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AIR SLOVAKIA review : 28 September 2009 by Michal Znasik

Customer Rating :  3/5

3 Star Rating

Bratislava-Zakinthos, on time, Very good flight. Plane was an older 737-300 (ex.KLM), but very clean and overall OK. The snack was ciabatta and soft drinks. Seat pitch only 28".

Air Slovakia review by S Sidhu

7 May 2009   Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Birmingham to Amritsar flight time and day changed twice without any warning or information, went two days late. You have to keep ringing Air Slovakia head office yourself because half the time your agent will be unable to keep up with them. No leg room in the plane and the seat in front of you is right up in your face. Seat number seem not to matter they tell you just to sit where you want? No radios, No Videos, No magazines. Food not the best. My advice take your own plus take a few bottles of drinks with you. Best advice of all pay the extra and go with a better airline that will start your hols worry free. You will only fly once with this airline use it as a learning experience.

Air Slovakia review by W Rollason

18 November 2008   Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

We were supposed to fly Daallo Airlines but as though don't own any airplanes we were despatched to Air Slovakia. LGW-CDG-JIB on 5th Nov 2008 and the retuern on 13th Nov 2008. The worst flight we have ever travelled on. Both flights overnight with No pillows or blankets, the toilets were disgusting, the food inedible, no in flight entertainment even though we were on the plane for some 8hrs, no individual air stream and the cabin crew could do with a visit to the local charm school. we were delayed on the way back by over 4hrs and once again had to sit at CDG whilst the plane was refuelled in a hot cabin. I will do my utmost to ensure that we will never fly Air Slovakia again.

Air Slovakia review by Kiran Kaur

11 April 2008   Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Travelled on Air Slovakia from Amritsar and only arrived Sunday 5pm - actually supposed to land in Birmingham on Saturday 6am, however they had been told that the flight had been cancelled until the following morning. However they were in total delayed for 36 hours with no information, just left stranded at the airport. The service was extremely poor and staff are extremely rude, laughing in your face when you ask them how long it is going to be before you are able to board. I would never travel on this flight ever again and would recommend that no one else does, they have no sympathy when leaving old passengers and people with small children behind for hours and sometimes even weeks.

Air Slovakia review by Eileen Rees

3 May 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

I flew with Air Slovakia the first time I visited India. The only good thing I can find to say was it was cheap. But cheap and nasty. There was no entertainment, no leg room and toilets were disgusting. when I phoned to confirm my flight home they said it had been cancelled. I visited the office in Jalundar where the staff were not helpful at all. They offered a date about a month later. I phoned head office in England who managed to find me a flight home the next week. I had commitments with my family at home in England but my main concern was work, luckily I have an understanding boss who gave me extra leave. On the return flight I spoke with a man who said that Air Slovakia are always cancelling flights and he had to pay extra to get on that flight even though it was Air Slovakia who had cancelled it.

Air Slovakia review by Anita Jassal

14 April 2005

We travelled on Air Slovakia flight 12th March. Our return flight was 3rd April 2005, however the day before we were due to fly back to the UK we had a call from the Air Slovakia Jalandhar office that the flight was delayed by 12 hours and will not be flying at 12pm but 12am midnight on the 3/4/05. We travelled on this day to Amritsar airport and went to check in and at this point the check in staff closed the desks. About 40 passengers were left stranded and after some time passed we were informed the flight was overbooked and told to return to the Jalandhar office in the morning. We were not offered any accommodation, food or even water. A week before we were due to travel back to the UK we had already confirmed our tickets at the Jalandhar office in India, what was the point of this? The next day we spent over 12 hours at the Jalandhar office where the staff were very unhelpful and rude. We eventually got return tickets at about 9pm but had to fly via another airline and the return flight took over 36 hours in total, as had two stops in another country. Our car was parked at Birmingham airport and the return flight we had to travel back on came back to Heathrow. My advice would be not to travel on Air Slovakia, very poor service, very cramped, not enough leg room, staff rude, food poor. Air Slovakia take no care of passengers even though they overbooked passengers and the Jalandhar office only work by bribes, which we refused to give. Air Slovakia leave you stranded and offer you no help.

Air Slovakia review by A Kaur

27 February 2005

I recently flew with Air Slovakia from Birmingham to Amritsar via Bratislava. The flight from Birmingham was firstly delayed due to there being too many passengers on board which I think was a mistake by the airport and not the airline. During our wait to get extra passengers off board, we were not informed as to what was happening and were left sitting on the plane for over an hour without receiving any information it was only by chance that we overheard the air stewardesses saying that if the plane did not leave in fifteen minutes the flight would be cancelled. The airplane was a very old one and very different to the advertisements that we had heard on the radio beforehand, we had no in flight entertainment during the 10 hr trip. The air stewardesses grasp of English was very poor and they had no concept of any other languages ie Punjabi or Hindi which was very unusual considering all the passengers were of Asian origin. Although they could not really understand what people were saying I do feel that they did try their best to help the passengers. The food was terrible and was cold there was not much difference between the veg and non-veg option. The bathroom facilities were also very poor with the space being very confined and also not very clean, there were only two toilets for all the economy passengers. The stop in Bratislava was very rushed, it was as if the airport staff did not know the passengers were due to arrive, we were treated very much like cattle and were moved from one locked room to another, I mean what did they think we were going to do storm the airport!! A positive of the stop in Bratislava was that it broke up the 10 hr plus flight although we arrived at the airport in the early hours of the morning due to the flight being delayed and as such not much was open. The airplane on the way back was a newer on and did have inboard entertainment which was a much welcomed relief although on this flight we were situated at the very rear of the plane and did not have any leg room, which was very uncomfortable. I would only consider flying with Air Slovakia again if I would be guaranteed a seat on the newer planes and would only consider this if all other options open to myself were exhausted.

Air Slovakia review by J Singh

11 January 2005

I have just come back from Amristar on Air Slovakia. This was the first time I had flown on the airline and was quite impressed by the quality of the plane and the level of service. Last time I went to Amritsar, I flew on Turkmenistan Airlines which was a nightmare. I would fly Air Slovakia again in the future - it's not as good British Airways but at 400 for a ticket I think it's better value especially if you are travelling with family.

Air Slovakia review by H Singh

29 December 2004

I was due to fly to Amritsar using Air Slovakia - the flight was cancelled without any warning. I called the airline and the first thing they said was that i would not be paid any compensation (I had not even asked the question). I was then told that the plane had not managed to take off in India due to fog and therefore i would have to wait a day. I understand that the airline have a habit of doing this and have cancelled three flights (that i know of) siting other reasons too such as technical problems. I get the feeling that the a more plausible reason is commercial viability. The airline were extremely unhelpful - they just wanted to get me off the phone. They did not even want to discuss getting me on another flight (airline) or arranging for me to stay a night in a hotel. I travel a great deal and many of my flights have been cancelled, however the airlines have always been helpful and cushioned the blow - not in this case. I get the feeling that a larger organisation would have had more planes available, and would be more concerned about customer service.

Air Slovakia review by Kulvir Dhami

22 November 2004

Flew to Amritsar via Bratislava from Birmingham with Air Slovakia. It was an average flight with average staff help. For the price paid - 350 - you cant expect much. Found seating to be a bit tight and the stop at Bratislava was not organised very well, we were left waiting to enter the building for about 15 minutes. Flights tended to be a little late although some time was made up during the flight. My return flight was in Business Class and this was much better (as expected). Service was much better and staff much more friendly than Economy. If all you want to do is get to Amritsar then this may be a good option as it's cheap and cheerful, and much better than the Turkmenistan/Uzbekistan flights. Amritsar airport is a bit of a mess but hopefully they can sort this out with the new building being built. Air Slovakias office in Julandhar was also handy and staff were helpful.

Air Slovakia review by Andy Usen

20 October 2004

Air Slovakia on Oct 15, 2004 Paris Orly - Bratislava. This flight should fly Sky Europe Airlines but because of delay problems in Sky Europe fleet - Air Slovakia made the flight by its plane instead. Boeing 757 of Air Slovakia was good looking from the outside and also inside. The flight took 1h 35 and was very good. The cabin staff were helpful, always smiling and well managing safety-demo and services. The landing in Bratislava was excellent. I can say I d be more satisfied if Air Slovakia had fly Paris regularly.

Air Slovakia review by Mandy Rakhra

24 September 2004

I've just arrived back in the UK after travelling with Air Slovakia from Birmingham to Amritsar (India) via Bratislava and back - Air Slovakia is a deplorable airline. What was meant to be a 90 minute stop in Bratislava on route to Amritsar ended up a nightmare of over 2days. Airport staff were entirely unhelpful. the only explanation we were given was that there was some sort of technical difficulty. the lack of aircraft in Air Slovakia's fleet meant a wait of over 40 hours for another plane. The flight home was put back 3days without notice or explanation despite the airline having full contact details. For my mother who runs her own business losing out on 3days of business is a massive inconvenience. The whole experience was a chaotic, unorganised and highly unprofessional shamble. Air Slovakia tainted what would have been a perfect holiday.

Air Slovakia review by Leighton Ernsberger

15 September 2004

I flew Air Slovakia last Christmas and was impressed with a price of 500, half every other carrier at the time. The airplane and food was certainly average or a little below but the stop over in Bratislava helped to break up the flight. The staff were friendly enough and while all other flights out of Delhi were delayed due to the fog and earlier arrival delays, Air Slovakia was one of the few to leave basically on time. Being a small economy airline can help. For our one trip so far, we have no complaints.

Air Slovakia review by Raju Chowla

1 September 2004

Birmingham to Delhi via Bratislava, the airline which gives no onboard entertainment and food which is not very good. The flight return from Delhi was delayed by 4 days which caused great inconvenience. The flight was full. Legroom was acceptable for the price of 312. Bratislava was a dirty airport. The toilet seat in one of the toilets on the return flight from Delhi to Bratislava was broken creating a delay of 15 minutes for people who wanted to go to the loo. One good thing was that the staff were friendly on the flight. One thing never fly on Air Slovakia. Pay a bit extra and travel on airlines like KLM, Emirates, Lufthansa or Air France.

Air Slovakia review by Tom Withel

23 March 2004

Air Slovakia form Tel Aviv to Bratislava in February and as I'm reading the comments stated here I must add that I have been flying Air Slovakia several times and I have only pleasant experience. I think the price politics of the company is very good, the services average and the cabin staff is handling passengers better and better. I have a possibility to evaluate this airline because during the years I have known Air Slovakia I can say there is a huge improvement in their services. I would say it is the best airline in Slovakia and because I have been searching in Slovak air carriers development I know how difficult it is for an airline to be good in conditions of Slovakia. To Air Slovakia passengers I would say " be patient please, try more times and you will see the things better"

Air Slovakia review by Eric Lugg

21 February 2004

I flew Air Slovakia from Birmingham to Delhi via Bratislava in Sept 2003 and again in Jan 2004. The first time the departure time was changed without any information from the Airline Agents although they had our contact details. This caused us to almost miss the flight and caused great stress to my 80 year old father in law. The stopover in Bratislava was confused, with staff not sure of what they were doing (Airport staff) thus the 1 hour stop was 2 hours. The catering was passable but there was no inflight entertainment or even music. Flight staff however were polite, efficient and helpful which made up for a lot of shortcomings. All in all considering the introductory prices of 310.00 return (1st time) and 370.00 (second time) I think it represented excellent value for money paid and I would undoubtedly fly with Air Slovakia again.

Air Slovakia review by A Halley

9 January 2004

Air Slovakia for the first time between Birmingham (UK) and Delhi (India) via Bratislava - one of the worst airlines I have travelled with. The cabin crew seemed as though they were unhappy to serve the customers. On the outward journey to Delhi, we sat near the front of the plane where it was extremely hot and people I spoke with sitting at the back of the plane said they were very cold. Even after repeatedly talking to the cabin crew about this nothing was done, Imagine having to endure a ten hour flight under these conditions as well as no onboard entertainment. I would definitely NOT recommend this airline to anybody.

Air Slovakia review by Petra Hantakova

12 July 2003

It was about time a direct flight from Birmingham to Bratislava was introduced as there is certainly demand for this kind for service. However, at an introductory price of 299.00 I am certainly not going to use your services (unless the price on your website is incorrect) as you have priced yourself out of the market. I can fly to Vienna with British Airways (direct flight) for 143.00 or with Lufthansa via Germany for even less. Surely even you must admit a taxi from Vienna to Bratislava would not cost me 153.00.

Air Slovakia review by Richard Melisek

3 June 2003

To be fair to Air Slovakia, I have talked to a number of people that flew with this airline and have said that their service has improved, while the Slovak Airlines' one has deteriorated, so I take back the last sentence of my previous comment.

Air Slovakia review by Richard Melisek

16 July 2002

My family has flown with Air Slovakia between Bratislava and Tel Aviv and back and that was one of the worst flights I have experienced. We had to pay extra, because of some special costs, even though we already had the tickets and paid for them before. So imagine coming to the airport and being asked to pay 1000 Sk. The flight was operated by a really old Boeing 737-200 (this one is not in their fleet anymore, because they have not paid their leases). It was full and no leg space whatsoever (Air Slovakia has it for 126 passengers in an all economy class, not like Slovak Airlines). During the flight we were seated almost in the rear and people started to smoke even the stewardesses), there was nothing dividing us and them. When I asked if they could stop or find us a place somewhere else I was told that the aircraft is full and we therefore cannot move. Then it was time for lunch - no choice of food and it was cold (just ham, beef). There was no audio or video during the flight, the only thing you could do was to look in their inflight magazine. When I asked where we are, the stewardess had no idea. Luckily, I could speak Slovak, otherwise I would be lost on board - the crew's English was a disaster. At least the flight was good, we took off on time, but landed 30 minutes late due to traffic. How they get three stars, that is a surprise. 



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