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Air Scotland - by James Martin

20 November 2006

We use this airline regularly from Glasgow to Athens. In every case so far, it has taken off and landed close to the advertised times. The aircraft have been almost new, clean and inflight service perfectly acceptable. My only complaint has been that every time we land back in Glasgow, the plane is parked in a very isolated part of the tarmac and we have to disembark via stairs. These stairs are often faulty or unusable in some way, which means that a replacement set has to be brought which causes a long delay. This is not the fault of the airline but a result of the bad attitude of the airport towards budget airlines.

Air Scotland - by Frances McCallum

13 November 2006

Air Scotland can offer a very good - and also very bad service. However, I remain a customer simply because they are one of the very few airlines operating a direct flight to Athens from Glasgow, albeit only once a week May to October.

Air Scotland - by M MacEachen

12 November 2006

We live 20 minutes from Edinburgh Airport - we were flying in September 2005 to Alicante with Air Scotland - we e-mailed them twice to check the departure time which was as scheduled and the evening before we were due to go on holiday we received a telephone call to say the flight had been delayed by one hour but to check the next day before going to the Airport that the departure time was the same. Before departing to Edinburgh Airport we telephoned them and were told to make our way to the Airport. We arrived at the Airport and were told to check in. We checked in and discovered that the flight hadn't even left Alicante but had to go to Glasgow to pick up passengers then return to Alicante, refuel and then return to Edinburgh to pick us up! A delay of 14 hours was experienced by ourselves. After our bags were checked in all the ground crew could say to us was don't pick on us we have been on duty for more than 24 hours! Our compensation was a food voucher for 10 each which we all know doesn't go very far at an International Airport. Had we been given the information that we were likely to have been delayed for 14 hours - we would have stayed at home and gone to the Airport the following morning. I wrote to Air Scotland but they were not interested in giving us any compensation. It was our first and probably the last time we fly with Air Scotland.

Air Scotland - by Stuart Lathan

1 November 2006

Newcastle-Gerona return. Interior of aeroplane very shabby, protective covers on back of seats which protect passengers knees from the arm rest & back rest mechanisms were missing on several seats. Generally the furniture was dirty, with pieces of food stuck in the crevices on seats. several of the drop-down shelves on back of seat were broken & some seats would not recline. On our return flight we were advised 1/2 hour before transfer to airport that 'due to operational difficulties' our 17.00 flight would be changed to 01.30 the following morning. In fact our original flight did leave Gerona on time, so I can only assume the flight was overbooked causing the company to move passengers onto a Glasgow flight & diverted it via Newcastle. I will not use this airline again & would not recommend them to anyone looking for a comfortable flight.

Air Scotland - by Peter Woods

27 October 2006

Has anyone else recently had their Christmas return flights from Manchester to Lanzarote cancelled in the last few weeks. If so, have you been refunded yet?

Air Scotland - by Eddie Black

27 October 2006

We have used Air Scotland fairly regularly over the last year or two to fly to Alicante. On one occasion the aircraft did not turm up for the return journey but we did board a chartered plane one hour late and were treated well . We received a free meal on board. On another occasion in July 2006 the return flight was on time when it left Alicante but for some reason with 20 minutes of the journey to go we were informed that we would be touching down at Manchester for 'Operational reasons'. In fact this was to refuel. I suspect it must have been cheaper to refuel at Manchester rather than Alicante. We arrived one hour late. You only get what you pay for and Air Scotland have been the cheapest flights around and we would certainly continue to use them, if they do not go bust before Christmas. Currently they only have flights available until the end of this month (October '06) with no sign of any flights being made available after this date, so I fear the worst for Air Scotland's future. There was a paragraph in an evening newspaper recently saying that they are to merge with there partner Sunways Holidays but when asking the flight hostess they are unable to give information and neither are the customer service team.

Air Scotland - by John Mellon

12 October 2006

I agree with the earlier comment about this airlines customer service. I was part of a family group of 5 who booked a flight from Glasgow to Malaga. We received an email towards the end of September informing us they were removing our party from the flight as they had to change to a different aircraft and there were now not enough seats. We sent them 2 emails expressing our dismay. In the end what was even more disappointing is that they did not even respond to the emails to offer an apology. This should tell you all you need to know about this airline.

Air Scotland - by Pauline Irvine

18 July 2006

Air-Scotland (Greece Airways) Manchester to Alicante return. The plane was new, clean and lots of legroom, staff were very friendly and gave free tea coffee drinks and biscuits. Maybe they are on the up. Thought I must write this as I was very dubious before and was thinking changing flights. Go for it - the pilot and captain also were very friendly.

Air Scotland - by Heather Lowrie

27 January 2006

I booked a flight for March this year to Palma, quite far in advance so it was before I heard about their financial difficulties. Last month I became concerned that the timetable for this route no longer appeared on their web site. The customer services department did not answer emails and the phone just rang out. When I eventually got through, they assured me the flight was still on so I went ahead and made arrangements. This morning they phoned to advise the route had been withdrawn without offering any alternatives. They are a lousy airline with no customer service and they misrepresented their position on the Palma route to me, when they must have known there were questions over it. However I'm glad in a way, since I would hate to actually fly with Air Scotland given their shoddy service on the ground.

Air Scotland - by Ray Faccenda

6 January 2006

Malaga-Edinburgh 3/11/05. Financial problems led to delays for many passengers, fortuitously for us only on the homeward leg. What did scupper us, was being held to ransom at Malaga for a ticketing charge which we had already paid when booking. Quote "no pay, no fly", was an offer I could not refuse, as I had my entire family with me. Emails to head office since returning have met a deafening silence. Unlikely we will go with them again even if they do survive - pity as the inflight experience was fine.

Air Scotland - by Janette Ferguson

29 October 2005

We were a bit concerned about our flights to and from Paris but everything was on schedule. Cabin crew seemed friendly enough compared to other airlines I have travelled with. The plane did seem a bit old on the inside but apart from that everything was fine.

Air Scotland - by Claire Scott

26 October 2005

Palma to Glasgow on the 18/10/05 - flight due to leave palma at 03.25am, did not leave until 8.45pm. A 16 hour delay, no compensation given, except for a sandwich & bottle of water! When on aircraft they still charged passengers for tea, coffee etc. Would not use this company again.

Air Scotland - by Catherine Green

17 October 2005

Delay from Alicante to Glasgow, Sunday 16th October 2005 Flight due out at 0050hrs, my family had still not left for Scotland 12 hours later. This is absolutely dreadful, many young children on the flight. We will not be using this company again, assuming of course that they are still in business!

Air Scotland - by Joanne Mackie

17 October 2005

Used them to Paris for a short break with my 5yr old daughter. Excellent price, outward and return flights both on time, short flight time. Would certainly use again. Terminal 3 at CDG is ideal, by far the smallest and easiest out of all 3.

Air Scotland -  Laura Fagan

16 October 2005

Delayed in Malaga Airport for over 10 hours through with no information and no compensation due to financial problems. Families with small children were not offered any refreshments for children. Will not use again in future. Very unprofessional, even for a no frills airline.

Air Scotland -  Alastair Shields

13 October 2005

Much the same as easyjet ect but with a much larger aircraft, have used them three times now to Malaga from Edinburgh and will use them again in the future.

Air Scotland -  Grant Dowie

2 October 2005

Excellent airline. Use it regularly between Edinburgh and Malaga. Two flights a week Thursdays and Sundays. Invariably much cheaper than rival Flyglobespan.



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