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Air China Aircraft Seat Maps and Air China Cabin Seat Layout Plans

Air China new Boeing 777-300ER

Air China Cabin Seat Maps and Air China aircraft cabin seat layout plans for 23 different types of Air China airplanes.

A-Z Aircraft Seat Plans

Economy Class Airline Seat Reviews 

How to "choose" the best seat ?
Air China Skytrax Seats 2011
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Seat Comfort summary

Air China Travel Guide

Air China seating charts

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Seat Maps  Boeing 737-800 (Type 1)

  Air China 4-Star Airline Ranking

Seat Maps  Boeing 737-800 (Type 2)

  Air China Economy Class seat reviews

Seat Maps  Boeing 737-700

  Air China First Class and Business class seat reviews

Seat Maps  Boeing 737-300

  Air China First Class and Business class Lounge Reviews

Seat Maps  Boeing 757-200

  Air China Passenger seat tips

Seat Maps  Boeing 767-300


Seat Maps  Boeing 767-300ER


Seat Maps  Boeing 777-200 (reconfigured)


Seat Maps  Boeing 777-200 (3 cabin)


Seat Maps  Boeing 777-200 (2 cabin)


Seat Maps  Boeing 777-300ER


Seat Maps  Boeing 747-400


Seat Maps  Boeing 747-400 (combi)


Seat Maps  Airbus A319


Seat Maps  Airbus A320


Seat Maps  Airbus A321 (layout 1)


Seat Maps  Airbus A321 (layout 2)


Seat Maps  Airbus A340-300


Seat Maps  Airbus A330-200 (reconfigured)


Seat Maps  Airbus A330-200 (layout 1)


Seat Maps  Airbus A330-200 (layout 2)


Seat Maps  Airbus A330-300 (layout 1)


Seat Maps  Airbus A330-300 (layout 2)

Air China aircraft seat plans aircraft seat map


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