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TUNIS CARTHAGE AIRPORT customer review :  18 April 2013 by B Ward    (UK)

Rating : 5/10





Arrivals and departures were quite different experiences. We arrived late at night and baggage reclaim must have taken over an hour from landing, the plane was about an hour late, so the two added together didn't make for a good start to the holiday. When we departed, check-in was excellent and we were straight to the desk for a very easy experience with a charming clerk. We belong to the Priority Pass (for airport lounge access) but the lounge at Tunis-Carthage was a waste of money. There were a few snacks, water and juice available. Priority Pass said there were alcoholic refreshments, but these must have been hidden away, as was the coffee. I saw tea bags but no hot water. There was only one computer terminal (a second was there but the cables just dangled onto the floor!). I wouldn't bother with the lounge in the future.

TUNIS CARTHAGE AIRPORT customer review :  19 November 2012 by Russell Edwards    (UK)

Rating : 8/10





Only flew into here, did the return flight from Enfidha. From what we saw of the airport, it was seemed very well organised, apart from customs. They took forever and a day to clear, and just seemed as though they couldn't be bothered. Once through customers, baggage reclaim was very quick. Waited no longer than 10 minutes to retrieve our bags. Once through and into the Arrivals hall, there seemed to be a lot of places to eat, drink and shop, but as it was 10.30pm that we arrived, a lot seemed closed. The general appearance of the airport was that it was very clean and tidy, something that lacks in some of the other African airports we have used. Would have liked to have done the return from here, to see how departures faired, however, based only on an arrival, was more than satisfied.

TUNIS CARTHAGE AIRPORT customer review :  10 May 2012 by J Kelly    (UK)

Rating : 7/10





Overall a pleasant enough airport with quick, easy arrival and departures. As with most airports, the price of a simple coffee was ridiculous while half the few shops were closed in departures on our return even though it was barely 7pm. Note that despite the signs saying otherwise, there's no problem smoking in the terminal building.

TUNIS CARTHAGE AIRPORT customer review :  27 August 2010 by J Schmerker   (USA)

Customer Rating :  2/5

2 Star Rating   






The airport is adequate. Immigration is not a problem though arriving from Dubai baggage took ages. Buses to the airport make their last run at 5pm. Taxi ripoffs are common throughout Tunisia but seem especially bad here.

TUNIS CARTHAGE AIRPORT customer review : 18 August 2010 by Bobby Giannakopoulos

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

I landed to this airport with a Tunisair flight from Athens. The waiting to the passport and the security control is not very long. For EU and Canadian citizens the visa is not required but we had to complete an entry card before landing. This airport is not very big but it's fine. Check in for our return flight was not very long. There is a big variety of products off all brands in the duty free store which is quite big (a bit smaller than Montreal's airport), but they only take Euros. It is permitted to carry liquids in cabin luggage, I didn't have a problem with my water bottle.

TUNIS CARTHAGE AIRPORT customer review : 30 October 2008 by Guy Senior

Customer Rating : n/a

No Star Rating

I flew in and out recently and was impressed. Very few queues either at security or immigration. Contrary to older reports, it is also now possible to spend Tunisian Dinar in the Departure Lounge. CIP Lounge a bit crowded but OK. Beware of both taxi touts and baggage handlers. It should be no more than 10 TD to the city centre.

Tunis Carthage Airport by C Whyte

22 January 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Quite fun. Needed visa on arrival, which could only be bought with Tunisian currency. Tunisian currency not available outside Tunisia. However immigration official trustingly let one of our party through immigration to go out into the arrivals hall to acquire some.

Tunis Carthage Airport by John Oram

13 February 2006

No real delays in either direction at passports, security etc. Baggage handling OK. AFR/AZA/DLH check-in in light airy extension to the slightly gloomy departure hall. Cafe Ritazza is the main attraction of this hall with good food and drink selection but uncontrolled, selfish, oblivious smoking. I can't really figure out how you would pay for food airside as you are not allowed to export Dinars and you are supposed to change them landside. However, I was in the very comfy Business lounge. A word of caution; you are likely to be guided by several pairs of hands to a taxi on arrival. They seemed above board but it was a bit overwhelming.

Tunis Carthage Airport by Lewis Miskell

26 April 2005

The airport has improved a lot since I was in it many years ago. Generally, a very nice friendly airport. Staff at check-ins, cambios, news agents very friendly. Only draw back is passport control which can be very slow. Cafe airside is expensive for Tunis. Airport is air-conditioned. Taxis are not expensive, but then the airport is not very far from the centre. Looked for the airport bus, but couldn't find it or get information, so took a taxi to the centre, cheap by many standards. Overall, a very attractive airport.

Tunis Carthage Airport by Ranjit Mené

15 January 2005

This is quite a good airport overall. There are some good shops and cafés, and it is only 10 minutes from the Tunis city centre. The downsides are the passport control people on arrival who were completely non-smiling, unfriendly types! Additionally, I thought the check-in area for foreign airlines was a little small considering the number of passengers that were present when I was there.




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