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Valencia Airport customer review :  21 July 2013 by Andre Franca    (Brazil)

Rating : 6/10





As the former poster said, the airport is very outdated, not enough space for the check-in area, so when the airlines start their procedures the airport becomes a gate to hell. There's a nice restaurant at the top where you find friendly staff and a balcony to watch planes departing and arriving. Security is strict and this airport and will open all your carry-ons.

Valencia Airport customer review : 19 January 2011 by Paul Van Alsten

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Small but pleasant and convenient airport. Short ways upon arrival, luggage delivery is usually quick. In the public area good food court with nice views on the apron. A modern metro line connects the airport to downtown Valencia every 10 mins - reliable service at EUR2.90 one-way, travel time to central station "Estacio del Nord" around 20 mins. It is much cheaper to buy a 10-ride travel card for EUR10.40. Upon departure check-in was hassle-free - however self-service machines are for Iberia flights only. No queue at security, friendly staff but with little English knowledge. Boarding gates A-D are lacking proper airconditioning, so that it can quickly become very warm there - it is more pleasant to wait at the gates R1-R10 in the new pier.


Valencia Airport review by Nick Woods

17 June 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Used Valencia airport several times a year and never really had any big problems, except for random gate changes and poor queuing system. Sometimes the buses are used but more often you walk across the runway to get to the plane which is usually parked half a mile away. Don't really know whose fault that is, but I suppose you just put up with it as long as the flight leaves roughly on time.

Valencia Airport review by A Mitchell

6 June 2007   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

One of the dullest airports I've been to. After security there's no We live in Denia so we are equal distance to Alicante/Valencia airports. We much prefer to use Valencia, and now the re-building is complete it is excellent. A new Multi-storey car park opposite the terminal with easy access, a bit more expensive than before at 1.20€. There is also a long term car park in P4 outdoor site, but no transfer bus to the main building and just as expensive as the main P1 park. The main car rental firms are very near. The new metro into the city, (Xativa is the main railway station) also linking at the terminus with the tram to place you just outside the Americas cup area. I just wish the train extension from Denia was completed. All meals we have had have been good, I agree that they should be open both earlier and later to meet passengers needs! Generally it is a cool, spacious and pleasant place, easy to access by road, metro and bus.

Valencia Airport review by Rachel Smith

4 April 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

One of the dullest airports I've been to. After security there's no paper shop, just a duty free, cafe, and random charcuteria style shop. Security guard said I could go back to check in side and buy papers but to be honest i couldn't be bothered to go through security yet again! However, on the good side the cafe is heaps cheaper compared to Malaga and Alicante Airport.

Valencia Airport review by Nigel Hamilton

28 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Great unless you travel in the evening. Shops all close early - lots of passengers but down come the shutters! No hot food available after 19-30, a bit bizarre as Spanish dining time is 8pm +. What was available was poor quality, not improved by seeing the cockroaches running around the bar, by the sandwich grill- nice! When I complained, to the Airport desk- shrug of shoulders- a comment that lots of people complain- then why no action? On the good side it is small and good airbus service to the city centre.

Valencia Airport review by Nick Woods

27 December 2006

We travel to Valencia several times a year. The airport is ok, although we mainly have trouble with the buses from plane to terminal and vice versa. Several flights get 'parked' in random positions which throws the bus pick-up schedules out the window. We have sat on the tarmac and stood in the connecting shutes waiting for transfer on and off the plane for over an hour sometimes. Excuses like 'the bus is broken', wear a bit thin when you see dozens of them zipping about outside the windows, unloading other planes. Sometimes the pilot, fed up with waiting, has moved the plane nearer the terminal so passengers can get off and walk. We wonder whether this 'problem' just affects a certain budget airline, as it's mostly these that are sometimes left 'stranded' and delayed.

Valencia Airport review by Sharon Taylor

24 July 2006

Valencia Airport is having a makoever in time for 2007's America's Cup. It looks like it is going to loose its small and friendly status. Bit of a building site at the moment. Most car hire companies now relocated to a car park which is a 10-minute walk away (there's a courtesy coach). Directions out of the airport subject to change as they are building new roads around the airport.

Valencia Airport review by Andrew Turek

11 December 2005

A well-run, friendly, clean if basic outfit. Baggage quick and queues short - who could ask for more?

Valencia Airport review by Brett Yokom

14 March 2005

Nice small airport; good signage no matter what your native language. Check in counters could be spaced farther apart to minimize the 'sea of people' effect during busy times. One word to the wise: there are 2 baggage claim areas and no one tells you which to use. If you come in from a non- Schengen country, you sit and sit in the claim area; your bags may never come to this hall. If this is you, go around the corner, pass through the glass doors that look like a wall (you really feel like your trespassing at this point) and you're in a whole new baggage claim where you will hopefully find your things. Then out past Customs and you're done in 20 steps.

Valencia Airport review by Uwe Bode

9 August 2004

I am travelling to Valencia on a more or less regularly basis, and I find this small airport a well organized and friendly one, although it is rather old. It is easily accessible, check-in is quick and efficient, the place is clean and neat, the food in the upstairs restaurant is at good quality, although the place itself has the charms of a bus-station-fast-food-kiosk. Ways are short, Security checks and Immigration is also fast, and the friendly personnel loves to collect the necessaires of female passengers who forgot to take out the scissors. You can find them again next time in a shop nearby the airport where they are sold at good prices. Overall, a rather nice place to touch down at, compared to some other Spanish airports, especially Alicante, Palma & Madrid.





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