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YAOUNDE AIRPORT customer review :  18 December 2011 by Ray Minhas    (UK)

Rating : 3/10





Yaounde is extremely disorganised and dysfunctional. It's hot and humid, and there is no A/C. Upon arrival all flights exit through one security area. At this point a lady from the Ministry of Health stops random passengers checking their Yellow Fever certificate. At the customs desk, lines form for visa stamps, this is extremely slow. Getting baggage out of the airport is also chaos as airport staff want to check baggage tags against passenger. Again not everyone is stopped. I wouldn't recommend a taxi, there are a lot of touts. Departure is equally frustrating, no clear signage, so always confusion. Need to pay a departure tax. Then you go to a window in the departure hall and give the CFA to a woman who will stamp your ticket. After this you need to fill out a departure form and have your passport stamped. Once you arrive at your gate your hand-carry luggage is hand checked as are you. Then you can proceed to your flight. There are no announcements, so make sure you know where you're going! Not the worst airport I've been to, but difficult all the same.

YAOUNDE AIRPORT review : 19 August 2008 : by M Baughman

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Yaounde airport is remarkably large, clean and well-organized for a central African airport with so little traffic. Immigration is a bit confusing because they want to see your Yellow Fever card before passport control and they ask in French. but after figuring that out Passport and Customs are easy with minimal lines. Little bit of a mob coming out and I always recommend arranging for one's hotel or host to have a driver to meet you in a country like this. Departing through NSI is very confusing. Unless you are a diplomat, you have to pay a CFA10,000 ($40) departure tax. At one end of the ticket counters are a couple of guys behind a ticket counter who are actually exchanging dollars/euros/francs, etc for CFA's. Then you go to a window behind them to give the CFA10k note to a woman who will stamp your ticket. Then you can pass the first control to go upstairs to the gates. Someone inspects your carry-ons for size and number before you get to Passport Control. After ppt control, you're stuck with little or no shopping and a small bar. My flight on Swiss arrived on time but left 50 minutes late because it took so long for ground grew to load cargo, and by the response of the airport staff, that was normal. No announcements, nothing. Security very tight with hand checking of all carry ons after x-ray. Still, everyone professional and did not seem dangerous or seedy.




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