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ACES - by Maria Johnson

8 August 2003

For the last couple of months I have been traveling between New York and Bogota - few days ago I had to take the flight from Miami to Bogota in Aces. This was the first time I flew with this airline and I have great things to say about it. The service was beyond expectations - felt like first class. The airplane was neat and clean, the crew could not be more friendly.  This airline is definitely the best one I have ever flown.

ACES - by Jean Philippe

21 April 2003

I perfectly agree with the fact that ACES is a very good airline. I am French, so I am used to always complain, but when I fly ACES (which I often do between Miami and Bogota) I always enjoy the flight, much more than I do with American and much more than with Aeropostal.

ACES - by R Merino

31 March 2003

I had a 3 hours flight from Bogota to Lima. I just have to say that The flight was perfect. Great food on board with a choice of 3 menus, excellent beverages service during the whole flight and water at anytime you asked for. Flight attendants were really nice, and really willing to do their job properly. the airplane was an A320 absolutely clean and very comfortable seats even in couch, not to mention the on board entertainment which was just great. There is no doubt that ACES is making it much better than its partner AVIANCA.

ACES - by Nilda de Johnson

19 March 2003

Mr. Garcia - I dont agree with you. I chose Aces Colombia on my flight from Caracas to Miami via Bogota and I have to say that the flight was a disgrace. I had to choose ACES not because it was cheap or good, I chose it because all the Venezuelan airlines were booked as well as AA, United, Taca, LanChile etc. The food was terrible, the flight entertainment was poor, but for me the worst was the cabin crew, they seemed not to be in the mood, I recommend that if you are going to fly ACES, do not forget to bring your own water because if you ask the staff for one glass of water, the plane will land and you'll be still waiting for the water. If you are going to fly from Caracas to Miami choose Aeropostal alas de Venezuela - at least the staff is very nice, they always have a beautiful smile for you and they really seem to care.

ACES - by Luis F Garcia

17 March 2003

My Wife and I fly ACES Airlines to Colombia from Miami, and I have found the service to be better than many European or even North American airlines. Their departures are always on time. The service onboard is excellent, and it includes wonderful food, and unlimited wines. Their crews are friendly, and the movies are always free. Fares are competitive, and the frequency (twice daily) makes it more convenient than American Airlnes. For those who have to travel to Colombia (Bogota, Medellin, and Cali) I would recommend ACES Airlines



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