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AEROPOSTAL review : 2 September 2008 : by I Rey

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

A group of us visited Venezuela in August. The carrier was good, the service was ok. The flight attendants need to speak English for the non Spanish speaking passengers.

Aeropostal review by  R Hajek

16 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 1 Star Rating

Upon arrival to the airport in Trinidad, the Aeropostal plane which was scheduled to leave at 11.00AM for Caracas already had a notification saying it would fly at 6.00PM. After 6Pm they tried giving out 100$ vouchers waving all rights to further complaints. Now its past 8.30PM, the plane has not yet left Caracas and the passengers just now got an offer to eat a sandwich and drink a juice. Upon confrontation, the staff just shrug their shoulders and excuse that they no nothing further about the matter. Seemingly there has been a mix between technical delays and the airport authority not releasing the flight.

Aeropostal review by  R Rasmussen

1 September 2005

Caracas - Bogota. Old but well-kept plane. Friendly crew. Very good colombian food served. Left and landed on schedule. Recommended.

Aeropostal review by  Brian Gissane

29 August 2005

Caracas-Quito with Aeropostal, was concerned before flight and rightly so. They virtually ignored all regulations and just took off without any real interest in safety procedure etc. Plane old, seats crap, designed for very small oompa lumpas i think. I feel asleep waiting for water from FA and woke about 30 mins before landing. Food good but service lousy and the crew were still standing when the plane landed and the seatbelt lights etc switched on about 10 seconds before landing. Surprised they haven't had more fatal incidents. Check in a joke too. Complete disorganisation and people running everywhere. Only for helpful Lufthansa staff I wouldn't have got my boarding pass or luggage on the flight. One to be avoided if possible.

Aeropostal review by  Leo Hurtado

19 July 2005

Prior to selecting an airline for a Miami-to-Caracas flight, we were warned of Aeropostal's constant delays, bad customer service, lack of organization, etc. Well, guess what? All those warnings turned out to be true! These people make schedule changes on the flight (no pun intended!) with complete disregard for their passengers. They think the world revolves around the airline’s own schedule and interests. The concept of customer service is that - just a concept for them. To AEROPOSTAL - Customer service is much more than a slogan; it should be a way of life for a service organization. Your pretty Web site with all its “customer service” bull crap, and your “sweet- sounding” customer service people at your call centers (which by the way, they sound so faked and scripted) means absolutely nothing when your airline cannot get passengers (and their luggage) to their destination on time (or at least close to it). Stop pretending to be a customer-service organization… that’s a sinister joke to your victims… I mean your passengers! To travelers: unless you have time to waste, and want to spend part of your business trip or vacation sitting, sleeping and looking at delayed by your flight number, avoid this airline at all costs.

Aeropostal review by  M Bertrand

2 March 2005

I've taken over 20 flights with this airline over the last 3 months - all within Venezuela. All flights were on time and the service consistent and perfectly acceptable for internal routes. The planes are old, but do seem to be well-maintained. The internet e-ticket booking service works fine too.

Aeropostal review by  Augusto Montañez

17 January 2005

On December 18, 2004, my wife and kids (2) were going to Valencia, Venezuela on Aeropostal. I had never seen an airline with so bad organization. People left from the day before trying to catch a flight that day, my families flight was schedule to leave at 6:30 pm, We arrive at 12:30 p.m.(6 hours ahead) , they start checking with a big disorganization, at 3: 30 pm,. They informed us that the flight was delayed to 8:00 pm. But, the truth was that the flight left Miami after 10:30 pm ( 4 hours delayed) No excuses and to the passengers flying the same day to Caracas, Aeropostal was paying them $150.00 because of a delayed of 4 hours. All the passengers to Valencia suffered the same delayed and no compensation was paid. I hope that another airline comes soon with a better service to see if they are going to keep on doing offering the same bad service.

Aeropostal review by  Kevin Rollins

25 July 2004

I was with a group of 11 that flew from MIA to CAR and retruned. We had a very good experience with them for the most part. The food was o.k. The staff was very friendly. We had a domestic flight from Caracas to Barquismeto that was a few hours late. When we finally boarded the plane they found mechanical problems. We had to wait about 45 minutes while they changed planes. The return to Miami was on time. The pilots are very skilled. You hardly know when your  land. I would fly Aeropostal again. Be careful in the Caracas airport for money scammers!

Aeropostal review by  Ellie Pritchard

19 July 2004

Caracas to Lima (flew with Lufthansa from Heathrow to Caracas),and found them terrible. They made an unannounced stop at an un-named airport, and left our luggage in Caracas, so that we had to return to Lima airport to get our bags the following night. This is a nightly occurrence it appears. On the return, showed the check in staff my doctors letter asking for more leg room, the check in fella said that I had the exit row, it was actually the row in front with restricted leg room! When the food came round, reminded them that I had requested vegetarian, they brought me a ham roll with a veggie meal label. Hopeless, although other half quite impressed with the female attendants!

Aeropostal review by  Andrew Clark

1 May 2004

Have flown Aeropostal quite a few times internally in Venezuela and between MIA and Caracas / Valencia. Planes are old (20-35 yrs - look at the manufacture date on the plaque in the door frame as you board!) but have never experienced a problem with them, service not bad, cabin attendants are Venezuelan women (ever watched Miss Universe?). Domestic flights seem to run on time - may even depart early if everyone on board. International invariably delayed - check in staff can't seem to get themselves organised.

Aeropostal review by  Roberto Henriquez

1 September 2003

Flew an Aeropostal Charter flight from Caracas to Punta Cana and bak and I must say it was the most horrible experience. The plane departed one hour later, and once we boarded the DC 9 one wonders how long those planes have been flying, with who they have been flying before they reached this airline's hands and how long will they keep flying them. The microphones didn't work, the air conditioning leaked, the lavatories were a complete mess. Our pilot, who we had on both flights had some sort of death wish, since he would make nose dives in order to land at both Punta Cana and Maiquetia airport. Regarding the food, one tiny sandwich and a glass of either coke or water. Cubana and Aeroflot are probably better.

Aeropostal review by  Jairo Saavedra

26 August 2003

Miami - Bogotá via Caracas return with Aeropostal, nice flight, the food was sort of Venezuelan food, something new for me it was delicious. Flight attendants very helpful and excellent ground service in both airports MIA and BOG, Clean and new aircraft and the in-flight entertainment was average.

Aeropostal review by  Patrick Horn

2 June 2003

Flew Y-class from MIA to Valencia (Venezuela) with Aeropostal on one of their B727-200s. Knowing that the aircraft was 20+ years old, I was expecting the worst. However, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. The legroom was way above-average and the meal served was also quite good. On the negative side, there was no IFE whatsoever and the flight was delayed over an hour.

Aeropostal review by  Ivan Maderov

31 May 2003

I've flown Aeropostal several times on Bogota- Caracas route. I can say this is a good airline, almost no delays, excellent ground service and convenient connections to other cities of Venezuela. I am Colombian and although Colombian airlines are quite cheap, I always choose Aeropostal because the in-flight service is good

Aeropostal review by  Gonzalo Ibarra

27 April 2003

I have flown many times with Aeropostal (to Aruba and within Venezuela) and find it the best option in the country, their onboard service is professional, flights are usually on time (70 to 90% of time), their internet booking system works and sometimes offers value for money. However, the airline is affected by a syndrome common to most Venezuelan airlines -a tough environment marked by inflation, economic crisis and lack of capital investment; a lack of communications between ground staff and passengers when things go wrong (Don't expect a dime if your flight is delayed 6 hours), a fleet compose 20 to 30 year old jet aircraft and poor relations with airline and some travel agents.

Aeropostal review by  Patrick Horn

24 April 2003

My family has flown this airline several times on the Miami - Valencia route. Overall, a good airline with great looking FA's (like all Venezuelan airlines). The flights are operated by 727-200's leased from Falcon Air.


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