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AeroRepública review by Luke Smith

7 December 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Bogota to Cartagena, return Santa Marta to Bogota. The all-economy planes had leather seats, ample legroom for economy, and no middle seats. Travelers will find the experience similar to JetBlue short-haul, minus inflight snacks or TV entertainment. The staff was friendly on the outbound but not as attentive on the return. AeroRepublica was a more comfortable experience than Avianca and the better choice for domestic travel in Colombia. The flights arrived on time, and baggage was offloaded quickly. For earning and spending miles, AeroRepublica is a frequent flyer partner with Continental.

AeroRepública review by Paul Vernall

11 June 2007

BOG/CTG/BOG on Aero Republica May holiday weekend. Flights both directions on an MD80 which was clean and comfortable. Both flights on time, check-in was fast and professional. No inflight service to speak of. Just a glass of warm coke or tepid coffee. Nothing special. All announcements and safety demonstartions in Spanish. English not understood by the crew.

AeroRepública review by Luis Andres Martinez

28 April 2006

I have flown them at least six times. Last time was 2 weeks ago, CTG-ADZ and ADZ-BOG. Planes MD80. First flight on time, good food (for a 1-hour flight). Second one changed schedule and left earlier that day, but the airport crew gave us the choice to book us in a new flight on the next day, so we enjoyed 1 more day on the Caribbean. Night flight, on time, I was sleeping when they served food. Now they are member of the One Pass program, so it was good to earn miles this time. I'll certainly fly them again next time I'll go to Colombia. We also flew Avianca for BOG-CTG, but only a drink was served and the plane was 2 hours late.



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