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Air Madrid by Tony Knowles

1 May 2007

Its a shame there were so many complaints about this airline which has now ceased operations. I flew with Air Madrid twice and had no problems at all. I was on the last flight out of Madrid to Santiago which cost 450 dollars, a gift. I am now faced with paying five times that much to get back to Europe. To all those flying with cut price airlines remember this. There is no such thing as a free lunch. One million passengers were carried by Air Madrid and now Lan Chile, Lufthansa, Iberia and Air France have put there prices back up to unacceptable levels. South America is still an outrageously expensive place to get to and from.

Air Madrid : SKYTRAX Editor

16 December 2006

Air Madrid suspended trading as of today, 16th December 2006.

Air Madrid - by Takeshi Martinez

12 December 2006

MAD-EZE Overbooked on the way out, were promised compensation, still haven't received anything. Their customer service numbers +34 91 201-6045, -6765 and -6023 ring unanswered. They do not reply to email. I don't know what else to try ! Although I was provided a hotel for the night, I lost 1 day on a 10 day trip. Then the flight was delayed, the food terrible, service well - how long would you be able to stay polite and good humoured when all the passengers you are serving are fed up because of delays, waiting in interminable queues, having to fight for a place, bad food and not much of it ("I'm sorry sir, 1 piece of bread per person!"), cramped seating, broken toilets, no TV, or even a light to read a book?! Again the return was delayed, I arrived at 07h30 for a flight that should have left at 11h30 to find out that it was delayed until 17h. There was an organised trip to a nearby restaurant, which is the minimum when you are expected to wait a day to get onto a flight. I didn't miss my connection but I overheard other passengers that would be missing their connections and if the connection was not served by Air Madrid, Air Madrid would do nothing about it. I know Air Madrid is the only low-cost alternative and has made it financially affordable to fly to Latin America, but the price in terms of time and mental health is very high. I for one, will NOT be flying with Air Madrid again.

Air Madrid - by Lucy Bryson

30 November 2006

Am I the only person that has had a good experience with Air Madrid? I flew with them on from Cartagena, Colombia, to Madrid. As the flight was around half the price of all the other operators, I anticipated delays and allowed for this in my schedule. The flight was delayed by five hours, but Air Madrid bussed passengers to a 5 Star hotel nearby where we were given food and a wonderful room. On the flight, we were given two meals (neither amazing, but better than nothing) and plenty of orange juice, water, tea and coffee. They also provided blankets and pillows on board. The onboard staff were friendly and accommodating. I would definitely fly Air Madrid again - how else can I afford to travel between Europe and South America ?

Air Madrid - by Lisa Olejniczak

20 November 2006

Madrid to Buenos Aires return. On the flight from Madrid to Buenos Aires there was a delay of 36 hours - no information given to anybody, if we ever get anywhere. We were lucky to get a hotel room in Madrid, but lost 2 days of our holiday in South America and had extra costs for hotel rooms booked and not cancelled in time (we could not, because nobody knew, when and if we ever will get there - there was no information given to passengers when and if the flight will be. The passengers were promised to get a refund within 10 days, this has not happened by now. The aircraft was very old, no tv, no radio, we actually had some open wires coming out of the seat and the food was bad and not enough. There was no chance of sleeping either - nobody could move, because there was no space for anything. It cannot be legal to send people on a long- distance flight with aircraft in this condition. Some people on our flight had to wait for 3 days for their flight. The promised refund never arrived. The flight back was not delayed, but as bad as the in- flight.

Air Madrid - by Nick Radulescu

7 November 2006

Henry Coanda Airport, Bucharest. 153 passengers awaiting for check-in, destination Madrid (via Barcelona). Flight Equipment, Airbus A330-300 was written only on the flight ticket. 9 (nine) hours after the check- in, an 18 year old aircraft has landed and take-off after 1 hour. The price of the ticket was a regular one, not for a low cost flight. I will advice all my friends never fly with Air Madrid.

Air Madrid - by Henry Hays

4 November 2006

Madrid to Buenos Aires. Outbound 4 hours delayed, unscheduled stop at Las Palmas, cramped seats, lost luggage on arrival in BA, lost connecting flight to Montevideo. Return trip: on arrival in BA from a connecting flight and while in transit at the airport, we were told the plane was full and to get lost. Had to leave airport (and after haggling, were put up in hotel); next day had to pay boarding tax again (which they refunded in local currency); plane due was again 4-5 hours late; reading lights did not work; flight entertainment at seat did not work; only one meal for 14 hour flight; arrival in Madrid 1 hour late; almost no ground staff at airports, who did not want to be found. In short, a terrible flight experience - never again will I fly Air Madrid.

Air Madrid - by Fernando Campos

22 September 2006

Lima-Madrid on the 17th of September was delayed 8 hours. No food or water was given to children until the end of the 7th hour. They werenīt giving any reasons for the delay, and kept changing the boarding hour. All passengers lost flight connections in Madrid, so I arrived 15 hours late to Barcelona. They sent us to an hotel where we had to make a queue of one hour to get a room, and I was the lucky one, other passengers didnīt had that luck and slept on the couch. During the flight, there was no entertainment, and 2 bathrooms were broken. They booked us in a 7:10 am flight of Air Europa that was overbooked, so we had to try another flight at 9:15 am. I still havenīt received an apology and my formal complaint is on itīs way. My advice is not to travel with Air Madrid. Although is a cheap airline, it has a responsability to all the passengers to take us on time and with quality.

Air Madrid - by Mark Parry

9 September 2006

Take a good book!! Flying Madrid to Santiago Chile, there was no inflight entertainment. The computer system in the seat was not working. (For the outward and return flight). The food was disgusting - a greasy pasta meal.Flight staff were rude and worst of all were the seats. No leg room and with the chair in front reclined, you ended with a strangers head just inches from yours - not nice!! It was torture!

Air Madrid - by Milos Sedlak

26 August 2006

Madrid-Panama City. 4 hours in queue to check-in, another 8 hours waiting for departure = total delay 12 hours! Horrible experience! Announcements in Spanish only, no English. Waiting for departure almost turned to incident between tired and angry passengers and Air Madrid personnel who asked for police assistance to avoid clash. Exhausted passengers finally boarded after 12 hours of waiting toA 330 with failing A/C and dirty - moreover failing toilets. Onboard service slow, but food and beverage offer fair. Impossible to sleep - too hot, too tight space between seats. Persistent problems with computer system evoking fear at take off. Sorry, but no more Air Madrid.

Air Madrid - by Kristian Axelsen

12 August 2006

MAD-FOR. The plane was 5 hours delayed (from 23.50 to 04.40), but departure was announced for 3.00 and check-in 2.10, so information was awful, and when we boarded the flight, service and friendliness were non-existant. Furthermore, seat-lights were not working, several parts of the interior (e.g. armrests, tables), were kept together with gaffa- tape, and the air-condition made it rain over several seats with intervals. Based on this experience the airline cannot be recommended at all.

Air Madrid - by Pablo Cura

1 July 2006

EZE-MAD-BCN and back as BCN-EZE. It is the cheapest airline so far to cover these two cities. They are a Spanish low cost airline that got into a bigger business. Air Madrid has many flights but not so many planes, so delays are expected. Buenos Aires to Madrid we had about 1 hour delay Check in process was chaotic, because they had a problems with the computers, so seats were not assigned. We had a line of people in front of us. Many individual lights in the cabin does not work. as well as the connections for the headsets they sell. Planes are quite new, but need more internal maintenance. Food is okay, Cabin Crew is nice.

Air Madrid - by Liz Rothman

24 September 2005

Our family flew to lima in July. Yes we had a three hour delay and no we weren't told so beforehand as some fellow passengers had been. Our gripe was the disorganised mess of queuing , rather lack of structured lines at Barajas airport. And yes we had a three hour delay on our return but we were told about the delay when we telephoned to confirm our return flight . Lima airport Air Madrid check in desks had excellent organised queuing system. Attendants excellent especially with our children on both outbound and return flights. Food was however absolutely appalling and extremely overpriced for the content. As we had flown from London we were unable to organise food and had to rely on inflight meals. Spaniards and Peruvians travelling had excellent packed meals and treats. Yes we will fly with Air Madrid again because they have now made Central and South America affordable for a family of four. Who up until this summer had years of having to be disappointed by london to South America exorbitant fares. A three hour delay is no problem when you know that you are able to go to countries previously out of reach.

Air Madrid - by Christine Caine

28 June 2005

We booked a holiday with Soltours from Madrid to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, the flight was with Aiir Madrid, but when we arrived at the ticket desk we were told very casually that there was a 7 hour delay! We were offered to meet at 4pm in a cafe for something to eat...this turned out to be a small sandwich and a soft drink! Then we waited again without any information whatsoever until finally we were boarded. We were then kept on the plane a further hour whilst waiting for a slot to leave. Now we are in the Dominican Rep. there has been a notice on the info board for 3 days saying there will be delays on our return. How can they possibly know this unless they dont have enough planes to fly everyone home! This has been a disgusting and tedious HOLIDAY! We are supposed to leave today at 3 but have now been told that we must leave the rooms then but suspected to leave for the airport at 8pm for a flight at 12pm POSSIBILY. This is simply just not good enough. My opinion is that they over booked, sold seats they didnt have and we have to suffer the consequences. Ask me and my fellow 200 odd passengers would we fly with Air Madrid again, well it is obviously a resounding No!

Air Madrid - by Inigo Palacio

13 March 2005

MAD-UIO-MAD route on February 2005. A330 was half empty, so me and my companion could stretch on the four middle seats! The flight attendants on Air Madrid were absolutely great - helpful, friendly. Simply world class. The service onboard was nothing special to mention, but the prices were slightly lower than on European cheap airlines. As I said, most pax where rather thrifty, so they all brought their own drinks and food onboard. Only a few ordered meals, slightly more bought drinks. Water was free. The inflight entertainment included 3 movies on each flight. There where only the basic overhead screens, quite small and rather sparsely located. The electronic earphones worked poorly on most seats, as I had figured out. But once you fixed the plug (it took a few minutes of manipulating with the socket) the choice of music was bearable and the movies were quite recent releases. Air Madrid had also some commercial presentations broadcasted on the screens - some sort of company info, boasting their advantages. It was perhaps unnecessary and quite loud, but didn't really bother. Their on time performance was excellent, although in Quito they had problems counting the passengers on board. It took some 45 minutes of counting before the numbers from the gate and from the crew met. As far as additional things - blankets, pillows, lavatory cleanliness - everything was okay.



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