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XIAMEN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT customer review :  24 July 2013 by Tuan Dole    (UK)

Rating : 0/10





The worst airport in China for delays. I have flown from this airport a few times and every single trip I have taken has resulted in at least a minimum of 2 hour delays. As I write I am stuck on flight MF8335 to Shenzhen already delayed for 1.5 hrs and does not look like it will leave soon. Not only will I miss my connecting flight but also an important meeting.

XIAMEN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT customer review :  19 March 2012 by J Fox    (UK)

Rating : 7/10





Small airport but functioned perfectly. Arrived from Hong Kong to small queue's at Immigration, efficient baggage carousels and even a long queue for taxis was marshalled and moved quickly. On departure on an internal Chinese flight, check-in was reasonably efficient and security straightforward.

Xiamen Int'l Airport customer review :  8 August 2011 by Wentao You   (Singapore)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






Convenient airport. Close to Xiamen city centre. Very good service, staff quite efficient.

Xiamen Int'l Airport by David Peachey

9 November 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Used this airport for an internal flight. It was clean & efficient with loads of facilities, shops, cafes, restaurants etc. Baggage trolleys are free as in all airports in China. In short a no fuss modern airport experience.

Xiamen Int'l Airport by Simon Loh

5 July 2006

It looks like a small size HKG Airport. Quite modern, bright and very clean indeed, but an airy feeling as there isn't many passengers around at night. Immigration and baggage collection is swift, and I found myself at the taxi stand very soon. Departure wise, the luggage needs to pass thru an x-ray machine before check in at counter, though I don't fancy that experience as the officer asked me to open for full inspection. Check-in was fairly quick, but there comes another inconvenience. After my check-in luggage was pushed into the counter, it passes thru yet another x-ray, and I was told to go inside the counter to open up again for almost a full-scale check. And the officer could tell me that they are from different dept compared to the earlier checks. How troublesome was that! They could simply set up a single checkpoint for all check-in luggage like many major international airports. The immigration staff doesn't look friendly at all. Duty free item is limited, and shopkeepers selling souvenirs and local products greeting and eagerly following behind you whenever you are browsing around. I'm surprised to see automatic rubbish bin which the lid would closed by itself. Very clear announcement, and many seats and TVs around the waiting area. Clean toilet with live fishes inside a mini tank at wash basin.

Xiamen Int'l Airport by Adi Chew

13 May 2006

This is a fairly pleasant and spotless, if underused airport. Waiting areas are pleasantly clean and climate control was working perfectly fine. Baggage check is not unfriendly with efficient officers taking less than 5 minutes for my carry-on and large suitcase. An oddity - the check-in, (which was efficient taking into consideration the line of about 70) was placed after the baggage check. The areas are spotlessly furnished with marble floors and a mural about the developing aviation industry. Transit facilities were just about adequate, with no airport hotel, but about 5-10 shops and well-maintained waiting areas. Immigration/passport check was swift and well-carried-out. Arrival facilities were also top-notch - duty-free, efficient staff, but no restaurant, disappointment to food-lovers like me. Chatted with arrivals officer who complained good-naturedly about my mandarin writing - what do you get when you are on a shaking plane? another oddity - there is a long tunnel straddling all gates for staff. Overall, a very pleasant but underused airport - Xiamen simply has not that much tourist potential. Advertise Xiamen as the gateway to Wuyi Shan! There is no transit hotel.

Xiamen Int'l Airport by Arthur Romeijn

26 March 2005

A nice little Chinese airport. That means it it (still) oversized, the connections by public transport are (not yet) optimal. The crew are sufficient, though not very friendly. On the up side, it has a stunning approach coming from the south, landing almost into the surrounding buildings. This is the type of landing that Hong Kong had before!




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