiian Air this time, if I had known better, as it seemed like the icing on the cake. This just was way to boost sales for an airline in bankruptcy but with no truth. Also, the movie screens are not clear at all and that made it difficult to see the movie. I think they must not be able to afford repair. Yes, the cookies were nice and we did get blankets but the service was tense and the promised extras were just not there. Our attendant seemed unhappy and actually told my husband movies are "never clear in flight." That isn't true. I am not sure if we will fly with them again next year. It depends on the condition of their financial status and what Hawaiian has to offer. I noticed their first class was half empty and the flight was an hour late both ways.

Aloha Airlines review by John Cartenas

25 February 2005

OAK-LIH. wonderful service. a bit noisy, but the FAs were attentive and enthusiastic. IFE was fairly good. loved the cookies after the movie. The meals were fair, but the beef was a bit on the dry side, if not tasty. the only problem was that upon arrival in LIH, we found that our luggage had not gotten through! however, aloha had somehow managed to get our luggage on with Hawaiian air about an hour after our departure, so we stayed in the airport for an hour or so before receiving our luggage. I flew a few more times on the route, and everytime i had the same problem. I have concluded that it is no fault of Aloha's. So, for the past few times, i have just had carry on luggage. it will save time if you follow this route! I would definitely fly Aloha again, regardless of the luggage problem.

Aloha Airlines review by Carol Mason

10 November 2004

I have never had better airline food than Aloha First Class. Breakfast was restaurant quality and tasted amazing. The flight attendants were extremely pleasant. We also loved the Hawaiian music channel on the inflight entertainment, and the very comfortable headphones, nicely packaged so we could use them on other flights. Kudos to Aloha for maintaining such high standards.

Aloha Airlines review by D Patterson

23 October 2004

I flew first class from YVR to HNL in September and was very impressed. Inflight service was wonderful, especially the milk and cookies after the movie. Remembering my name and what i was drinking and always refilling without asking was a nice touch too. I would recommend AQ.

Aloha Airlines review by J D Kemp

27 August 2004

I recently flew in F with my family from Kona to Oakland on Aloha -- what a great flight! The convenience of avoiding a connection through Honolulu is enough of a reason to go Aloha, but once on board, the story just gets better and better. Great food, friendly staff, comfortable seating -- considering the alternatives, Aloha should be an option for anyone flying to/from Hawaii and the mainland US.

Aloha Airlines review by Michelle Tanaka

30 June 2004

I find it very interesting that Mr MacDonald found out his first class seat was downgraded to coach when he checked in on a date I am assuming to be before June 21, when his comment was posted. Aloha is not removing first class until July 1, 2004. No aircraft in their fleet has had first class removed yet.

Aloha Airlines review by Ross MacDonald

21 June 2004

Very unimpressed with Alohas 'sudden' removal of F class from interisland flights. They may be short flights but I was booked and ticketed in F class and not informed until check-in. Cancelled and flew Hawaiian.

Aloha Airlines review by Barry D E Miller

27 April 2004

I recently flew to California and was very impressed with their service. All flights operate out of the inter-island terminal in HNL which makes for short walks and no shuttle bus rides. Their aircraft are small but still roomy enough without the noisy crowds. Staff are friendly with smiles all around. Their service overall is truly, "island style." I agree with Mr Peterson, they do deserve the title of being "Hawaii's Favorite Airline."

Aloha Airlines review by Greg Petersen

1 December 2003

Aloha Airlines deserves the title of , "Hawaii's Favorite Airline." They know the value of the Aloha Spirit - and play it out genuinely. AQ doesn't fly into congested airports like LAX, or SFO. Less congested airports means less stress, giving a more personal experience for the passenger. Sometimes I wonder if this airline is making a profit! They give a lot of amenities to passengers! Warm cookies, mai tais, headsets, all for free!  While major carriers, like UA, AA, etc  are cutting back on inflight meals, Aloha came to serve food prepared by a well-known Hawaii Regional Cuisine chef, Alan Wong. The warm cookies are Mrs. Field quality, and then some. Of course, with milk. Aloha Airlines has chosen to fly a superior aircraft, the Boeing 737-700.  Unlike the DC-10, 767, 757, there is sufficient legroom. Do you expect first-class legroom? Pitch is nice. People complain about persons in front leaning back. Doesn't that happen on every aircraft, every airline? 3-3 seat configuration is fine!

Aloha Airlines review by Martha Bickford

25 October 2003

I live in Hawaii and I love the direct flights Aloha has to offer from Kona to Orange County. Every time I fly the staff is always friendly and very helpful. The only thing that I would complain about is when people in front of you put their seat all the way back, you have no leg room and feel too confined. The best is the warm chocolate chip cookie near the end of the flight. Keep up the great service.

Aloha Airlines review by Don FitzPatrick

21 November 2002

I have just returned from a vacation in Kauai - travelled from Vancouver to Hawaii by Aloha Airlines. and they were proud as they said of the new 737 we flew on. The seating was 3 each side and seats were very cramped. When the individual in front put his seat back, I did not have enough room to hold up anything to read. Their seating seemed to be very congested. Apart from that there service was okay - but nothing wonderful.

Aloha Airlines review by John Savio

21 August 2002

As someone who lives in Hawaii and flies often on Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha I would have to disagree. Hawaiian's customer service is lacking miserably. Almost all their flights are late (not the weather) while Aloha usually maintains a 95% on-time rating. Aloha's staff is friendly, waving change fees and moving people to earlier flights if they want. And, Aloha does offer an "Island Pass" to non-residents for unlimited flights over a 7 day period. All in all, most local people fly Aloha and you have to wonder why the people who know these airlines best choose one consistently over the other. And, the seats on both airlines are exactly the same.

Aloha Airlines review by M Devor

26 October 2001

Aloha Air, Hawaiian Air's only real competitor in the Islands (there are wide-bodied flights from the mainland (US) passing through), in my opinion, is of inferior quality. Legroom on their all 737 fleet is miserable! I was very lucky on a flight back from Maui to Honolulu that they had given me the emergency exit row, otherwise, with a full plane and 2 people next to you, would be painful. I know that the flights are short, but one still needs some level of comfort on any flight. I was fortunate on the flight down to Maui (after a long flight from Asia) that the plane was empty and had 3 seats to myself, with no one leaning their seat back into me. In all fairness, their new 737 fleet(700 series) that flies to the mainland, I understand, has more legroom, and they would have to! (I personally would never fly a 737 out to Hawaii, you are pushing it flying a twin engine aircraft over the Pacific Ocean for 5 hours, thank you).  The one positive to Aloha, if this means something to some people, is that they have first class, not worth it on a 30 minute flight. Hawaiian doesn't have first. Other than that, I find Hawaiian to be a far superior competitor with much friendlier flight crews. While the Aloha crews dress "Hawaiian", they don't act the same. They are less friendly and less social than their Hawaiian Air counterparts. Also, Aloha lacks the same Hawaiian Air unlimited flights pass(for varying amounts of days), a given for someone who wants to see more than one Island while in Hawaii, as 2-3 flights pays for the pass itself.



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