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Xi'an Xianyang Airport customer review :  29 June 2013 by B Howard    (UK)

Rating : 8/10





Last time I was in Xi'an Xianyang airport was in 2011. I have visited many times before. There was always a Scrum outside the airport building for tickets, and to board the airport buses for downtown. Returned this year 2013 a lot has changed with the airport, and getting tickets for the buses. You now go to a ticket booth inside the building. Then a waiting room for your respective bus. What an improvement!

Xi'an Xianyang Airport customer review :  28 November 2012 by Peter Thackray    (UK)

Rating : 7/10





Domestic flight to Chengdu. Check-In OK and Security quick. Interestingly no need to remove laptops or belts for scanning but 100ml fluid requirement enforced. Airside a new "wing" has been built and some gates are quite a walk from the Security Check Area. Very difficult to find Departure Gate information once airside, no screens as you enter and despite lots of TV screens with advertising, very few with the actual flight information. Reasonable signs showing which direction each gate is. A reasonable selection of typical airport shops offering the usual variety of gifts, alcohol, cigarettes and snacks. Overall airport clean and tidy.


Xi'an Xianyang Airport by Ralph Spielman

26 June 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Went through there domestically June 10 and June 12. Everything seemed to work, the airside men's rooms left something to be desired. All else worked including the air-conditioning.

Xi'an Xianyang Airport by Liang Zhao

29 March 2005

I've been though both international and domestic terminals. The ground staff are very efficient, I have to say. It looks like the ground handing agents are China Eastern Airline and Xianyang airport. However, there is one thing I don't really like which is, the VIP lounges are on the other side of the main terminal. Last time when I was travelling from XIY to AKL, I went to the on the VIP lounge, it was very inconvenient. What I mean is you can't check your bags in at VIP lounges, and staffs in VIP lounge are not friendly at all, I hope this is not a Chinese thing.

Xi'an Xianyang Airport by Arthur Romeijn

26 March 2005

The new airport is very clean and very efficient, though a bit oversized and dull. They even have something of a tax-free section. The prices are quite high though. Overall, a pleasant airport to spare some hours.

Xi'an Xianyang Airport by Robin Bramhall

23 March 2005

I travelled through Xian Airport on a 2 day side trip from Beijing from 11th to 13th March. The airport is new and impressive. I've travelled through about 40 airports worldwide, and after quickly retrieving my bag from the luggage carousel, the staff at Xian Airport were the first to check my receipt against the baggage tag. I'm not sure whether this is down to their efficiency, or to the fact that the wrong bags have been taken in the past. Whatever the reason, it was reassuring. I wish other airports would be as vigilant. There are numerous shuttle buses into the city available from the Arrivals area, but I shared a taxi with a very hard bargaining Chinese lady who beat the taxi driver down to 100 yuan. (I'd expected to have to pay more than that on my own). I used the same taxi driver for the return trip at a previously agreed price of 80 yuan. The Departures Area is modern and clean. There's a reasonable restaurant and a few shops before security, and some more shops airside. PA announcements are in Mandarin and English and are clear and frequent. It was a pleasure to travel through Xian Airport.




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