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DBA - by Ellen Cornelissen

19 January 2007

Use them on a weekly basis in-country Germany. Most of the time bang on time, snack and a nice drink (even wine or beer). Staff most of the time nice, some tend to think that we should thank them for flying DBA. Overall quite happy, however, lately they are often much more expensive than Lufthansa!

DBA - by Max Rauser

5 October 2006

Did many flights with DBA. Hannover - Munich; Munich - Cologne and more. Always very happy with the friendly cabin personal and the fact that you get one drink (even alcoholic like beer or wine) and one snack free. Even Lufthansa does not serve a snack on inner-german flights. At boarding you can choose between a large variety of magazines and newspapers. I can only recommend this airline, though I wouldn't call them a low cost carrier, because they are often more expensive then Lufthansa.

DBA - by Wolfgang Duebel

3 December 2005

I regularly fly CGN-MUC (Cologne-Munich) with DBA. There a re 2 competitors, LH and Germanwings, which is another Low Cost carrier. DBA is the best on this route. Good prices, very quick check in, nice FAs. Mostly on time (compared to LH, who has often delays). No hassle with seats, you get them assigned. Good website for booking. They also offer one complementary drink and one snack. I can definitely recommend this airline.

DBA - by Daniel Joyce

26 October 2005

Munich to Hamburg. Very impressed with the friendliness of the cabin crew and the all round efficiency of this airline. There was a slight delay at Munich, but there were plenty announcements to keep customers informed. A nice touch was the heart-shaped chocolate bar they gave each passenger leaving the plane!

DBA - by Vince Danz

26 March 2005

I flew roundtrip CGN-TXL-CGN booking my ticket about two weeks in advance. The price was not too cheap but comparable to the other airlines operating the same route. I must admit I was pleased with everything about this airline. They assign seats so no cattle stampede to get a "good seat". I can't believe the other no frills airlines claim open seating is quicker. The seats were very comfortable being the standard 3x3 for B737s. The FAs were friendly and in a good mood. It was the first flight of the morning so this shows how much they enjoy their jobs. What really surprised me was the announcement everyone would be served one beverage and a snack for free! Thumbs up to the person who thought of this. I don't have a problem with the one limit rule either On a flight lasting about 55 minutes this is more service than regular airlines flying within Europe. Swiss & Austrian can definitely learn from DBA. I checked one bag and it arrived quickly at TXL luggage claim. My return flight to CGN was just as good. DBA is now my choice for future flights to Berlin. If they would expand their network to a few more cities outside of Germany they could give the Easyjets and Ryanairs a good run for their money.

DBA - by Manfred W Haberkorn

15 March 2005

Only needing a oneway between CGN-TXL I opted for DBA at a very reasonable 59 €, booked around two weeks in advance. Check in happened in less than one minute, I went to the departure lounge, which is bright and airy. Check-in for the -almost- full flight was orderly, so no complaints there. A trolley before the plane door offered daily news, magazines and -believe or not - the March issue of PLAYBOY, neatly wrapped into an extra black cover. It was abandoned in First Class of each and every airline I flew in the last 15 years, so I couldnt believe my eyes. After security demo the crew announced that one drink (from water to Prosecco) and a snack (some bretzel, potato crisps and muesli bar) would be served free to each passenger. A nice touch for a low-cost airline. After swift service, arrival in Berlin was delayed for five minutes due to a broken finger dock. Altogether, a five star service on a short flight for one-star price.

DBA - by Joerg Lehnert

31 January 2005

I recently used DBA (formerly the German subsidiary of British Airways) on a short haul return flight from Berlin (TXL) to Cologne (21st/23rd January). DBA is one of the German no frills airlines. I flew Friday/Sunday and I booked around two weeks in advance. The price for the return ticket was 128 EURO including taxes. Given the fact that this was a weekend flight, that does not seem to be a bad deal. DBA only uses Boeing 737-300. Crew and ground staff were reasonably friendly. There is even an onboard service. It includes free newspapers and magazines (even Playboy) albeit only in German language. They offer you a pretzel and a beverage (juice, tee, coffee, wine, beer and sparkling wine). So there is still some service to speak of. The only disadvantage is the really cramped seating. It is all right for a flight that lasts less than one hour but I would think twice using them for a mid haul flight. Apart from that DBA is certainly an above average airline in Germany with a reasonable pricing.

DBA - by Klaus-Juergen Budweg

15 January 2005

TXL-CGN. Hassle-free check-in. Departure on time. Friendly crew. Complimentary snack and drink. Recommendable, esp. in comparison with Hapag-Lloyd-Express. The additional (maybe) 10 or 15 € for the ticket are a good investment.

DBA - by David Charlesworth

1 November 2004

Flight from Berlin to Munich. Very good service, on time departure and arrival. Complementary drink and snack - unusual for discount model airlines! Loved the inflight magazine (Playboy) which I wanted to read the articles - but they where in German! Seat pitch not bad, and great FAs. Only advice would be about munich airport which is a long way out of town. Spare some time if you have a meeting and don't drive as the freeway is under reconstruction and the delays are terrible - The train is much quicker (40 min).

DBA - by T Mahr

15 September 2004

MUC-CGN this weekend we chose DBA instead of LH. Flights on time, however both ways old Maersk Air aircraft used (livery without a name told us). Crew friendly - a more refreshing approach to domestic flights in Germany. Catering with small standardized selection of one drink (soft drinks, beer, wine, coffee, tea) and one snack item. Minus: deplaning in CGN took 20 minutes due to the fact that no bus was available, tight pitch, aircraft showing its age, request for a second glass of water denied rather rude. Will fly again if cheaper than LH.

DBA - by D Krigs

19 June 2004

DBA has just introduced a new free service - one free drink (also beer) and a small snack lot of free newspaper as well as magazines - and don't forget the chocolate give-away ! For that I'm willing to pay some more euros.

DBA - by Thomas Lewis

1 June 2004

I recently flew DBA from Munich to Berlin and back again. The return fare was 188 Euro, which I think was relatively cheap considering this flight went into Berlin-Tegel. Check-In at both airports was extremely easy and efficient and the staff was pleasant. On board I was surprised that they offered an array of magazines (including Playboy) for no cost. The legroom was acceptable for the short flight, as was the punctuality. Dba has recently started to offer drinks and a small snack for free and gave out small Coca Cola Light cans which were on promotion. The cabin staff consisted of three persons and was always friendly and well-tempered. The only point of criticism goes towards their lack of IFE (In Flight Entertainment), which was basically nonexistent. Overall it was a very good flight and I would definitely choose dba again.

DBA - by C Stoever

12 May 2003

I was booked on DBA 7119, but at check-in was told my flight was cancelled. The staff had problems to handle this case, luckily I was then rebooked on DBA 7109. You can still see the airline is in a transformation process, from full service to no-frill. The aircraft is still equipped with nice leather-seats, but all the amenities were dropped for cost-saving. So no more candy, no free drinks. Keep your money ready. The flight was smooth and the crew friendly. But on the downside, DBA can't cope with the other German no-frill carriers - HLX, Germanwings or Air Berlin! These carriers offering IFE, better ground-handling and lower prices!

Deutsche BA - by Heiko Zysk

27 April 2002

From my experience with Deutsche BA I have learned that you have to book your flights 24 hrs (website) or 2 hrs (phone) in advance in order to benefit from their budget fares. As a rough guideline, you can get one-ways for as low as 35 Euros usually during off-peak-hours, after 9am and before 4pm. The complimentary coffee or soft drink still is included, as well as some candy. Having traveled many many miles with Lufthansa on domestic flights, I find Deutsche BA staff usually much more friendlier which makes that airline a pretty good alternative to our major carrier.

Deutsche BA - by F Fries

04 April 2002

Deutsche BA just hit the market with a new service concept - they have become another low cost, no frills airline. But unlike many other of these carriers you actually get the cheap fares they advertise because there are no restrictions except the quota allocation. So you can show up at the airport on a business day morning and still get a cheap one way ticket for immediate travel, provided quota is available. No other airline offers this! Fares starting from 35 for all German domestic sectors is a real bargain compared to Lufthansa's standard fares (which you have to pay when travelling on weekdays or one-way). The highest fare is 100 for any sector - still very inexpensive. And who needs a complimentary cup of coffee on a barely 45 minutes flight?

Deutsche BA - by Michael Devor

15 October 2001

I had the opportunity to fly the German version of BA, which is very nice. BA handles everything on the ground (with some unfriendly, unsmiling agents at Gatwick, to say the least) , but they do have their own crews who are German with different uniforms onboard. Crews are friendly and fluent in English, which is so appreciated, although I still tried my college German and that went appreciated by them. I was tired as I had just connected from its partner American, so wanted to sleep, and the plane, 737-300, was sufficiently comfortable to get some sleep on the London Gatwick to Munich route. They had decent legroom, serve muffins, and a small snack along with drinks. Everything was equally in German and English, although their inflight is only in German, but they also have the BA magazine.  Flight crews were friendly and accommodating, and a nice breeze from Lufthansa, that runs just about everything in Germany. On the flight back, Munich to Gatwick, I saw the madhouse in the coach cabin and showed my Oneworld card to the head purser and asked for an upgrade - to my joy and delight was granted. They gave me a coach meal, which is fine, but I had 3 seats to myself. You also have access to the BA Terraces lounges at Gatwick, some of the nicest and most comfortable on this earth, and in my opinion, a better set up than at Heathrow, as well as to the BA lounge at Munich. I also have to say kudos to the Munich Airport (as with all German Airports). The ground staff are very friendly and courteous. It is an open and airy Terminal, with plenty of shops and time passing opportunities. They even have a full market, which just amazed me. I ask why other airports can't do this!? If you are going to Germany and are able to, fly Deutsche BA (or BA) and show LH they have some competition.



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