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Varna Airport customer review :  18 July 2011 by A Williams   (UK)

Customer Rating :  2/5

2 Star Rating   






Terrible place. On arrival waited 50 mins around a baggage claim carousel that displayed the flight, for it to change to the other one (yes, only 2 claim belts in an arrivals hall) So not a problem you may think, wrong. Literally hundreds of people (One full British flight and one full Russian flight) shoved in one room waiting for their luggage at the right belt, then for it to be switched at the last minute is not a good combination. On return flight, check in speedy and good, overweight baggage didn't stir an eyebrow (to my advantage) but then the fun commenced. A queue stretching around the departure lounge and back again for security checks, and the reason, one person at the control desk. There were at least 7 flights due to leave according to the flight board. Everyone queuing to get through but the queue just grew longer and longer as the names of flights were shouted out to try push past everyone in an attempt to make their flight (we arrived in ample time thanks to our tour operator). Utter unorganised chaos. And all this in sweltering heat as very little in the way of air-conditioning.

Varna Airport by Jamie Bloom

24 June 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Much the same to report as Tony Maddern - I agree with all his comments. Baggage claim is still taking a long time considering the short distance from the aircraft and minimal schedules. Priority baggage tags don't seem to be recognised either. The two baggage carousels are positioned on either side of the walk route to arrivals, so if there are a lot of people they end up blocking the path! There is a handy radiation monitor just above the exit from baggage claim - useful if you're about to sit in the sun (I presume it was UV radiation)! A clarification on the taxis - unlike Sofia that have fixed fares, the taxis in Varna, and particularly those at the airport are allowed to charge by the meter, AND the meter can run at whatever rate the driver chooses, as long as it's displayed on the window of the taxi. So, before getting in any taxi, check the rate displayed on side or on the wind screen. 0.29 Level per km seems ok, but many taxis at the airport will charge three times that amount per km! Even Costa Sands resorts should only cost 20-35 Leva, let alone Varna City. If departing from the airport, be aware that there aren't any eating establishments - so if you'll be hungry, get something before you get there! Overall, not an amazing airport, but it much better than many others of it's age! And if there is only one flight departing from your terminal, it shouldn't take too long to pass through security.

Varna Airport by Tony Maddern

18 September 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Varna airport is interesting. Aircraft are parked on stands about 200m from the airport. An old truck with airstairs pulls up beside the plane and you get off and wait 5 - 10 mins in a really modern bus. The immigration hall serves its' purpose, but once you get into the baggage hall, that's where it gets interesting. 21st century technology beside old world equipment. It looks like they have just decided to put things in there without any real thought or planning. There are 2 baggage belts which seem to have been cut into the floor. The baggage hall is about 10m X 10m and looks like it has been built to handle 2 flights and there are only a couple of toilets in the baggage / arrivals hall. I think that 40 mins was far too long to be waiting for my bags considering that my flight was the only one at the airport. As you leave the baggage hall into the arrivals area, it's just like anywhere else - scrum of people keen to get you into their taxi. A word of warning about taxis though. It's about a 15 - 20 min drive into Varna. (about 15km). The taxi drivers are always keen to rip you off and have a trick of pressing the meter button 2 or 3 times depending on how much they want to rip you off by. A taxi fare into Varna should only cost about 20 - 35 leva.




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