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Quito Mariscal Airport customer review :  24 April 2013 by Andrew Evans    (UK)

Rating : 5/10





Still not in full working order March 2013. One hour for bags to arrive from international flight. Immigration fast and terminal clean. The worst part is getting to Quito. The traffic is terrible and there is only a one lane bridge across the gorge. Try to arrive on Saturday or Sunday when you can do the trip to the city in about one hour. Otherwise it can take you 2.5-3 hours.

Quito Mariscal Airport customer review :  7 November 2012 by J Segal    (USA)

Rating : 7/10





Tale of 2 different airports, arrival was horrible. Stood in the immigration line for 2+ hours. Heard similar if not worse stories for arriving passengers for the next day. Departure was fine. Check in was fairly quick, immigration was painless. Appeared to have many stores/food options available, but went to the lounge to wait. An additional inspection was required to get into the gate area-be warned you are not allowed to bring in bottled water even though obtained post security. Airport is very close to town (10-15 minutes to hotel), new airport appears to be about an hour+ drive.

Quito Mariscal Airport customer review : 19 January 2011 by S DePenning

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

I flew in and out of Quito's airport a couple of times and found it to be an adequate facility. One nicer perk about this airport was the availability of free wireless internet access. One difference that U.S. passengers will need to be aware of when using this airport is the airport tax that must be paid when departing Quito. It runs about $45 or so and you do not want the inconvenience of showing up at the airport and having a surprise when you get there.


Quito Mariscal Airport by Ian Hoare

20 December 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

We found check in staff to be reasonable, though it was irritating to be a queue a long time only to find people shoehorned in front of you from the sides. Baggage reclaim was a breeze, though we nearly got caught out again by their requesting your counterfoil - general in South America we found. However on departure, things went from bad to worse. Quito is VERY prone to being closed to arrivals during bad weather - which means more than moderate rain. No arrivals means no departures, and with only 6 departure lounges, the place clogs up quickly. No one wants them to endanger their passengers, but they should try making sure their information boards reflect reality and that instead of playing back endlessly pre-recorded non information, they actually do inform people whether the airport will open again. We were due to fly out at 18.30, we were informed that we would be taking a local flight to Guayaquil. We didn't. We were informed that our flight wouls`leave at 20.30 - it didn't, 21.30 it didn't, though it had stopped raining. at 22.00 we were told we would be put up overnight in a hotel, although the flight was shown as leaving at 22.30 (the boards also said the airport was still closed). We were hauled out of bed at 4.30 to be at the airport for an 08.00 departure, it was late. Once again, we were not informed when we would be leaving, our departure gate was changed without apology, and we were generally treated like recalcitrant cattle. I shall never use this Airport again if I can possibly avoid it. The contrast with Guayaquil (also in Ecuador) was striking.

Quito Mariscal Airport by Ian Ford

8 July 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

I flew in and out of Quito airport during June 2006. The airport is excellent for a developing country: modern, efficient, friendly. Landed from MIA in the evening and was through immigration, picked up hold luggage, and cleared customs within 20 minutes! The staff were very friendly - the woman on immigration was chatting with me, welcoming me to Ecuador and wishing me an excellent holiday. Getting a taxi on the way out is easy. One word of advice: they check the tags on your luggage against your ticket on the way out to make sure that you have the right baggage, they are not trying to take your bag away from you! Leaving UIO was painless, the queues were not bad, the staff were pleasant, there were plenty of facilities and it was well priced.




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