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Aero Continente - by Paulette Braunbeck

11 July 2004

We have used Aero Continente several times in the past, as their prices have been reasonable. However, the customer service stinks. In every case our flight got cancelled and rescheduled without them notifying us. On June 1, 2004 we got caught in this Kingpin web and have lost a considerable amount of money, as we can no longer fly from Miami to Lima with them. All efforts to reach them are unsuccessful, by email or by phone, even in Lima, Peru.

Aero Continente - by Anna Stracey

25 June 2004

I purchased a ticket from Aero Continente's Miami office for a trip from Lima to Trujillo. I latter had to cancel my reservation and was told I could get a refund if I called back. I've been calling back for over two weeks now and have not been able to get through to anyone at all-- No one answers the phones at their corporate or reservation offices. Not only that but I just found out from my bank that they double charged me for the ticket. Stay away from this airline!

Aero Continente - by John Bell

4 June 2004

We travelled from Cusco to Lima on 24 May or rather tried to. Our 1st flight was cancelled without notice. We were issued boarding passes for a 2nd with seat numbers but these were already taken - so flight left without 26 of us some who had international connections. Told we would be on 16.30 flight but absolutely no information given to us. At 16.15 a problem was apparent and they asked people with connections to collect their luggage and catch the 16.30 Lan Peru flight but they failed to let their baggage handlers know so that it was impossible to get luggage quickly hence impossible to catch the flight. Booked about 80 of us into a hotel but gave us the wrong name and address. When we found it the rooms had no toilet paper, towels or hot water. The evening meal was instant potato and a tiny piece of chicken. We eventually left at 8am on 25th instead of 7am as promised receiving no apologies or compensation for the disruption to our lives. Many will never visit Peru again. Diabolical service.

Aero Continente - by Paul Kloss

6 May 2004

I flew Aero Continente from Lima to Cuzco and back. Aside from the ancient equipment 727-100, the 1hr flight was comfortable and efficient. I was impressed by the box lunch. Not necessarily the food mind you, but the fact that they passed out box lunch on a 1hr flight. The ticket was cheap and in addition, I made a change hassle free for just $10. For flying around in Peru, this is probably your best best. Of course, I heard the FAA recently banned AC from operating in the US but they got me from A-B in one piece.

Aero Continente - by Justin Edmonds

22 November 2003

Aero Continente Cusco to Lima as part of our holiday in Peru. The plane was a Fokker F28 - it looked okay from the outside but inside was a different story. The plane must have been about 30 years old, with tatty leather seats and very little legroom. The cabin pressure was poor with ears popping constantly this was proved later with plastic bottles in our luggage compressed. The flight was very noisy & bumpy, making me wonder if the plane would stay in the air for 1 hour. The stewardesses looked like they didn't want to be there & I couldn't pluck up the courage to ask them anything. We were given a plastic ham & cheese sandwich and an even more plastic "square" of apple pie to eat. If you wanted coffee without sugar - tough it was already added.

Aero Continente - by Oliver Hazan

30 August 2003

On one 727, the pitch was extremely tight, especially for all seats B and E (maybe 4 or 5" knee space). In all other A/C, the pitch was decent. There was breakfast or snack on all the flights, and exceptional views of the Andes and the Amazon of course. I had a very tight connection in LIM between CUZ and IQT, and I was personally whisked and escorted from one plane to the other. I was a bit apprehensive before all those domestic flights, but in me, AeroContinente has found one very happy customer.

Aero Continente - by Witek Zaleski

23 August 2003

I flew AeroContinente last year from Lima to Cuzco. The main problem was not the flight but the ticket reservation process. The AeroContinente flight was the last phase of our trip from Warsaw, by Amsterdam (by KLM) and Lima to Cuzco. I tried to contact AeroContinente office by phone and e-mail from home and make reservation - it takes two weeks. Unfortunately nobody speaks English in AeroContinente offices in Peru !!!  In the end I contacted AeroContinente agent in Amsterdam. After two days I received the information ticket will be waiting for me in Lima Airport.  The flight was acceptable. Very old B-727 looks like old bus. Meal - breakfast box with sandwich and cake – not much worst that sandwich in KLM flight from WAW to AMS. In general - the quality is rather not strong point of this airline. From other hand, ticket cost only 50$ - good price for opportunity to travel by old good 727 and to cross in 45 minutes the Andes Mountains.



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