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HALIFAX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT customer review :  25 August 2012 by Alastair Finch    (UK)

Rating : 7/10





Landed here in thick fog, check in good first occasion I flew out, security was very slow and overly fussy. Second time much better, seating plentiful at gates but airside catering facilities and shops limited. Weather can be an issue.

HALIFAX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT review : 1 March 2010 : by Paul Connolly

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

Not at all impressed. Was picking friends up on a flight that was to arrive at 1:55 am, just to show up and be told that the screens in the terminal that tell you when your flight is coming are never updated during early morning hours. So about 20 of us are left standing there wondering when it will arrive all the time looking up at a screen that says it has arrived. We finally get an airport that looks like an airport, but when it comes to service it's the same old Halifax International Airport. Very disappointing.

HALIFAX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT review : 17 February 2009 : by Hal Keller

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

One of Canada's smaller airports but not without it's own unique charm; on the upside you can purchase live lobster at the airport, also a decent variety of fast-food establishments and a very nice (albiet small) observation deck overlooking the ramp. If you are flying direct to the US you do pre-clearance before boarding which is a real timesaver and it was quick and effortless. Downsides of this airport is getting to the car-rental site although a short walk across the street from the airport the entire area is under construction and each rental company has a small construction site type building which can only accomodate a few people so you if there was a line up for a particular car rental you might end up waiting outside and getting to these also means walking through construction scafolding with no overhead protection from the elements. The US departure lounge is seperate from the rest of the departure area and is quite small with near inadequate seating and only a concession stand to purchase food and drink.

HALIFAX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT review : 12 February 2009 : by Kath Stennett

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

We were stuck at Halifax International for 24 hours on 2nd Jan. The shopping and eating facilities landside were not too bad although it was very draughty and cold. We found some staff extremely unhelpful. We needed help to get standby tickets after missing a connection due to icy runway. Whichever long queue we stood in we were told it was wrong, when we asked "where then?" one particular lady shrugged and turned her back. Advice given was extremely poor in our opinion we would have got home at least 24 hours sooner with better help.

HALIFAX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT review : 15 August 2008 : by David Gartside

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

The landside vehicle routes, parking and rental car areas are awful - but presumably the extensive building works will solve this - but I'd hate to have to use current arrangements in the winter. Inside the terminal and airside are fine, though things tend to close down about 2130, which isn't very helpful when the LHR flight doesn't go until 2335.

HALIFAX INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT review : 27 June 2008 : by Emily Harris

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

The airport is far from town and if you are on a late flight in a non peak season, don't expect to catch the shuttle into town. As the rest of the airport goes, I'm always impressed. Mainly the check in time is non existant, basically can walk right up to the booth and go through security. With the exception of Christmas, arriving at the airport 45 min prior to departure is perfect time to check in, go through security and reach you gate, I usually get to the gate just in time for the preboarding.

Halifax Int'l Airport by C Cooke

19 July 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I am a frequent user of Halifax International, and I must say, that it deserves the awards it has received. Parking might be bad, but the new Park n' Fly lot should help, as well as the construction of a new parking structure. Food is ok for a fairly small airport. New US custom pre-clearance should be good for those traveling to the US. The new expansions to the terminal are welcomed.

Halifax Int'l Airport by Devon Anderson

29 January 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Halifax Airport takes pride in its advertising plight to say it is recognized world wide in customer service. Their claim to fame is that they have ranked number 1 three years in a row in customer satisfaction. If you dig into the statistics you'll find they participate in a survey of airports with less that 5 million passengers and those airports that do participate are few in number. It wouldn't be that hard to rank number 1. I think the service I have experienced there is far from world renowned and leaves a lot to be desired. Parking is terrible, there is minimal shopping and food services other than fast food style. The airport, including the runways have been under construction for many years creating constant delays. They obviously have PR staff that are able to use statistics to their best advantage.

Halifax Int'l Airport by B McDonald

18 May 2005

Halifax International Airport, despite being slightly outdated, met my high standards. The ground staff are quite amiable and there is lovely cultural shopping. However, to agree with the previous comment, it is located very inconvenient location and the airport limousine is quite expensive. Additionally, there is a strong feeling of desolation in the airport on a Sunday morning, as there is not a great profusion of flights.


Halifax Int'l Airport by Andrew Owens

17 September 2004

The shopping was decent, but as for the airport's ability to handle an international flight - not impressed at all. I was flying YHZ - LHR on 31 August. We were left waiting for two hours standing in a queue because a computer broke down, then were rudely told by an officer that we would miss our flight if we didn't hurry up. There were no screens to tell us what was going on, and those that were there were either wrong or changing so constantly that it was impossible to determine what was going on. In addition, the airport is 36km from Halifax - it's in the middle of Nova Scotia near a place called Goffs - but the airport shuttle is good and fairly cheap.




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