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AER ARANN customer review : 15 July 2008 : by R Morgan

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Dublin to Cardiff return. Had to make the journey at short notice; consequently paid 250 Euro, nice to have assigned seats and not to have to pay for baggage. Plane over an hour late leaving Dublin and was on charter from a Spanish airline Swiftair, so Spanish crew. It was an AT 72 less than half full and quite noisy. There was no trolley service, and only a few announcements makes a change from the constant barrage on equivalent Ryanair flights. Excellent views over Ireland and Wales as there was minimal cloud and the plane flew lower than a jet. Pilot did not know where to park the aircraft presumably his first time! Cardiff is an excellent airport to arrive and depart from so no problems there. Return journey on time Aer Arran ATR 42 almost full, trolley service this time. Plane seemed to be quieter.

AER ARANN customer review : 7 July 2008 : by Alan Chard

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Waterford - Manchester. Waterford airport approach road a total mess, parking expensive. Flight satisfactory but airport poor, sometimes charged 10 euros per person airport charge, when I wrote about this I was told it has to be paid at airport. Airport Manager says it only gets 75% of capital costs for improvement as grants so has to find the rest - my heart bleeds for them, what business only has to find only 25% of improvement costs? Facilities poor. Avoid Waterford.

AER ARANN customer review : 7 July 2008 : by J Childs

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

I made a holiday trip to Waterford from Luton. Flights and crews were satisfactory. However I was irritated by lack of consistency in applying hand baggage rules. No objection to my cabin case was made by check-in staff at Luton or Waterford but an unpleasant member of the Waterford airport staff at security flatly refused to allow my case to go through. I had to return to the desk and check it in resulting in an excess baggage payment. Beware and be sure to check the bag size allowances which are smaller than any other airline!! It is also apparent that at Waterford just the odd person is picked out for 'treatment' I noticed that not everyones hand baggage was subject to the scrutiny mine was. This sort of problem really should be identified at check-in by Aer Arann or their agents not at security.

AER ARANN customer review : 27 May 2008 : by Amanda Cowan

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

DUB-ORK. Return day fare keenly priced, prompt check in and prompt departure and return. Good inflight service with tea/coffee/water/newspapers and a smile. Flight deck kept us up to date. All in all an excellent product for the price of 64 E. Would fly again.

AER ARANN customer review : 21 May 2008 : by Patrick Jordan

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Dublin - Cork. This flight was operated by Aer Auringy on behalf of Aer Arran and was a similar ATR aircraft. Flight was on time, flight deck kept us updated on progress. Cabin crew very friendly, and there was a free coffee/tea/water service: a nice touch on a short flight. On-line check-in is available up to 72 hours in advance (only for those with cabin baggage) and was a great timesaver. Overall a very pleasant, professional flight and great value at 29 Euro including taxes and charges.

AER ARANN customer review : 17 May 2008 : by Rob Sawyer

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Flew Luton to Galway and back on the same day. On time (early in fact) both ways. Aeroplane out fine, way back a bit tatty but good enough. Staff friendly. Would definitely use them again.


Aer Arann review by D Gerrard

12 March 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

I fly on the Waterford to Manchester route. Crew courteous and friendly - sometimes the plane is a bit tatty, but if you book well in advance the fares are cheape.

Aer Arann review by Louis Esteves

23 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

DUB-GWY-DUB. Flight was delayed outbound due to congestion at DUB. Free newspapers given out before take-off. Payable drinks and snacks on the flight and service was good. Crew very attentive and friendly with a smile. Had to fly to Dublin with Ryanair to get to Galway from Luton as it was much cheaper than flying direct from Luton to Galway with Aer Arann. It pays to shop around and find alternative routes, I saved myself 50. Overall, not a cheap airline by any means but a very good airline in general.

Aer Arann review by Ian Aitchison

11 September 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Luton - Waterford Return. Check in at Luton quick and efficient. Its nice to have flights using the smaller types of aircraft such as the ATR with a max of 70 people to check in. ATR 72 was fine with comfortable seats. Cabin was a little bit tatty in places. Arrival at Waterford very easy and quick, a bonus when using small airports. The return, 4 days later suffered two delays. The first of which (about one hour) was notified to me by text message the night before. The knock on effect was that the Luton and Manchester flights were checking in at the same time. This stretched the facilities at Waterford to maximum. We were then advised that the aircraft already at Waterford had a technical fault and a spare aircraft would have to be flown in from Dublin. This duely arrived but our departure was now 5 hours late. Vouchers were given for food and drink as a gesture of goodwill. Return flight fine and FAs pleasant and helpful, this time giving food and drink free of charge. One week later I received a letter from the airline explaining the reasons for the delay and extending their apologies. It also included a travel voucher worth 50 Euros.

Aer Arann review by Patrick Jordan

2 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Waterford - Luton return. Good online fares, timetables. Was pleasantly surprised at the amount of legroom on board the ATR. Cabin crew very friendly both segments, and inflight service reasonably priced. If at all possible avoid seats beside the engines as they are get the most noise. The only negatives I found were check-in systems very slow and the appalling attitude of the ground handling staff in Luton. My wife told them that two of our party would be there in a minute or two, as they were slightly mobility impaired: her reply was to roll her eves skyward and tut-tut. I remonstrated with this young lady, and got a lecture as to how difficult their job was. When I pointed out that had the check-in not malfunctioned then we would not have been so late getting to the gate, I received a growl in reply. Overall I consider Aer Arran to be a quality carrier, but in need of serious examination of their ground handling contractor.

Aer Arann review by Simon Rickman

13 July 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Dublin-Cork return. Great rate via their website, but have to say the ATR was a bit tatty, and did not find it particularly nice to fly in. Having just rolled off a Flybe Dash 8 Q400, I was not impressed. The cabin crew on the flight from Dublin to Cork were terrible, really not interested in her job, whizzed through the in flight announcements so fast I could barely hear them. Fly with many airlines and not often you get one of these, but she really struggled to keep up her minimum levels of interest or service. Flight back to Dublin was a bit better, but we called to assemble at the departure gate and then left standing for 15 minutes, because the aircraft was not ready. I will give Aer Arran another go, but hope with the arrival of their new aircraft the service levels, and condition of the aircraft improve. Not impressed, but will try again in case this was a one off.

Aer Arann review by S Walsh

14 June 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

My enthusiasm for Aer Arann may have something to do with the convenience of being able to fly from Waterford. I am very pleased with the service, I have found booking easy, staff pleasant and the convenience wonderful. My only gripe would be that the Waterford Luton fares seem to have got very expensive.

Aer Arann review by N Geoghegan

12 April 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

GWY-DUB-GWY. I frequently travel Aer Arann as their prices are very competitive. Galway airport is a great little airport, no fuss. For the short time it takes you really cannot complain. The toilet on the ATR42 is a bit cramped, but for such a short flight you cant complain. Flight attendants lovely - even with my oversized hand luggage. Coming home from Dublin, there was a bit of a mixup regarding gates - so a few people got on the wrong flight but it was corrected at the plane when they check your tickets.

Aer Arann review by P Robinson

24 March 2007

Dublin to Shannon, normally go down on the Aer Lingus flight but thought for a change try Aer Arann. Never again, dirty tatty old pop plane with a crew member who hates her job big time no smile.

Aer Arann review by Clare Laurence

8 March 2007

Waterford-Luton return with Aer Arann several times a year and I think it's a brilliant service. If you book well in advance the fares are very reasonable and I like the convenience and size of Waterford airport - and unlike other posters here I actually think Luton's the handiest airport for the West End. As for reliability, Aer Arann flew us to London on the morning of the terrorist alert last year - only 2 hours late while other airlines cancelled their most of their flights.

Aer Arann review by L Champion

26 February 2007

ORK-DUB with Aer Arann. Staff were very efficient, only a 40 minute flight in an ATR 72 but crew managed to serve complimentary coffee and newspaper during the flight. I would highly recommend compared to Ryanair or Aer Lingus.

Aer Arann review by Rita Griffin

9 January 2007

Travelled Aer Arann from Cardiff to Galway, return, on the inauguration of the service. So very convenient getting to Galway in 1 hour. Have been flying with other carriers since 1955, to Dublin, but this convenience outshines previous journeys. Staff pleasant and courteous - and a smooth flight.

Aer Arann review by Hugh De Souza

22 August 2006

Luton to Newquay. Luton was a busy but there were no signs for the fight or the airline anywhere until the last 1 hour before the flight. Check- in at LTN (handled by Servisair) was quick and easy and handled by a polite representative. Aer Arann flights are operated by ATR turboprops, which are quite servicable if a little noisy. The flight was fine although the plane was a bit old and grubby but the flight was half empty despite it being August! The two cabin crew were attentive but one did not smile -- Ever! (Louise it would help if you made an effort to your customers to at least be pleasant even if you don't want to be there) .The other crew and the ground staff were great. All drinks are bought and not as standard. The flight was smooth and quick. The airline has huge potential if it could just upgrade its fleet. In addition, the current fleet are not well maintained in terms of overall cleanliness. Newquay Airport stung me with a 5 airport tax they termed Airport Improvement Levy, so beware that this is in additioin to the fare. The airline did not mention this in their correspondence and only applies when flying out of the airport. Overall not too bad but it is a shame that they only fly one flight a day.

Aer Arann review by Alexander Mayhew

12 August 2006

Cork - Dublin on midday flight. Left early once everyone was onboard and arrived nearly 20mins ahead of schedule. Good value, friendly cabin crew and a chatty flight deck kept us updated. This route is served by an ATR craft and journey was not noticably slower than the Ryanair service in the opposite direction using a B737 the day before. Flying is preferable to the train or driving (if you live near to the airport). Would recommend and as a bonus you get offered a free newspaper to read.

Aer Arann review by James Nugent

24 July 2006

Flew Aer Arann to Cardiff recently on business, Early Morning Departure out of Dublin on-time. Aircraft Cabin Spotless, Good InFlight service and Good Value. Evening Flight left on-time and arrived 15 mins early. Staff polite, courteous and very efficient both on board and in Dublin Airport.

Aer Arann review by Vincent Rees

17 July 2006

My wife and I recently flew to Jersey with Thomsonfly (flight operated by Aer Arran) We found the aircraft spotlessly clean and looked tidy, cabin crew were all polite and helpful. The aircraft was on time on both sectors of the journey. Will certainly recommend and use again.

Aer Arann review by Philip Embley

21 June 2006

My wife and I flew with Aer Arann Manchester to Nantes return. Both flights were on time, the planes were very clean and the cabin crew extremely friendly and helpful. Flight time was less than 2 hours. Absolutely delighted with the service. We will use this service again - now that we know of it's existence, as it is not shown on Manchester Airports list of flights.

Aer Arann review by Brian Murphy

28 April 2006

Recently travelled one-way from Kerry airport to Dublin. The cost of the flight, inclusive of taxes was 85.99 euros, which was not cheap. However, with Aer Arann, there is assigned seating unlike Ryanair, and the cabin crew were very friendly and professional. The ground-staff at Kerry airport were indifferent however. The main problem with Aer Arann is that the planes they use are old, noisy and can thus appear a bit hair-raising at times, while on board and during take-off and landing. The airline has huge potential if it could just upgrade its fleet. In addition, the current fleet are not well maintained in terms of overall cleanliness. On the aforementioned flight the table tops could well do with a clean for example. The cabin crew came around with some beverages, but one had to pay for these (if I understood the muffled announcement), which is a pity. Aer Arann is not Ryanair and I think if it provided a free service in this regard it would appeal to passengers. A free (at least I think so!) Irish Independent newspaper was offered however, which was a nice touch. One final comment, it would be really nice if the cabin-crew gave all announcements in both English and Irish. Aer Lingus and Ryanair no longer seem keen to carry the Irish flag in this regard and it would be lovely to see Aer Arann progress as a real Irish airline. Hopefully, they can get some funds to upgrade their fleet as their network of routes is excellent. The inflight magazine is also worth reading and not dissimilar to Cara, the inflight magazine from Aer Lingus!

Aer Arann review by Angus Gilmore

9 March 2006

Having read of Aer Arann's commitment to their Isle of Man routes I decided to risk booking with them in February to go to Manchester in April (to connect to onward European flights), Found out in the local press this morning that they have decided the aircraft can be better used elsewhere and have therefore dropped IOM-MCR route. Some committment!! Phoned Aer Arann to ask why they had not contacted me to be told "Oh there's a queue to contact people and we would have contacted you eventually. We'll give you a full refund." I should think so!

Aer Arann review by Tom Connelly

18 February 2006

Edinburgh to Cork return. Both flights on time. Very friendly crew. At just under 90 return excellent value.

Aer Arann review by Fiona Lynex

16 February 2006

I've recently travelled several times from Manchester to the Isle of Man with Aer Arann and have only positive feedback. The flights have been on time with friendly and efficient staff and considering that the flight cost is a third of the BA price - great value for money.

Aer Arann review by Jack Murphy

13 February 2006

Awful. Flights from Isle of Man to Dublin always delayed because of "late arrival of inbound aircraft". In other words we are late because we are late. Never a proper excuse and no information in airport terminal.

Aer Arann review by Steve Hamer

10 January 2006

If you're into nostalgia, Aer Arann is fine with a noisy, tatty turbo prop from IoM to Luton. Reminds one of the past when BA used these old workhorses on t he route, but times have changed and the jet is much better in every respect. Luton airport is a pain - the car hire is now a bus-ride away from the terminal, and the walking distance after booking in is more akin to a large maze as simple routes have been replaced by long-distance paths designed by fitness freaks. Allow 2hrs for car return and booking in, while on arrival allow an hour for a painfully slow baggage reclaim and mystery tour to the car rental pound.

Aer Arann review by Duncan Burt

21 November 2005

I have just flown BHX - ORK with them and found them to be very good indeed. Both flights were on ATR 72 turbo prop aircraft, and although not the newest planes, they are very typical of regional turbo prop aircraft. Yes they are a bit noisy and there is more vibration than on a jet, but they are certainly better than KLM regional turbo prop planes - and more room too. Both flights left on time and arrived 15-20 minutes early. Crew were very good and served inflight refreshments at reasonable prices. All in all Aer Arann can be recommended based on my experiences.

Aer Arann review by P Hartley

28 October 2005

Luton - Waterford with Aer Arann and arrived 45 mins before before flight to find gate closed. Had to call their call center to find out who does their ground handling, as there was no signs. When I got to the desk and told them my problem I got a disinterested 'oh they must have closed early" as if this was OK. Rebooked for the next morning flight and flew on the tattiest plane. However the staff were excellent and tried to make the best of things. The return flight was on an even tattier plane that was filthy as well as being delayed for 2 hrs. In all I was very disappointed. I will fly into Dublin and spend 4 hrs traveling down to Waterford before I'll pay money for Aer Arann again!

Aer Arann review by Andy Thompson

2 October 2005

Aer Arann does a job - They fly to minor airports. I am a vaguely regular user of the Manchester to Kerry (MAN - KIR) service. You cant fault them for punctuality, they are usually early, (!) and while not the cheapest you cant grumble at sub 100 return. Seat pitch is acceptable, but not great. However, the aircraft are apalling. They are noisy, often tatty, and suffer from vibration significant vibration. Seats at the back are usually better. Curious policy of serving free refreshment on domestic (Irish) flights, but charging on the longer flights UK - Ireland.

Aer Arann review by Judi Keshet-Orr

7 February 2005

I have flown Aer Arann from Luton to Galway, the flight was on time, the cabin staff friendly enough. From north London, Luton is a good route, Stansted or Gatwick are hopeless. Although much more expensive that Ryanair which I have used many times, I did on this one occasion enjoy my flight. However reading other reviews I am now a little more cautious about booking with Aer Arann again!

Aer Arann review by Brian Dromey

29 December 2004

Having flown with Aer Arann (not Aer Arann) I believe their service to be acceptable, the cabin crews are friendly and approachable. The ATR tubo-props are horrible aircraft though, especially the ex Air Lib ones. No overhead space or noise insulation at all. Plenty of vibration too. Although I am told they are reliable and affordable to operate. I would fly Aer Arann again, but not on a flight of over an hour.

Aer Arann review by Michael Moynihan

20 October 2004

In January t2004 , I flew with Aer Arann on their Cork - Dublin service, my flight was supposed to leave at 08.00 , I checked in and waited to be called. On the airport screens there appeared notice of a delay. In brief my flight left late at 10.30, Aer Arann staff were not in the departure area and made no announcements, when I said I had to make a connection, they did not care. In the end I arrived late in Dublin and missed my connection. I sent an e-mail to their Customer service, I got a standard reply about safety of passengers. The problem is that the ATR's they use are not equipped to handle fog and rain. I was really annoyed when I saw Aer Lingus and Ryanair planes taking off without any problems that day from the same airport. My other grumble is that they are very expensive for such a short trip, indifferent to customers and not the most reliable at timekeeping. I was not alone that day , having problems with them, a colleague flying from Farranfore in Kerry to Dublin was hit with similar delays and had to travel to Dublin by car to make their connection. They really need to improve their service .

Aer Arann review by Peter Cannonier

3 October 2004

Luton - Galway. We had an infant and the stewardesses showed a could care less attitude inflight. We had to pay for either a cup of coffee or some juice. No problem there but at 200 GBP a ticket somethings not right. The beverage service terminated 45 mins from landing! very unfriendly staff. We had no ground assistance in Luton which is not a friendly airport if you are an aer arann pax lugging a pram on return to the baggage claim up and down flights of stairs. Flights were prompt but the inflight staff need more customer service training. Aer Arann should ditch Luton and fly from STN or LCY The Galway service is brilliant but LTN is a mission to get to by rail and there are no trolleys at the station for those pax with baggage who have to lug their bags from one far side of the station overhead to the shuttle bus.

Aer Arann review by Ian Gallagher

15 September 2004

The comment made by Graham is correct. Aer Arann, operated flights from Glasgow Prestwick to the Isle of Man. This route was the Dublin, Isle of Man, which continued onto Prestwick. However due to low loads the route was discontinued, with the flight only operating The DUB - IOM route. The airline made a return to Prestwick from Donegal this year.

Aer Arann review by James O'Brien

6 August 2004

The comment made by Graham Wilkie is false. Aer Arann does not fly from Prestwick to the Isle of Mann. Aer Arron only operates out of Irish regional Airports like Kerry ,Knock and Waterford to the UK and Dublin. It does not operate flights from the UK to the IOM. I have flown twice with Aer Arann and have found them to be quite pleasant.

Aer Arann review by Graham Wilkie

5 January 2004

Aer Arann cancelled a flight from Prestwick to Isle of Man ,due to fly out on 6th Feb 2004 We booked this flight for a family of 9 people toattend a wedding, by booking in September we were able to take advantage of some cheaper air fares. We were informed on New Years Eve by a another couple who are also attending the Wedding and also booked with Aer Arann that they had been informed this flight was now cancelled, We contacted our booking agents who stated they were unaware of Aer Arann cancelling this flight, however they contacted Aer Arann direct who then confirmed this flight was indeed cancelled, When were Aer Arann going to inform us!!! We have had to re-book with a flight with British Airways and at an extra cost due to no cheaper seats available, and no refund or compensation from Aer Arann for initial bookings paid for in September. Is this normal practice for airlines to accept bookings, take payment then not inform customers of the decision to cancel flights.

Aer Arann review by Mark Duffy

1 November 2003

Knock - Dublin with Aer Arann and onward with Ryanair, on arrival at the airport we were told the flight had been cancelled, when pressed we were told this was due to operational reasons, unofficially we were told they were combining flights with the Sligo flight (about a 30 minute drive) due to leave 2 hours later. A small rather tatty minibus came and took the 11 passengers with a trailer on the back for the luggage. When we explained that my girlfriend would not make her connecting flight they washed there hands of us and said there was nothing they can do. Not very good for a regional airline.

Aer Arann review by D J Simpson

30 October 2003

Aer Arann Express recently from Dublin to Cork, the plane was delayed by 5 hours and when pressed there was no official response to the any complaint. We had to wait for the later one to come in (apparently the previous plane did not appear!) when boarding my later plane there was not even an apology or a coffee. apparently this has happened before the plane was quite empty. When I  wrote a lettter to Aer Arann to complain they did not even reply.

Aer Arann review by Colm Connolly

21 June 2003

Flew Aer Arann Express from LTN to WAT. Luton airport is a nightmare to get to though - would be much better for passengers (and probably for business) if Aer Arann flew from LGW, LCY or LHR! Check-in at LTN (handled by Servisair) was quick and easy and handled by a polite representative. Aer Arann flights are operated by ATR turboprops, which are quite servicable if a little noisy. The interior of the outbound plane was a bit grubby and the seating packed quite close together, while on the return journey it didn't seem so bad - perhaps due to the differing layout of the cabin. The sole member of the cabin crew was quite cold outgoing, but the return steward was polite and attentive. A single soft drink is served as an inflight refreshment. All in all a hit and miss trip - many advantages [destination airport was so quick to get through (unlike DUB) and the check in both sides was quick, polite and efficient) and some disadvantages (grubby plane, having to fly out from London Luton etc.] For 99GBP though, it wasn't too bad overall.


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