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African Safari Airways review by Trevor Harvey

4 December 2006  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

They own one Airbus 310 which services their cruise ship, Royal Star, their chain of hotels and their safari's. We flew Gatwick to Mombasa. The luggage allowance for economy is 23kGs including hand luggage. They weigh any hand luggage at check in. (does any other airline do this?) This took us over and we were charged 25. We were not alone judging by the queue at the Servisair counter. We cannot really complain as the allowance was clear, but given that we were travelling on their plane, to their cruise ship, then to their hotel and their safari lodge (3 weeks of varying clothing requirements) I feel they could have been a little more flexible. So be warned the luggage allowance will be strictly enforced. Now to the flight - although the seats were narrow, the legroom seemed reasonable. The flight was about 9 hours and the only entertainment for the majority of the time was a map showing the progress of the plane. Earphones could be purchased for 2.50, but were uncomfortable ear plug type. Eventually just one film was shown, but this was after the meal when many people simply wanted to sleep. The main hot meal was a no choice Chicken and Pasta. Actually quite tasty, but was almost stone cold. FA's weren't particularly friendly and all round it was a pretty unforgettable experience. The return trip from Mombasa, attracted the same strict adherence to the luggage allowance and despite shedding items we still had to pay 15. Due to aircraft maintenance the return flight was sub-contracted out to CSA Czech Airlines. Suffice to say this proved very satisfactory. In conclusion I would have to say that given the choice, I would not travel with African Safari Airways again.



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