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Air Sahara - by Kurt Müller

30 January 2008  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Now flying as "Jetlite", most of the aircraft are still in Air Sahara colours. On my recent flight from CJB to CCU via Bangalore, the two aircraft on both sectors had extremely tired interiors with seat cushions that had essentially no effective padding. We were sitting about 3" lower than usual and feeling lots of webbing etc. where one would normally expect comfort. Food identical on both legs. Returning from CCU to BLR, plane sported a more attractive leather interior.

Air Sahara - by B Crowley

19 June 2007

Kathmandu to Delhi, 737-800. After two security checks inside the airport, the airline conducted its own bag search and frisk at the foot of the stairs - apparently this is common at KTM. I sat in an exit row and received a really thorough safety briefing. Leather seat reasonably comfortable, although the window-side armrest was missing. Sweets and cool towel were distributed before take-off. Choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal was offered, and it was very good, but we had no drink service. Cabin crew were diligent, polite and helpful. Overall I was very satisfied with this flight. Note that Air Sahara has recently been bought out by Jet Airways.

Air Sahara - by L Kasseeah

19 January 2007

DEL-LKO-DEL. Equipment was a CRJ-200. Our flight from Mauritius reached new delhi at 11 30 am and it was not before 18 30 that check-in to lucknow would start. We explained our problem to the staff and we were surprised to see that they instantly accepted to free us of our bulky luggages. Soup was offered to us and later we got coffee. The seats were really comfortable and for a 1 hour flight we were pleasantly surprised to see a hot full course meal being served instead of the expected snack. Though in the end we had to rush things to finish the meal before landing the crew was very pleasant and advised us to keep the indian cakes. Return flight was as excellent as the other one. While checking in the sahara staff realised that we were travelling as a group and changed the already issued boarding passes to allocate us new seats. Really impressed about how organised they are starting from check in to boarding. On board breakfast was excellent. The crew attended us each time we requested for water and so on. Very friendly and effective.

Air Sahara - by Vaibhav Sarin

27 December 2006

HYD-DEL in economy. Check in quite efficient. The equipment this time was B767-300ER. Snacks served on the flight was a south Indian affair with extra helpings easily available. FAs were helpful.

Air Sahara - by Vaibhav Sarin

22 October 2006

LKO to DEL in economy. Check in was quickly done as we were the first to turn up. The aircraft was the new 737-800 with winglets. The flight was just a short one with a flying time of an hour. The eticket mentioned about snacks being served in the flight but was surprised to see a full main course being offered. Though in the end they had to rush upon the things as the plane was ready for landing. Overall Air Sahara standards seem to be improving as FA's seemed to be really helpful, with no artificial accents - and genuine smiles. Would fly them again.

Air Sahara - by Sriram Srinivasan

12 June 2006

HYD-DEL in Business. After check-in, I was escorted to the lounge by the ground staff, which was a nice touch. Indian lounges are pretty basic, but at least there was comfortable sitting space, free snacks/drinks/tea/coffee, and a TV to watch the cricket - it's certainly better than the crowded waiting room in the departure area. The plane was a little on the worn side but was acceptable. FA very polite and friendly, addressing passengers by name. A pre-flight fruit juice was offered, along with a selection of newspapers. A light meal was also offered (OK, nothing special), and the FA came by to top off drinks several times during the flight. The flight itself was uneventful, and seat comfort was decent for a 2 hour flight. Overall, Air Sahara offers decent service and I would fly them again, though they're not quite as good as rival Jet Airways.

Air Sahara - by Chris Walsh

7 November 2005

SIN-DEL-SIN Economy. Air Sahara is one of a series of new privately owned airlines sprouting up in India post deregulation, and the quality of product is high. The 737-800 9am departure was on time, menus were given and three meals served for the 5:30 flight - breakfast, brunch and lunch! The alcohol flowed freely and the staff seemed attentive. On the return I checked in 50kgs of baggage without charge, slept the entire flight - as it leaves Delhi at 10:30pm and arrives at 6:30am in Singapore. Wonderful experience and will fly them next time , plus they fly direct (not via Bangkok like Indian Airlines) - and are competitively priced.

Air Sahara - by Kurt Müller

2 October 2005

Flew BLR-DEL and DEL-HYD-CJB on Air Sahara recently, mainly to check on how they compare with Jet Airways (with whom I hold a Platinum Card). Interior of planes look slightly more worn on Air Sahara, catering obviously at a lower price point but nevertheless quite appealing. Cabin crew seemed extremely rushed and manner of serving meals (particulary on DEL-HYD route) was less gracious than on 9W - the trays were handed out in what came close to army canteen style.

Air Sahara - by Ajay Nair

14 July 2005

Recently flew DEL-BOM. A good overall experience and crew was friendly, food good and hot. The CRJ they operate is a small plane and a little cramped but this is only for their 'red eye' from BOM-DEL otherwise they operate 737's - flight was delayed and the captain did try to explain why.

Air Sahara - by S Mukherjee

28 April 2005

Bhubaneswar from Kolkata and back. Inflight services was just wonderful. Food was good. Bid and win is a wonderful way of mixing business and passenger entertainment. Why dont you start helicopter services for areas where there is no airport as yet. Take Gangtok, for example. A three hour long car ride to the capital. It is adventure for tourists, but a nightmare for locals. Or, why not ask Airports Authority of India to build a runway where you can land your passenger airplanes. Keep the fares low. Budget airlines will be a sure hit.

Air Sahara - by Maria Long

13 April 2005

We travelled from Delhi to Goa on Air Sahara and found the seats comfortable in Economy and were impressed with the food and the staff services. We travel a great deal and are Travel Agents and have to say that the size of the seats were very comfortable. We are pleased to read they will be flying from the UK and look forward to booking flights with them.

Air Sahara - by Ray de Souza

7 February 2005

Recently flew Delhi to Goa return on Sahara Airlines. Pleasantly surprised. Service was good and crew were very helpful. Meal service was average but North American airlines flying on such short routes pale in comparison to the service. One passenger fell ill and the crew responded in an admirable way.

Air Sahara - by U Naresh

18 August 2004

Recently flew Air Sahara on Sahara Royale (business class) from Delhi to Mumbai. Service standards have dropped dramatically. Their food service which was right at the top, is now a pale shadow of itself. There is no trolley service anymore. Quality has dropped in every sphere. There was no dessert, no yoghurt, no chocolate service. Shocking really for the high standards it had set. The overall product is on a downward swing, and the crew look demoralised. This particular aircraft, B737-800had cramped seating, similar to European style business class. I would start avoiding this airline if this continues. Sahara was always tops in food and service warmth. If that doesn't exist any longer, then I think its time to switch.

Air Sahara - by Vineet Bapat

4 April 2004

My family and I recently flew Air Sahara from Delhi to Mumbai and then back - and fould the service excellent start to finish. Smiling, accommodating crew - even on the ground; excellent food and IFE. The aircraft on the Delhi-Mumbai sector was an aging 737, but was very clean and well-maintained overall (the washroom did show signs of wear & tear) Some passengers have noted a deterioration in service - we had no basis for comparison - but it's hard to imagine that service could be even better than what we experienced!

Air Sahara - by U Naresh

23 March 2004

Recently flew Air Sahara from Delhi to Mumbai on a Boeing 737-700 (VT-SIU). Ground handling terrific. The aircraft originally supposed to fly us went "tech", and a replacement was found and we took off just 25 minutes late. On board service on their business class - OUTSTANDING. This was a morning flight, and breakfast service was fit for a maharaja!! Five course meal, ranging from fruit juices, fruit platter, cereals, entrees, to teas, coffees and cookies. All served leisurely and with a smile. Professional but simple crew. No attitude and every aspect of their service is natural. Aircraft clean, seats all leather and seat pitch great. I would rate this airline very high, right up there. They need to work on their punctuality which tends to suffer. There's always a delay which you normally do not find on Jet Airways. They also need to hook up with an international FFP programme to attract more travellers, something that Jet has successfully done.

Air Sahara - by Tony Adams

18 March 2004

Recently flew Goa - Delhi return. I found the 737-800 comfortable for a big guy like me, especially the leg room. In flight service was excellent and cheery, with quite a good meal. Check- in at both airports was speedy and friendly. Quite a few UK airlines don't come close to this airline.

Air Sahara - by Anubha Moore

30  January 2004

I have used this airline many times and have seen the standards dipping real fast. The last three times between Mumbai & Delhi my baggage came late and the last time which on 23rd Jan 04' they not only lost my baggage but have also not bothered to keep me updated on their efforts to find it. Mine is the largest size soft suitcase you can get on the market- brand name Millenium . Every time I call them-they request me to give the details of the baggage all over again. I don't think there could be a better way of harassing frequent fliers. Having paid an excess fee of 3000/- plus for this baggage as it was overweight has had no effect on the airline either.

Air Sahara - by Ashwin Fernandes

28 January 2004

I had for the first time taken Air Sahara, from GOI-BOM. The check in at the Goa Airport was good, except that the check in agent had an artificial smile on. There is no proper control over the crowd at the boarding gate and at the stairs. It is just a mad rush, and people pushing across to get in. Once in the aircraft the journey was smooth, and the food hot. However it was mentioned on the local newspaper that on the day I was flying, Air Sahara was celebrating its 10th anniversary and there was a party on board. However nothing turned up on board the flight except for the regular meal. The good part was that the two seats in my row were empty and I had the pleasure of the entire row to myself. The bad part was that there was no proper reading material. And the worst part is that the FFP wasn't functioning, and my miles were not credited.

Air Sahara - by D Srinivas

9 January 2004

Has the makings of a great airline. The staff are helpful, if not truly professional. Their lounges are a treat, and surpass many a foreign airline lounge. The inflight bid buy is quite entertaining. Food is excellent.



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