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Vnukovo Airport
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Vnukovo Airport customer review :  19 January 2015 by S Paice    (UK)

Rating : 3/10





Once you get over the endless checks of ticket/passport/etc then the airport building itself is quite pleasant. Sailed through passports (with another check of passport/ticket straight after, prior to security) and security then into a vast hanger of a terminal. However, it looks half finished, with most shops still boarded up. Almost no power points anywhere in the terminal and seemingly no Wi-Fi either. No simple shop for water/sweets/etc, which is a bit unusual!

Vnukovo Airport customer review :  17 February 2014 by Eric Meyer    (USA)

Rating : 10/10





Excellent security. Left my laptops by mistake at security and went to my plane. I noticed once in the plane. While I couldn't deboard, the staff and pilot called security and they were found and brought to lost and found. A friend picked them up 3 days later.

Vnukovo Airport review by Peter Bench

4 June 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Travelled via Vnukovo for Champions League final. Bright modern airport which is being expanded. As always the local staff could do with some charm school training but on a normal day It beats the other two airports hands down. 2 specific points: the chocolates in Duty Free are usually months past their sell-by date so check each packet; and for the princely sum of 15 ea (in Roubles or Dollars), you can pay for access to the business lounge where wine is free (but beer isn't) and the sandwiches are odd - and you can smoke in there as well.

Vnukovo Airport review by Adam Wilson

26 June 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Having travelled to and from Vnukovo twice (both times flying on German Wings from Berlin), it is an infinitely better introduction to Moscow than Sheremetyevo. Immigration on the way in was as foreigner friendly as anywhere else in Russia (huge lines, officious officers scrutinising every last page of your passport and visa), but everything else is great. The new international terminal is very modern, lots of glass. On departure, Germanwings flights depart from a gate area in the depths of the basement (or so it seems), but facilities including duty free and food are good if expensive by Russian standards. There is a branch of SberBank in arrivals but the rates are awful so try not to change too much here (just enough to get into the city centre). As for travel to Moscow, the best bet is the shared taxi (transit van) to Yugo Zapadnaya metro and then take the metro. These services leave from just outside the domestic terminal (right next to the international one).

Vnukovo Airport review by Francesco Lulli

29 May 2005

You might use Moscow Vnukovo when flying to cities within the CIS on regional airlines or catching a charter flight to Turkey, Egypt etc. The airport is located south-west of the city, it takes about 20 minutes and 25 Roubles to/from Yugo Zapadnaya metro station by minibus in normal traffic; taxi drivers ask the usual extortionate rates as in Sheremetyevo. The building is very small and displays a bizarre mixture of typical drab Soviet facilities and shiny renovated areas that you could almost call Scandinavian. Arriving at about 5 a.m on a red-eye flight I was greeted by a pack of stray dogs roaming the street outside the terminal, but then I was able to wait for the first bus into town while having an excellent cappuccino in the new cafe inside the arrival area, with plenty of seats and cheerful service from the very friendly staff. Immigration is the same as everywhere else in Russia, even though this was the only place where I was asked to produce a copy of my invitation and health insurance. On an afternoon visit the departure sector, which is located on the same level as the arrivals, was almost deserted. Services on offer are scarce: one exchange office with ridiculously short opening times, one Atm, one cafe, a couple of windows selling airline tickets and providing general information in Russian exclusively. Everywhere around the airport there are obvious signs of big renovation works going on, I'm really curious to see what comes out of it in the future. All in all, one of the most relaxed ways to/from Moscow and Russia.




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