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ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT customer review :  22 April 2012 by D De Dutton    (UK)

Rating : 7/10





Things have improved vastly since the new terminal opened and the new baggage claim is very good, far faster than Edinburgh or Glasgow. Return journeys can be a bit of a pain but the new departure lounge is reasonably good. Airport staff we've found to be generally polite and helpful. Our tips for a happier return trip: Buy any food or drink in your resort. Don't be in a rush to go through security to the departure lounge - it's much nicer outside or in the check-in hall. If you smoke, there is a smoking room in the departure lounge. Think about investing in a portable balance for weighing your baggage as if you are overweight it could cost you.

ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT customer review :  12 September 2011 by M Allan   (UK)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






Been travelling to and from this airport for the past 4 years and it's generally a nice little place. Might help that we travel on a Monday - I am given to understand that other days can be busier. Luggage retrieval on arrival is usually fairly quick - certainly far quicker than at Manchester these days. Check-in on return leg is usually OK once you master the separate weighing of the hold luggage. Slightly concerned on return journey this year when I triggered the metal detector at security and was simply waved through - certainly not an experience I have had in any other airport in these troubled times. The departure lounge is OK - duty free shop and snack bar. Prices are pretty much as you would expect airside. Seating areas/loos etc usually clean. Never had a delay on return so never spent much time there - an extended stay might be tricky. All in all a decent experience.

ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT customer review :  18 May 2011 by Rebecca Smith   (UK)

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating   






An airport I have travelled from and to for over 15 years, with little to no improvement. On the way out from Manchester, the staff were excellent. Coming back via Zakynthos, we arrived at the airport to be told to make three separate queues - for two open desks! The British holiday staff directed people to the desks. We couldn't believe it when people were made to weigh not only their hold luggage, but hand luggage and then their coats! How can you make people weigh their coats? They were doing their best to catch people out on the weight. My suitcase was very light (I am a small woman and simply cannot manage 20kgs) and yet I was told mine weighed 21kgs, despite it being 15 on the way out and my having jettisoned a lot of stuff. My mother's was 20.7kgs, but they demanded that we pay 20 for being 2 kilos over - how is 1.7kgs two kilos! - and when our hand luggage was under. I refused and said I wanted to argue the point/transfer the load but the check-in agent insisted we go over to the desk to pay. I was furious but managed to get hold of some British reps who let us transfer the luggage between hand baggage and who argued with the check-in staff for us. Security was quick and the hellish, cramped waiting area the same as always. The prices are a joke - EUR3 for a bottle of water and EUR4.50 for a very sad-looking sausage roll. Buy drinks in bulk from the duty-free shop instead of the snack counter. Just an awful place and the only part I dislike about travelling to this beautiful island.

ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT review : 14 August 2009 : by Z Wozniak

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

We went to Zakynthos for 11 days for our honeymoon. When we arrived to the airport, everything was fine, we received our luggage very quickly. On the way back we showed our EU passports and our flight tickets at check-in desk but suddenly we became suspicious just because we were the only Europeans traveling with a British travel agency Thomas Cook and didn't have British passports. We were asked to move away from the check-in desk and wait because they went to check our passports. The British staff then came back with our passports which were fine and wanted to see other forms of ID! Then they wanted to see any proof of residency in the UK like bank card, credit card or NI number. They also asked for our hotel details on Zakynthos. We felt like criminals there! Because we are in the EU and there is a free movement here, they haven't got any right to ask for this if we haven't done anything wrong. We have never had such bad experience on any other airport before. I understand that they have right to check our passports in their systems but do they have a right to treat us worse than others just because we haven't got British passports? We have lived in England for many years and paid tax here and spend our money here and we thought it would be a good idea to buy our holiday in UK travel agencies.

ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT review : 28 October 2008 : by S Quinn

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Airport re-vamp finished, no waiting outside and we were through in no time (even a helpful lady there just to help with queries) Toilets were fine and lots of seating area. Must admit we were the only flight leaving at that hour but it was one of the best Airport experiences I have had. (Warning - quite a number of people had to pay for overweight luggage so don't bring too many bottles home!) Duty free was a bit pricey but spacious!

ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT review : 28 October 2008 : by Tom Maule

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

On arrival this airport seems to operate fairly well with quick passport control and a reasonably quick delivery of baggage - although there must be problems if more than two flights arrive together (as often happens on ThuRsdays and Sundays) as there are only two carousels. Departures is a different story - for a new terminal no opportunity has been taken to improve the check in system. You arrive in a large check in hall so no waiting outside, but check in desks and baggage screening in crammed at the right hand side. Scanners for checked luggage are so close to the desks that there is only room for about six people in each line. There is easily enough room for these to be placed well back from the desks. Tour Op. reps. are left to control numbers going through. Without them it would be chaos. Security is a joke - the scanner operative spend to much time trying to get people into the right line he never seemed to check any bags going through. The same at passport control where one policeman was checking passports then going round to check the hand baggage and body scanners - by the time he got there most people and bags had gone through. The main lounge is a fair size, but there is very little seating. My flight was the only departure when I was here so was not a big problem, but again chaos if more than one flight. The snack bar can only be described as a rip-off! Duty Free is adequate with the normal holiday airport items for sale, not always as cheap as in resort. Free for all through the gates - they had to do two headcounts on the aircraft because people had walked through without giving up boarding passes.

ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT review : 18 September 2008 : by T Denby

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Poor airport, far too small for the volume of tourists that visit the island. We had to queue outside in the baking sun in what can only be described as canopied bus shelters because the terminal is not big enough to fit people in. Security was quite poor and check in was very old fashioned the place needs updated. When i was there they only had 1 small duty free shop and 1 cafe/food outlet which was horrible and expensive. The only had around 3 gates which were just doors out onto the runway. Its not very smart, needs to be bigger, needs modernising and i would hate to be delayed there. Nice island shame about the airport.

ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT review : 29 July 2008 : by Douglas Coombs

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Still issues regarding the amount of time and standing around when departing. The tannoy system is poor, cafe is very expensive. Its a shame that when you leave the Island after a great holiday the last impression is of aN airport that is not really equipped to handle the volume of passengers in a user friendly way.

ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT review : 26 July 2008 : by James Hathaway

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

The new terminal, which is now used for arrivals and departures, is at least much bigger than the old one! That said, the issues are still the same - lots of flights close together on Thursdays and Sundays, not enough seating, the most expensive airport cafe in the world (€4 for a bag of crisps). The duty free shop is bigger, so it now takes 3 minutes to get bored of looking at the tat rather than 2 minutes.

ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT review : 30 June 2008 : by Adrian Price

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

New Terminal feels good until they use the tannoy system. I am hard of hearing and it gives me a blast every time they use it and you cant understand anything thats said on the system even in English. After three messages everyone starts to gringe as soon as you here ding dong. This has been like it now for weeks - even staff cant stand it so why is nothing done about it

ZAKYNTHOS AIRPORT review : 17 May 2008 : by K Cossy

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

As stated previously, the new airport used for arrivals is ok, hopefully this will soon be used for departures too! The old airport used for departures is a horror story. Why oh why do they have so many flights so close together and always on a Thurs. It's true that you stand outside for hours and once inside there is nowhere to sit, only the dirty floor amongst lots of bodies. Take sandwiches/rolls/crisps as the snack shop is extremely expensive. Also take plenty of drinks. There is however air conditioning once inside, this has only been installed for the last couple of years! It's such a shame that the airport lets Zakynthos down as it is such a beautiful island.

Zakynthos Airport by Gerald Gruenauer

17 February 2008   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

When arriving, luggage on the wrong belt. Departure: Long queues (you have to line up already on the place before the building), manual check-in procedures (they use paper cards and stickers), the guy screening the luggage didn't even look on the screen! Airside no waiting space for many hundred people. One kiosk/buffet, horrible prices - 2 coffee, 2 sandwiches = 17 Euros. Chaos when boarding as 2 flights per gate (which is a glass door), the screen showed a third flight number and destination). Although Zakynthos is a beautiful island, the airport is a big catastrophe.

Zakynthos Airport by Mike Wooldridge

24 January 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Just come back from an out of season visit to Zante and pleased to say the new airport is nearly finished and should be up and running come the first tourist plane to land in May 2008. From what I could see (as it was boarded up) departures will now be in the same building as arrivals, it is fairly large with at least 15 kiosks which means more shops, more car hire, hotel bookings & info etc. There certainly are more check in desks and baggage scanners. An end to an uncomfortable exit from the country is in sight!

Zakynthos Airport by Gordon Anderson

9 October 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

The airport is a joke. On arrival most of our luggage arrived on one conveyor and after waiting we looked over and the one missing case was going round the other belt. On the way home we were not expecting conditions you would expect in a 3rd world country - waiting outside under tents and only being allowed in a few at a time as there is only one scanner. Then to departures which has very few seats and most people had to either stand or sit on the very dirty floor. The toilets were no better. The roof has wires hanging loose and insulation is broken and hanging loose. I am giving this airport 1 star as this is the lowest but should be much lower.

Zakynthos Airport by Michael Allen

18 Septeber 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

Arrivals was pretty much a breeze but departures is hell on earth. Highly disorganised check in process, then once finally through to departures there are very few seats, the toilets are dirty and inaccessible, the food ridiculously priced, the duty free totally useless and (once again) inaccessible, acute lack of passenger information, announcements nearly impossible to hear, to many flights all leaving at the same time resulting in far to many people crammed into hugely inadequate facilities. This airport is a joke. Thousands upon thousands of tourists put vast amounts of money into the island's economy each year, the very least they deserve is comfortable and accessible facilities ahead of the return journey.

Zakynthos Airport by Sue Bird

17 July 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

We waited in blistering heat for nearly 4 hours being herded around like cattle until we finally were rushed to our airplane. There was nowhere to sit except on the dusty ground (which we did) and never actually got to see the departure lounge at all. I'm sure things will improve when the new airport is finished and think its just a question of a tiny airport which was never intended for so many tourists. Having said all that it certainly would not stop us going to such a fabulous place again.

Zakynthos Airport by C Collins

14 June 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

The arrival airport was ok, but we did get there when no-one around and the luggage still took ages to go on the conveyor, so could imagine what it will be like in height of the summer! The tiny airport building which we departed from is awful, but we were warned. We waited outside for 1.5 hours before being able to go in to the check-in desk, then once through to the 'departure area', people everywhere, sitting on the few seats available, the floor, staircase and just generally standing around.

Zakynthos Airport by K Closs

28 May 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

Arriving in the new airport is satisfactory (you need a euro for a trolley), however departing from the old airport is a nightmare. You can stand outside in one of the many queues for hours in the very hot temperatures.( Take plenty to drink) Once inside there are a couple of seats and the remainder of the floor is covered with bodies! Take a snack as the prices are ridiculous. Lets hope the new airport will soon be fully operational (its been open 2 years already!) and then maybe we can tell a different story!

Zakynthos Airport by Derek Connors

22 September 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Came back from Zakynthos a week ago. Arrivals was uneventful, just the sort of delay you would expect in any small airport. We waited much longer in Rhodes airport. It's worth knowing that if you want to use a luggage trolley you need Euro coins. Departures is a different story, as bad as has been said so I wont repeat. Lavatories are downstairs and about half out of order. Anyone with walking difficulties may not be able to handle the spiral staircase. The woman I saw in a wheelchair certainly couldn't. Maybe by next year the new departures will be open.

Zakynthos Airport by Chris Clarke

18 May 2006

Just come back from Zakynthos. They have now built another airport and we took just half an hour to get our bags - (two conveyor belts) and get our car. No problems at all. The return is different - you do stand outside under cover, but was quite quick to get through. Standing only in departures, and 7-up is over 4 euros.

Zakynthos Airport by James Stafford

18 April 2006

On arrival, we wondered whether the baggage conveyor was hand cranked since it took nearly 2 hours to get our luggage. This wasn't helped by several flights landing within a short space of time which meant the arrival area was crammed full of people. On departure, despite not travelling in the high season, the queues to get into the terminal were horendous. The Thomas Cook staff tried their best to keep everyone entertained but waiting over an hour in stifling heat was not easy. Once we finally checked in, the departure lounge was tiny and very overcrowded. There was hardly any room to stand, let alone sit.

Zakynthos Airport by D Coulthard

25 October 2005

The smallest airport in Europe I would say, its worth going to the island just for the experience of the airport. seven flights arrive in 35 mins with one baggage belt in arrivals and one toilet. If you would like to experience what JFK would be like with only a handful check in desks and one arrivals baggage belt then go in July/August to Zante. Also you get to stand for check in outside in 30 deg heat if you don't get to the desk first, so take plenty of water with you!! Nightmare of an airport!!




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